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  • http://sss asdf

    worst song on the album that was otherwise almost flawless.

  • Fire

    I gotta agree with ASDF, “Drunk And Hot Girls” was one of the worst songs on the album, but I still like it. The rest of Graduation was awesome.

  • Nina Myskow

    Vitamin C is a b-boy classic. Can’s got that German funk!

  • ri067953

    Yo, ya’ll are retarded. Drunk and Hot Girls is one of the best tracks on the album. Only those that know about the late night hype can relate.

  • Rues

    Fuck the pink polo, check I Self Divine. Furthermore, shit, just listen to Can…


    Yessir, every weekend we ride around fucking with them drunk and hot girls.

  • Cuban Link

    Drunk and Hot Girls was sampled?Shocking…

  • N.O. 4 life

    barry bonds was prolly the worst track cuz it didnt really mesh with the album feel of that musicy music…


    Did Pink Polos really hurt “The ROC”? Why don’t Kanye Toodles mesh Soul Samples with the sounds of Classical century pieces by the likes of Amadeus Mozart, Beethovan and Yani?

  • YoRapper

    your real cool YN.


    How can anyone say there is a worse track than “Drunk and Hot Girls” on Graduation. It’s just awful. It’s the most dissapointing song i’ve ever heard. I was so excited that Ye and Mos had a track toghther that listening to it for the first time felt like I was being pranked. After getting over the dissapointment I couldn’t help but just laugh out loud over how god awful it is. It’s embarrassing to listen to, even if your alone.

  • andres

    that Vitamin C song’s been huge with b boys for a minute

  • say what

    drunk and hot girls is prolly the best non single on the cd that barry bonds shit was wack they both coulda been better plus the beat was garbage

  • DARK

    yo fire your cool man i respect wut u say billy just pisses me off.he cant come up with anything so being the pussy he is he deletes my comments really shows how much he knows.
    message for billy.

  • K Slayed ‘em

    drunk and hot girls is lame. i’ve been dealin with those bitches since junior high, and it just sounds like a whiney eminem record i heard. in junior high.

  • Rich Arte

    I hate Drunken Hot Girls. that’s the only track I skip.

  • sleep

    Drunk ang hot girls is a good song I bet if it was a single it would go number 1 because these kids like that simple shit.I remember people use to say my generation is lost and I’m 25 but these kids are mking my genaration look like a bunch of interlect. Yo did bol get fired

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