So What You Wanna Do?!?

As the third fiscal quarter comes to a close and the fourth quarter begins to take shape in the music biz I ask you all the question that was posed several years ago by the King Of All Jigs. Puff Diddy proffers us the eternal query, what would we rather do, be a baller, a hardbody brawler, or the top of the food chain, a shot caller. In my lifetime I have been all of these at some point except shot caller. That shit is wild exclusive company to be up in. Ballers spend money recklessly, brawlers take money recklessly, but shot callers make money recklessly. Making reckless money takes courage, fearlessness and more than anything else, it takes intelligence.

When I watch these videos about dudes that are mad with Jay-Z because he isn’t pouring money back into their pockets I realize how intelligent that Jay was to not put himself in a position where his money could get stopped. If the Feds even had a whiff of dirty business being the foundation of the Rocafella empire they would have shut that shit down from the gate. The Feds don’t play that shit. Evar. People are expendable in the grand scheme and no one is bigger than they are. You see they merc’ked that fool JFK when started to eff the money machine up. Jay-Z is smart and therefore he is a shot caller. Whatever else you think about his reign at the reins of rap music’s Stax you need to recognize that man thinks as fast as he spits that Fu-Schnicken flow.

What would you do if you were running your own record label? First off, what would you call your record label? What artists would you sign to your label? Imagine for a moment that you were a music mogul and you could sign any artist that you wanted to. Well, you actually don’t have to imagine that scenario (the remix is the GOAT Hip-Hop posse track behind Triumph). Seriously, you have the opportunity now to live the lifestyle of a rap music mogul.

The cRap Music Fantasy League is a game similar in some ways to a rotisserie baseball league in that you draft, or sign as it is called, a roster of rappers for your fantasy record label. You choose the artists that you think will be the most profitable for your label during a fiscal quarter, in this case it will be the fourth quarter of 2007 (October 1st -December 31st). The things that rappers do in order to be profitable to your label are typical goals for most artists. Releasing records, receiving RIAA gold and platinum certifications for those records, releasing music videos and receiving awards are all profitable goals that will score points for your label.

But since this game is called the cRap Music Fantasy League your label can also receive points based on the cRap music activity of your artists as well. If your artists gets arrested for anything, your label scores points too. In this way, Foxy Brown has been a profitable artist for her label owners even though she hasn’t released a studio album in a thousand years.

Here’s a simple outline of the game…

Create a name for your record label
Choose eight(8) individual artists for your label
(included in that roster must be one(1) R & B sanger and at least one(1) female rapper)

How easy is that? That’s so simple even Dark should be able to wrap his brain around that concept, then again, maybe not. If you want to be a label owner in the Q4 round of the cRap Music Fantasy League you should click the link below and submit your label name and roster. Registration in the cMFL is totally FREE plus the winner receives a pair of exclusive Nike kicks.

So what you wanna do? Be a baller, brawler or a shot caller?

Q4 cRap Music Fantasy League Registration

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  • Tony

    FIRST! (I think) Also, this game is AWESOME and kudos to you Dear Sir for having referenced the greatest song in the history (of the downfall) of hip-hop!!!!

  • lol


  • Boner jams 03

    billy x,
    i’m hip to the homie pearl…he was nice..but he wasnt even the best point guard on his own squad when he was at ‘cuse…”the general” sherman douglas was the truth…homie set the ncaa assist record before that cracka ass dookie bobby hurley broke it…and douglas had a way better pro career…but i guess if u goin for that razzle-dazzle, and 1, playground shit the pearl is ya man…

  • texasleen

    damn now i have to do work at work…funk that

  • thoreauly77

    nice Stax reference.

    *dusting off some records*

  • Incilin

    ahh yes, yet another series of cRap fantasy league. Ahh, but who to choose this time?

  • Ryan

    Sherman Douglas spent his career dishing out assists to legends like Dee Brown and Rony Seikaly (SP?)………………

  • EReal

    So what are the rules pertaining to Groups? Can a Group count as one rapper? Or does each individual have to be added?
    Do sales only count behind certifications? And do you get points for constant media / rumors coverage? Is there a better overview of the rules?

    Just some Qs cause im plannin my shit right now, and I see were these might affect my team.

    Oh and does Will.I.Am count as a female rapper? Does Eve count as a R&B singer? lol.

  • derfla

    aint you the same guy who doubted jay saying he aint sling shit in he’s life now you dick riding him? daim this nigga can never make up he’s mind on shit what a shit head.

    any way you had some valuable points about naming your studio see what happened to deathrow, murder inc we dont want that shit happening to no body

  • 757 4eva

    Yo Billy,
    Where’s Tara Henley? Do you still have her tied up in ya Mom’s Basement?I know she dissed you at Rock the Bells, but she didnt deserve that.

  • Tyler aka aka “Give me my damn Nikes!”

    Lil’ Wayne
    Jay Z
    Chris Brown
    Missy Elliott
    Jim Jones
    50 Cent
    Mary J Blige


    Jay-Z is smart, but, he isn’t smart enough to conceal his obvious self-promotion enough to at least appear to be a neutral “Top Record Exec”. Thats why you have the likes of MC Lip Gloss talking about trying to smack the open-toed Slippers off of Jigga. Alas, I digress.

  • These Bloggers Are Gays (TBAG)


    Gay ass little Rap Fantasy Leagues n shit?

    Get a REAL job!!!


  • John Brown

    Ok here is my record company. It is called “GHETTO REVIVAL ENT.” (ha ha ha ha).
    Ok my artist are.
    Jay-Z (new album coming out)
    Lil Wayne (new album coming out)
    Chris Brown (new album coming out)
    Trina (new album coming out, plus im sure shell be in shoot-outs with Trick Double D)
    2Pac (cause lets be real every year he comes out with a album)
    T.I. (new movie coming out)
    Joell Ortiz (hopefully album comes out)
    Lupe (new album coming out).

    In the famous words of Dr. Dre “ITS GHETTO REVIVAL and there aint gonna be nothing after THAT”…

    HA HA HA HA….

  • Billy X. Sunday

    “aint you the same guy who doubted jay saying he aint sling shit in he’s life now you dick riding him? daim this nigga can never make up he’s mind on shit what a shit head.”

    Derfla you a flimsy wrist faggot,
    I’m still that nigga that says the only thing he slang was slang, I ain’t never changed my tune on that. The simple fact that he took other niggas real life dealings and miseries and put them shits to music makes him a genius, but Hitler was a crafty motherfucker too. You the type nigga to ride Hitler’s dick because he was forward thinking on that Eugenics bullshit. Suck a dick homo.

    For a more in-depth drop on playing the cRap Music Fantasy League you need to read this post…

  • DARK

    awwww billy mentioned me in another one of his bullshit blogs im so honored.billy must have no life considering the fact he thinks about the ppl who expose and diss him.i aint even been on this website in a while.Godamn billy still got the cock on lock in you mouth u r a dumb sack of shit.billy u probably have a picture of hitler next to ur bed considrein the fact u diss ur own race.god xxl has a disease called billy fagday thats plaging the a dick u gay ass nigga.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Like Ali used Liston to show the world he was the greatest I use you Dark. You are like that monkey that throws his shit and it makes him happy even though you use the same hands to feed yourself.

    I use you nigger, and when I’m done with you, I’m outta here baby. No Baby Effs Wang

    • Ignorance Should Not Be Tolerated

      To Billy X. Sunday
      1.)This is what is wrong with BLACK BUSINESS. U work with XXL or are associated with it and they ALLOW U to to personally attack Ur “customers” or patrons, yes they are customers using the company’s product(This very same post).
      2.)U are OBVIOUSLY very dumb and its a shame that U think that U are smart. Trust me kid, I attend a prestigious university in NewYork and I study Computer Science & Pre-med. I know smart people when I see them or hear them(read in this case).
      Here is an example of Ur Stupidity U actually said “50 is a waaaaay better rapper than TUPAC”. Its clear that the American education system has failed, especially when one of their graduates CAN’T
      I. think critically
      II Function in a manner that would present his company in a positive light.
      3.The immediate above point can be verified with this ignorant display of classlessness
      U said “I use you NIGGER, and when I’m done with you, I’m outta here baby”
      This is a perfect portrait of Ur mentality, U have the audacity to presnt Urself with a sense of SUPERIORITY over the very guy that U said that to “Dark” but its interesting that Dark has enough class to correct U about the fact that U call one from Ur race a NIGGER. U are nothing but dirt.
      4.U are obviously a coward, yet again U show NO-CLASS by attacking a man(TUPAC) over and over again a decade after his death, hey where were U while he was alive coward.
      5.Seeing that U work or XXL and its clear that Ur employers know better than U, it should interest U to know that
      I.)Ur employers XXL gave MAKAVELI:The 7 day Theory an XXL rating.
      II.)Ur bosses rival(the SOURCE)gave Me Against the World 5mics.
      III.)Ur bosses rival(the SOURCE)gave All Eyez On Me 5 mics.
      Those are 3 Classics for U, U schmuck.
      6.)Speaking about being a “Shot caller”. Just as U said, U have never been a “shot caller” and U NEVER will be until U learn to have some class and educate Urself a whole lot more. Bring down Ur nose in the process U ignorant crab.
      7. Yes, Its been been almost 2 years since the day that U typed this garbage and displayed why Black businessess should hire better workers

  • DARK

    naw billy u got it wrong using me?naw son ur so fuckin brainwashed beyoned the point of no return.I tell you what happened to Hip Hop. It sold out to the big money making record companies. Most Rappers now a days are businessmen’s bitches (like u).Hip Hop is fake today. Hip Hop died around 1995 (RIP). Hip Hop used to have soul, and character, today its all the same cloned bullshit, targeted at the sheep like population that goes out and buys CDs that their TV commercials tell them to buy.ur nothin but a product of this gimcik sellin industry.brotha.and its just a shame how ppl like u become a bussiness mans whore.get out of where son who the fuck is u.some small time bloger paid a couple of dollars with maybe the extra pay includes milk and a loaf of bread to write wut these gimcik motherfuckers want u to write.sad really sad.and if im a “monkey that throws his shit and it makes him happy”then ur a monkey who throws the shit of the whiteman all over to please his not the nigger billy u are.


    Billy! Disregard my registration on your site g, you really play yourself when you skim instead of reading instructions and shit fully right? LOL! I’m blaming the vodka!

  • These Bloggers Are Gays

    LOL! Owned again Billy Sucksgays!

    Dont yall love how he’s so homotional and catches feelings all the time, yet calls everyone else a fag? Hahahaha. These Bloggers Are Gays!!!!! LOL!!!