The Dirt Angel Marries Fisty Scent…

Ain’t shit interesting been going on in Hip-Hop over the last few days other than XXL Mag Dot Com going black for a few hours. That was until I heard this juicy tidbit from my haze dealer up in Harlem. The Dirt Angel a/k/a Witch Doctor a/k/a Jim Jones is about to sign on the dotted line with G-Unit. This signals the demise of Dip Set whether you want to believe me or not. Let’s call this natural selection in terms of rap music. Dip Set was unable to adapt after they were banished from the Roc and this event is the final nail in the coffin of their movement.

Of all the acquisitions that Fisty Scent has made this one seems the most risk filled. Jim Jones doesn’t bring a proven catalog of hits like the Mobb did, nor does he have the head-banging energy of the riot starters M.O.P. At the end of the day these supposed advantages didn’t even help these artists thrive at G-Unit so what makes Fisty think that Jim Jones will fare any better? What I think Fisty likes about Jim Jones is his Tupac imitating drawl and rhyme flow. While Fisty often sounds like a southern rapper with a mouth full of marbles, Jim Jones reminds me of Tupac in his glory days, which for me weren’t all that lyrically significant anyhoo.

But there are thousands of millions of billions of people that adore Tupac for his “realness” and if that is the cologne that Jim Jones carries a bottle of I can see why Fisty digs the smell. You schmell me? Plus Jim Jones hates NaS. And Fisty does too. Actually Fisty loves NaS, but NaS rebuffed him so now Fisty hates him. It’s just a crazy love triangle. But don’t let me get off track, this shit is gonna be huge for New York City rappers. Everyone is either moving down south or out west. That New York City money is all dried up right now since no one is feeling Jigga or NaS and Joell Ortiz and Saigon are too new to take charge of the game at this point.

The biggest story is Cam’Ron though. He was the unquestionable prince of the city when the Dips were part of the Roc family. Yeah there was friction inside of that camp but you couldn’t question the fact that Cam, Juelz and Jim were about to become problems. What a difference a day makes, and what a difference Jim Jones on G-Unit will mean for the rap game. Niggas are scrambling to choose sides right now. Will Tony Yayo go to jail for smacking the shit out of Henchman’s son? Allegedly I might add. Will Young Buck return to Cash Money? Will Lloyd Banks go back into ghey porn? Will someone get Cam’Ron’s fucking pool out back?!?

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  • Vicious Seiger

    The Last Couple of Big Artist to sign to G-Unit really did even make a ripple. Mobb Deep tried but seemed to get limited play on any outlet (MTV, Radio … damn not even word of mouth), MOP I really doubt will ever make their G-Unit Debut as so the same way they were when they were on The ROC. True, Jim Jones does bring some well needed established exposure to seemingly a crumbling empire but will his shift to the west really mean anything? I doubt it. After Awhile of hearing artist sign to different stables oh … I mean labels you learn not to get your hopes too high (see Busta, Fab, Mobb Deep, Charli B aka Chuck, Eve, The Roots). Is there potential? Of course but I really don’t want to get excited when I have had so many letdowns in the past two years.

    PS – I hope Fitty doesn’t try to appear on half of the songs of the upcoming G-Unit releases. It’s getting old and really seems forced upon.

  • John Brown

    Will someone get Cam’Ron’s fucking pool out back?!?

    LOL, I got jacuzzie bigger than his

  • ri067953

    Yo, this is the worst move that 50 could make. He is already becoming complacent because he thinks people will buy shit just because his name is attached to it. This is why rappers should never have their own “label” because they don’t develop talent or produce worthwhile albums. Now Jimmy will have to answer to the big boss when he should have kept his thing moving for dolo. Jimmy should have learned that working for 50 ain’t gonna be easy and doesn’t guarentee success. He is hopping from one sinking ship to another. Time will reveal that in the scope of things, 50 got by not on his talent, but on being a gossip mongorer and had no talent besides running his mouth and made no artistic contribution to hip-hop. Word!


    If Fishy Scent wants to hire Dirty Arabian kids who rock Extra Medium colorful shirts and bike chains like Jim Jones then thats his business. I really don’t think Jenny From The Block AKA Jim Jones AKA Jenny Jonesy is gonna bring any REAL money to the camp, but, hey who am I to down a fool for investing in a Fool? Anywayz if its like that them maybe Killa Cam should hook back up with Jay-Z, get some beats from Kanye and Just Blaze and bring Dame so that the ROC can squash these Flying Monkeys. Roc-A-Fella V.S. G-Unit in 2008. Promise.

  • Enigmatik

    g-unit = the new koch

  • ri067953

    Enigmatk says:

    g-unit = the new koch

    Only difference is that the artist on Koch actually put out albums.


    I think Game is setting 50 up. If you recall Game and Jim Jones have some kind of a bond. And with Jim Jones in the G-Unit camp he be one step ahead of Fifty Cent.

  • Belize

    I know ur joking..but this dirty fool can’t spit one bar as good as Pac…anyways, Cam aint done.
    Watch for the hook!

    Uno papo!

  • MoMoney

    No way, this ain’t gonna happen, if this happens, this is a hiphop coup, pls don’t compare Tupac to Jim Jones, I listen to Jim Jones but he’s no where near Tupac, he’s got energy around him, thats all he has going on, Tupac had the energy and a whole lot more, he was articulate, Jim jones sounds like he’s always under the influence when he talks, he can’t even make a complete sentence without “ya smell me”, “Capo status, hippie kaye” “Goonie goonie guns” what the f*** is all that about.

  • Vindi

    U showed total disrespect for Pac in comparing Jim Jones who’s rap skills are pre school – if u actually took time to listen to Pac you’d hear the man could spit but you prob think Biggie is the GOAT so u biased, anyway back to topic Jim Jones signing is not a business move for 50 its another way of getting back at Cam’ron, same as when he had Remy Ma on stage and J-Hood on stage they all pawns 50 is clever.

  • texasleen

    its dip dip dip unit

  • king equality victorious

    yeah yeah maybe jimmy will sell some untits with a major backing him 50 and max b can sing together man fuck these niggas im still waiting on mop

  • Tyler

    Great post bro. . One more reason why the South lives. . aka
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • houston’s finest


  • EReal

    Let the hate begin, lol.

    Ever consider that 50 is so rich, that he’s doing it to spite Cam? He’s been rollin around with all his Enimies’ friends, lol. He’s an asshole like that. Factof the matter remains that 50 himself said that at a certin point, music just becomes commercials for your side projects. He’s gettin money from the clothing, books, movies, endorsements, all that shit. The music thing dosent really matter. You have to consider that when Mobb dropped, that was at the height of Henchman’s “G-Unot” campaign and there was some backlash because of the “blasphemy” of Mobb going over there because of one line in one song. (Their fans arent worried about them being able to release and make money tho, hah). Blood Money is a banger of an album, I dont skip one track on it, its a good record I dont give a fuck what anyone says, go listen to it. period. Banks and Buck both had subpar albums that sold at the going rate that albums are selling at this point, unless you’re a mega superstar, so I dont see that as falling off. Im not particularly about Jim’s “sound” but his flow I do like and his delivery will bring something different. Its just about NYC moving on and creating a climate where they can regain the spotlight, coming together, notice tho that who is coming together? Diddy, Jay, and 50, everyone else is being squeezed out slowly, but surely. Jimmy is making the right move at the right time, he sees that Dipset is a joke, he sees that its time to jump ship and he’s doing it. Good for him. Same way good for Mobb, good for MOP and everyone else in a shitty situation that 50s is giving them a chance to win, so go hate them for wanting to be in the best position for their carreer. How come noone said fuck Nas when he signed to the Roc? Exactly.
    Are you a Music fan, or a wanna be rapper / weed carrier??

    1 hunned.

  • these posts are racist

    “Jim Jones reminds me of Tupac in his glory days, which for me weren’t all that lyrically significant anyhoo.”

    First of all, there is no compairson, what a miscarriage of justice to claim such a thing! Secondly, are you crazy? Tupac wasn’t “lyrically significant”? Wow. Wow…and Wow.

  • The Infamous Mr. P

    you know what, at the end it all boils down to records sold, and nowadays everybody has a fuckin opinion but no one goes out and buys music. even if its hot they would rather burn it, so its no surprise that rappers focus on other avenues of the business and then naturally its the music that suffers. regarless what critics or dumbass bloggers say 50 is international, this guy doesnt even have to chart in america hes doing it in other countries. there are niggas tryin to get their block to their state notice them. and those hatin cant even chart in the country, so who can blame these former urban legends from making those kind of moves. we stopped caring for them so why should they care for us, money talks bullshit walks. and thats the truth.

  • EReal

    these posts are racist Says:

    September 26th, 2007 at 10:55 am
    “Jim Jones reminds me of Tupac in his glory days, which for me weren’t all that lyrically significant anyhoo.”

    First of all, there is no compairson, what a miscarriage of justice to claim such a thing! Secondly, are you crazy? Tupac wasn’t “lyrically significant”? Wow. Wow…and Wow.
    We’re not talking content, we’re talkin techinical ability. Rhyme schemes, structure, delivery, word use, ect.

  • these posts are racist

    >>>”We’re not talking content, we’re talkin techinical ability. Rhyme schemes, structure, delivery, word use, ect.”

    Tupac’s lyrcial skills both substantive and his delivery is remarkable. His “word use”? Come on man. Tupac used religion, philosophy, the black power movement and modern hood speak in his raps, and it all sounded natural. His “word use” is off the charts.

    He switched up his flow and his delivery varied on each of his albums and songs. Compare “me against the world”, where he’d play with rhyming words that begin with the same letter, e.g. “Picture me Polishing Pistals…” to All eyes on me, where his flow was flawless yet was like he was just a hustler telling us how he felt. I could go on…i’m just shocked that I have to defend Tupac’s rhyming abilities.

  • Chad Biggz

    I wrote this on the shitter….

    Nas didn’t sign wit the Roc..E-Real

    I don’t think its a big deal if he signs wit G-Unit. I think the shit is funny as hell.

    It doesn’t really matter where you sign to your not going sell nowadays. Hopefully they put your album out and your ringtone sells a dime. Be happy wit that shit.

  • Colron

    50 is technically superior to Tupac. Jim Jones, maybe eventually. not yet.

  • Rich Arte

    @Colron, go play in the bathroom at a Fish bar….and listen to “changes” on repeat.

    Jim is stupid if he signs, and loses all credibility.

  • EReal

    It doesn’t really matter where you sign to your not going sell nowadays. Hopefully they put your album out and your ringtone sells a dime. Be happy wit that shit.
    CO-SIGN. Everyone steals, *SMH*. But hey, I steal too! lol. I have a new rule, if you brag about your money, Im not buying your record. I went to the store to cop 50 & Ye and I just couldnt do it, I felt like a sheep. I ended up with La Coka Nostra and Strong Arm Steady instead. I figured they could use my 10$ more than 50 or Ye. Ive copped Redman, Joell, Sean Price, SAS, LCN, and Swollen Members all in this past month or so. I copped some Buck & Bank$ mixtapes cause they’re so much better than their albums. I dont see a new record (besides Chamillionaire) coming out Imma cop really for the rest of the year..

    So as an MC, Technically, who would you think is better Tupac or Eminem? We’re not talking content, social activism, stuido gangsterism, we’re talkin Technically as an MC, Pac or Em?

  • Crocker

    Go go go, Fifty Dicks And Kool Aid Boy are gonna go platinum homie!!!! G-G-G- Gee Fucking Whiz, you’ve gotta be shitting me….. hahahaha! Bold move Curtis, Jimmy gonna carry on that marbled mouth legacy? Ya’ll gonna go hit up all the neighborhood playgrounds to get ur gangster on? Jesus, if you hear me, save me from these lame motherfuckers…. give them something else to do besides fuck up a entire genre of music. They’re both delusional, one from steriods the other from kool-aid, how about substance abuse counseling?

  • these posts are racist

    EREAL –

    I don’t want to overstate this or be dogmatic about it…in the end, who is a better emcee is subjective. There is no real math equation or objective factors that we can use to argue.

    That said, I think Tupac is better than Em. Em is great emcee, but Tupac is the greates of all time.

    Please note, Tupac is Eminem’s favorite emcee.

  • EReal

    I understand that its suggestive, but technical ability for the most part isnt. To me, an MC like Em that ryhmes 3 to 4 word per bar in ultra complex rhyme schemes that can make a verse where duke is talking about nothing sound like the best verse you’ve heard in years, thats technical ability. To me, Pac had the ability to touch the soul, to advance alot of social content that otherwise wouldnt be talked about, but he also dumbed down alot to reach that mainstream audience and make you hear him, that requires a less complex flow. Songs like ‘Rabbit Run’ and ‘No Apologies’ the work he did on ‘The Invasion Mixtapes’. Lyrical skill wise, Eminem would MURDER Pac. Str8^ and Down.

  • Fire aka LOL Silencer

    Your response to TPAR about technical ability not being subjective is completely correct. Couldn’t have said it better myself. 2Pac talked about a lot of deep topics that other MCs wouldn’t talk about, but he also talked about the same thug stuff and dumbed himself down considerably to reach people. He is a great MC, but most of the time his flow was simplistic. Nothing against him, I love his music, but there are many better MCs than Pac going by technical ability.

  • EReal

    Thanx bruh

    Oh, and no offense on the MURDER in big capital letters, I just thought about that.
    RIP Pac

  • The don

    Man this rap ish is wrestling. Is it just me or is G-Unit like NWO Black colors and everything?

  • The Spaniard

    This is why I love the blog.

    One of the few people on the planet who isn’t petrified to say Tupac was overrated as an MC.

    By the way…Michael Jordan’s favorite basketball player isn’t better than Michael Jordan. Think about it.

    “Lyrical skill wise, Eminem would MURDER Pac.”



    Cam probably felt that he should have opened up for Jay (Nolo) on the Rock the Mic Tour. 50 got what he figured was his spot, and things just wasn’t the same…

    Fif-tay’s movement is dead. His money is alive, and so are prideless rappers who run anywhere just to stay relevant. I’m holding out on believing Cam is over until I hear the mixtape. I’m willing to bet that it’s better than these Fif-tay nut scrubbers would expect.

    Maybe not. Maybe just more of that rooty-tooty, fruity-louie; what he usually do…


    Shout to SPANIARD for inadvertently giving me a shout. You’re right, nobody’s better than Michael Jordan.

  • EReal

    The don Says:

    September 26th, 2007 at 5:20 pm
    Man this rap ish is wrestling. Is it just me or is G-Unit like NWO Black colors and everything?
    LOL! Thats actually a good comparison. Kanye West is GoldDust lmao.

  • Rich Arte

    guess what commenters….Jim Jones, Weezy, and the Game are Blood Brothers…notice a change in scenery? Maybe Jim Jones has the upper hand in this whole equation, or maybe he’s just a tight-jean wearer with wallet chains. who cares. music is music, listen to it or don’t.