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  • jimmy Valentime

    FRIST !!!

    An binladen droping a new tape this week hot FIRE

  • Tyler

    If U say so bro. We might buy what U were selling if U weren’t so corny. Thanks anyway. aka
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • gaddafi

    fuck you

  • calibud

    Interesting take. Im still fuckin wit Ye’. I wanna see the circius I believe Fifty will put on if he looses not just the first week but overall as well. It’ll be fun to watch his level of desperation hit fever pitch.

  • CBD


  • these posts are racist


    Did you see the article in the Sunday New York Times Magazine a week ago, interviewing Rick Rubin?

    He discusses the problem with the current business model and some of his plans to help the music industry increase profits, while maintaining the desire to sign “good” artists as opposed to just trying to sell…

    In any event, I don’t think the music industry simply needs to hit rock bottom to change…I think they recognize the need for change, the problem is, they don’t know what to do.

  • tom

    i feel you. but I am going to buy pinback’s “autumn of the seraphs” and that will be the only cd I buy. and they’re true indie artists to it wont be providing a fix to the crackhead music industry. lol

  • LowEndofDaChi

    And you’re suggesting a boycott? Lol, seriously? As much as I can’t stand Curtis, I’d rather see these two projects get hype as opposed to some of the unintelligible, clutter mouth uttered bs that’s been dropping lately. But a boycott is not the solution at all.

  • What?

    Stupidest shit I ever heard. If you love hip-hop, go support it. Im not saying 50 and Kanye are the two greatest rappers ever, but if you like the cd buy it. Same goes for any artist. Those who really love hip hop don’t care about the sales. I don’t give a fuck if no one ever markets correctly again, long as Wu-Tang and Talib keep bu tout great albums, I’ll be just fine.

  • PreZZure

    This is some real shit tru indeed…Makes a real point…although I dont believe buying the cd or not will effect anything cuz non of them will sell over a million in the 1st week…maybe combined….as 4 ya’ll who aint got da bootlegg or internet downloads…Graduation is better than Curtis in my opinion…Curtis is good but some beats nervous and sound like interscope driven tracks….buy my mixtape on 9/11

  • Jay Smooth

    TPAR: Yeah I was gonna reference the Rick Rubin article in more depth but I didn’t want to go on too long, definitely partial inspiration for the post.

    calibud: Yeah I’m curious to see what Curtis would do if he “lost”… but I think he’d just cop out and say “I’m still winning on international sales!”

  • The Spaniard

    I bought Ice Cube’s “Death Certificate” off of iTunes, does that count?

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  • Nor Cal Mufucka

    Who the fuck pays money for music these days? If you have a computer with an internet connection you don’t have to pay for cds. Unless I really, really love an album i will buy it but only if its used. Commercial rappers are mostly rich anyways except for the shitty southern rappers who don’t even have skills that deserve platinum status or gold.

    I know this is old news but FUCK T.I. for saying he deserved a Grammy over Luda because he sold more. You lost cause you suck. Ludas flow is on point at all times on any beat, where as TI is just lame brain shit. And TIs chick looks like beat flank steak.

    I thought rappers don’t even like the Grammys yet the 2 of the biggest rappers bitch about not winning.

  • real talk yall

    thats true people.

    bootleg the albums, burn them.

    buy the albums in a few weeks…

  • Skeematics

    I could not have worded it any better… WORD…

  • these posts are racist

    Thanks Jay. You should peep that new Lupe song, “dumb it down”…

  • these posts are racist


    You should also peep some of BOL’s blogs and back other critical thinking brothers out in combating his bigotry and ignorance.

  • Purple Hulk



  • Hokus

    True about the industry needing to get off the pipe, but the industry is so flush with crooks, pimps and dirty money, that execs aren’t going to change. It’s too easy to hustle young talent. If you ever get a chance to check out any interviews with old blues players like BB King and Buddy Guy, they say that the only way to get a fair gig back in the day was to keep heat on ya. everybody was so corrupt, you couldn’t trust anyone. Those shifty ass promoters are the ones that established the way things are today.

  • Sleazy B

    whats wrong with 50? whats he doing wrong for hip hop? haha. so many haters. unreal.

  • Cuban Link

    @ TPAR, Rick Rubin is the greatest producer.Period.He speaks nothing but the truth and constantly drops classic beats.

    I didnt even watch the video, I hate sitting around and listening, I just wanted to say about Rick Rubin.

  • Dan99

    Stop trying to change what is gonna happen, and besides hip-hop is what keeping your job.

  • maxman

    so then what do you think the next step for the record industry should be if the old way isnt working? do a blog on that Jay

  • Around and Around

    Buy a CD this week…man, i haven’t bought one in years.

    -Also on your next drop I think you should talk even faster, freak Bruce Banner out.

  • J2theX

    THIS SHIT WAS MADE IN ORDER FOR a country musician Kenny Chessney (This commercial is supported by him) to top #1 on billboard!!!
    This message is a JOKE!!!!

    Country music superstar Kenny Chesney recently reminded 50 Cent and Kanye West that his 11th album Just Who I Am: Poets and Pirates is also a contender for the #1 spot on Sept. 11, the same day the two world famous rappers’ albums hits stores. ”It’s funny how with every record that comes out, we’re aware of the urban [competition], and none of those acts acknowledge that I exist, until I have that No. 1 debut on the Top 200,” Chesney told EW. The country music star’s album should give 50 Cent and Kanye West good cause to worry, as it could relegate either Curtis or Graduation to third place on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Chesney’s last four albums have debuted at #1. “This is great promotion for Kanye West to make you think that we can be compared on any level,” 50 told

  • T.R.E.Y.

    aight Jay, you seem like a smart dude, but this one’s reachin’.

  • Incilin

    This is the first time majority of the people here don’t agree with you, Jay. I think this post might be ahead of its time. But yes, the industry needs to hit rock bottom.

  • edwin

    I’m surprised more people DON’T agree. I was having these exact thoughts a month ago, and as I watched this could predict the next words he’d say.

    This whole “showdown” has been nothing but manufactured from the beginning. Watching the 106 rerun, complete with Stuart Scott providing an intro, co-signs that opinion.

  • Purple Hulk

    Incilin Says:

    September 12th, 2007 at 9:28 am

    This is the first time majority of the people here don’t agree with you, Jay. I think this post might be ahead of its time. But yes, the industry needs to hit rock bottom.


  • Teddy

    dude you are a god among bloggers

  • Around and Around

    Incilin Says:

    September 12th, 2007 at 9:28 am

    This is the first time majority of the people here don’t agree with you
    Dumb it down

  • GS350

    Man, what he is saying is crazy. The music, hip hop and all is just a reflection of life. It may not be the artists’ lives, but someone out there in the world is doing this. If you want to change music, you need to tell the truth. About what? Let’s start with why America enslaved us, took out history, put their names on it. Lied to the world about us and just about everything else.

    The fact of the matter is that music is a freedom of choice that is not a right to give. If you want music to hit rock bottom that means “you want peoples’ lives to get worse. The whole thing about hip hop is that many people that are not Black are trying to identify with it. CNN, ESPN, Transformers and many other “white” shows are so busy hating us and chasing us (blacks) at the same time that some where I think they forgot what they were all about.

    These young non-black kids around the would are hooked on us. Most of them don’t know what we went through. Jay Smooth, I guess that is his name probably thinks he knows we are. You have no clue and you will never have a clue.

    We are continuously changing and there is no way you can keep up.

    You Black people need to stop chasing the white people ( i don’t hate white people, i hate ignorance), because all they are doing is chasing us. When you chase them and then collide with yourself, you get all confused and don’t know why. The reason is that they got everything from us and they are still trying to learn and gather information about us.

    Their kids are all confused because they will not tell the truth. it is sad. If you don’t believe me, travel to any other non-white country and see how many of these young kids breakdown. It is sad.

    Music is from the heart. Maybe if these glass ceilings are removed then the music will reflect that.

    The fear is that they think we want revenge or something like that. no no no, we just want you to leave us alone. i am sure we will leave you alone too. i am not say that we can’t be friends or things like that. i am saying that if we are not checked and balanced by the police and the neglected white kids that just want a hug from their parents, who in turn don’t know how to raise children because they were not taught, then maybe we can show you how to live in peace.

    Remember, you (whites) came to our economically, politically stable countries and threw a wrench in it. You destroyed progress for what reason. To take something that you were not competent enough to create on your own.

    So, I say this is America. We are free to do what we want, but we all know what is right and wrong. What we all don’t know is how to ease the process of change. Change is drastic at times but it can not be stopped.

    We created this music so we could eat. We created something that every nation can copy and profit heavily from it. I guess there are not so many good white rappers out there and now they hating is coming out.

    Drugs has been here before hip hop music it will be here forever because it is profitable and not taxable. Stop the hating. You have created other white superstars create more. that should be easy.

    Remember, the drugs are here because the government let them in. How many black people do yo know that own drugs manufacturing shops in South America?

    Drugs have always been a big brother to America. Everyone sings about it in one way or another. I guess the talking about drugs from the mouth of a black person is harder to take than coming from a white person.

    It is all cool. that is normal for you. If you want to clean up something and start from scratch, then start at the truth. Tell your kids who we really are. What we have done before we came to this country.

    You are just creating problems for one reason and one reason only, to continue your flow of profit and gain. That is it.

    How dare you tell someone what to buy and not buy? those days are over, unless you are trying turn the hands of time back. If yo need money go earn it. If you want the fame go stand on a corner.

    Don’t hate, participate!

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