KanYe West Saves Hip-Hop, While Fifty Cent Saves America…

I’m re-listening to the ‘Curtis’ album since my earlier reviews were based upon listening to a “clean” copy. Fifty Cent is not meant to be listened to from a PMRC standpoint. That’s like watching the O.G. ‘Terminator’ flick without anyone getting merc’ked. What’s the point? Fifty Cent without profanity is like finger-banging your sister, you know you want to go all the way without a condom, but the end result will be a retahded kid.

I couldn’t appreciate the depravity that Fifty expresses without hearing the word nigger or bitch behind it. The question now is who should be allowed to listen to Fifty’s expression of his determination to succeed? It’s obvious to me that he isn’t serious about killing everyone he threatens to. It’s just that if he had to, he just might do it. Even then I don’t believe him, but he entertains me with the notion that if someone steps on his G-Unit tennis shoes the next thing you know is that bullets will be whizzing through the air. There is a comedy contained in his tragic rhymes, and also an honesty. This is why Fifty Cent and Hip-Hop by extension have become the targets of censorship.

Some people remember the song ‘Cop Killer’ performed by the Ice-T fronted band Body Count. Everyone attacked the song as being pro-violence and anti-police but the critics ignored the actual verses that described the situations in which the speaker had been pushed to edge of tolerance. Therein lies the real story. By any means necessary is not a solution that the mainstream media will acknowledge. Now I won’t pretend that Fifty Cent presents the ideas of social justice and economic equity by all means necessary, but when those artists do come forward to speak I don’t want their frustrated voices to be filtered through the lens of the PMRC or worse, music labels that are shook ones. When I told you dudes way back that copping Fifty Cent’s new album would save Hip-Hop I admit that I didn’t even realize then how much was at stake.

On September 11th we are going to see two albums released that will both have ramifications that extend past their sales figures. KanYe’s will determine the new level of content for Hip-Hop recordings and Fifty’s album will decide whether censorship is economically feasible in a culture that is rapidly becoming as fundamentally totalitarian as the regimes we are targeting in the Middle East.

And by the way, fuck Kenny Chesney.

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  • LowEndofDaChi

    Are you guys being paid to hype this release date? I mean seriously, the average internet user and hip hop fan has probably heard enough of both albums to safely conclude they’re both disappointments.

    Kanye’s disappointing b/c he’s gotten so far away from the soulful production that got him his namesake in the first place.

    50′s disappointing b/c, well, if you’ve ever listened to a full release from Curtis you should have a thorough understanding of disappointment.

    HipHop is so Hollywood now w/all this ridiculous hype for albums that will sound average at best. Even that may be too much credit.

    Nonetheless entertaining read, hope you are compensated by both parties for your efforts.

  • ddubbzz

    Damn…good read except for the part about fingering your sister….i’d finger YOUR sister…but never though about my own sister…and oh yea FUCK KENNY CHESNEY!

  • LowEndofDaChi

    Deleting posts, eh?

    Kind of makes your “a culture that is rapidly becoming as fundamentally totalitarian as the regimes we are targeting in the Middle East” argument sound like hot air.

  • LowEndofDaChi

    “Removes foot from mouth”

    Please disregard that last post. Thanks!

  • Kenny Chesney

    No Billy, fuck you. On a serious note, niggas need to realize that both 50 and Kanye are terrible. That is all.

  • these posts are racist

    “in a culture that is rapidly becoming as fundamentally totalitarian as the regimes we are targeting in the Middle East.”

    Billy, we are not targeting regimes or govt’s in the middle east because they are totalitarian or have dictatorships. We are only attacking/targeting govt.s/dictatorships that don’t do what we want them to do.

    We attacked Iraq and talk shit to Iran…but are best friends with Saudi Arabia (a monarch/dictatorship that gives its people way less rights than Saddam did). We also support Israel, even though it imposes an apartheid regime against non-Jews. We also support the UAE, Jordan and Egypt, even though they practice major suppression of free speech and are…dictatorships.

  • og bobby j

    I aint hear the whole Curtis yet but that AKOn joint is FFFIIIIIRRRREEEE!
    I heard the Kanye and shit is aight at best….he really needs to come off the mic and strictly produce….plus shit is soft. I would listen to that shit with my bitch but not in the streets……i dont know one hood cat checkin for kanye…none

  • klb

    I really thought that comment about your sis was a bit much. Made it difficult to read the rest of the article. Although we may be the minority women do read this shit.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso aka I Don’t Have A Sister, So I’ll Pop Yours……

    50 is the Re-Incarnation of the “Fuck Censorship” movement…….

  • Fatboy Scoop

    Curtis is so sick. Kanghey paid Billy, so Billy went to a gas station in Hickland and sucked on Kanghey dick through the washroom hole.

    Curtis. 9.11 Copp That

  • ggg-graduation

    Graduation bitch

  • jay b

    Aight I did my part I bought em both w/tax (I work in a music store, perks nerds) and I must say that I want my money back esp. that weak ass graduation. 50′s was what I expected but yall internets niggas gassed me on Ye’ should’ve fuckin known.

  • me

    Im gon cop em both


  • May

    Fifty Cent without profanity is like finger-banging your sister, you know you want to go all the way without a condom, but the end result will be a retahded kid.

    ^^^^You may need to chill with that one.

  • bucks

    come on man kayne is soft man wearing pink is he gay thats what people have to ask i say 50 and download ye

  • Trizzle

    “Fifty Cent without profanity is like finger-banging your sister, you know you want to go all the way without a condom, but the end result will be a retahded kid.”

    damn nigga u dumber then ass, i mean wtf does that even me u idiot? also your post was as dumb as that “retahded comment”

    ..oh yeah FUCK Kenny Chesney (no Sen. Larry Craig)

  • Cuban Link

    I really dont undestrand what goes through 50′s mind.He shouldve got Yayo to whack Kenny Cheasney a long time ago, but now not only will he have to worry about very possibly being #2 but #3.

  • Dr Flav

    “WICK,WICK, WACK! ” Your subjects or topics are minimal, its like Groundhog Day up in this piece.

  • Incilin

    “a culture that is rapidly becoming as fundamentally totalitarian as the regimes we are targeting in the Middle East.”

    ^^ Are you serious?? We’ve a long way from that. In America you can say things like “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” and not suddenly disappear. You are wayy over the top on that one.

  • cHocolate Rain

    Curtis is FIRE and you know it.

  • the one

    That was educational.

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    fagday get off kayne and curtis’s nuts the both r some chump ass niggas.fagdays runnin out of shit to write about.

  • PB Floyd

    Garbage. Kanye aint outselling 50 and we all know it. Kanye about to let Jay-Z ruin the rest of his career by releasing it head to head with 50. Somebody call Ja, Game and Fat Joe and tell em to give these idiots goin after 50 a call. We all know what’s gonna happen and it’s a shame because Kanye was gettin the second most press. Hip-Hop is like boxing, hate it or love it 50 in a different class.


    You remember in that Martin Scorsese Flick ”
    Gangs Of New York” when that black kid was doing the Irish riverdance-like thing and a Irish dude had replied “what is this Country coming to? Look at it, a Jig doing a Jig!” Well that is what 50 Cent is doing in My eyes and in America a Jig: Curtis “Minstrel Show” Jackson is playing up to every Black Negative Stereotype ever created, all in the Love Of Money!!! His “Jig” that he is doing is furthering making it seem as if all young Black Males are Criminals,idiots,ruthless,violent,sexist,disrespectful and share in that “Crabs In a Barrel”-Mentality. If America was a Kingdom and Hip-Hop it’s form of “Entertainment” for the lowly masses then 50 Cent is it’s CourtJester. I like Kanye, too, but, he isn’t reinforcing any Negative stereotypes of African-Americans like his counterpart 50 Cent. Kanye’s music is more Art to him and his Fans, it’s hard not to be biased against 50 Cent because on top of making the Black Community look bad, his brand of Fake-Thug Raps are really wack and he doesn’t say any lyrics than astound the mind or make you wanna replay his songs and be like “Oh Shit did he just day???”, nor does he possess Lyrical in depth metaphors, ironies, similies,paradoxes or anything becoming of a Dope Lyricist. So 50 Cent is just gonna sell a couple million records and make more Wack Shit. Period.

  • Tyler

    Great post Sunday Bloody Sunday. I like how U be coming wit’ . . NoHomo. Keep it up bro cause the streets is watching
    SolutionsGlobalMedia.com aka SGM7.com
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • JD3

    Curtis is a terrible album. “im a gangsta”, “im a hustla”, “i’ll kill you”, “im rich” etc.
    same old same old…

  • http://www.hotmail.com raoul

    You niggas!! Go and get those copps of Ye Tudda and Curtis. Listen to them carefully like I have and you’ll realise one thing: 50= 80% Kanye= 50%

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    i really lick it win poophole holk &lol fingerbayng me in thedarkwhenit;s dark outside & inside billy yoo fukkkin’ faygoat you like to bang your sister when you know she is full of my cum pluss lol & purple hulks rectum is bleeding becauswe yoo have big nukkles. i hate you unkel tom phaggot you our uh sailout & oh yeah to everybodyelse you are only hardboddy cuz billy xxx bluddy sunday wants to sodomoze you cuz he likes white dick. no malcolm x with baby powder & an old whiteman

  • knuxxx

    Billy Sunday – you sad, pathetic creature.


    chicago papi, comment was on point like a joint.

    Kanye is tryin to be innovative, gotta respect that goin against the grain ish. Everybody knows his soulful production is what opened him up to the mainstream (no homo), but he isn’t afraid to try new things musically.

    When “party like a rockstar” came out it fused rap with rock, and now he’s mixing rap with techno, improved his lyrics and delivering a new product. that’s what it is.

    I’m goin watch 106th that day, just to see, cuz I know it’s goin be entertaining and they probably release some new singles. But we already heard..what…7 of Curtis’ singles???

  • Sauce: The Designated Hater


  • Manka Cat

    TPAR, damn you on top of shit. You are the kind of fan hip-hop needs. “Turn off the TV and read.”

    Incilin, open your eyes dog. We aren’t a totalitarian state quite yet but we are definately on our way. Remember the martial law they declared in New Orleans during Katrina? You think that was anything more than a test? It took five days to get water to the victims, but the had plenty of resources to arrest people for exercising their 2nd ammendment right. Our government made it a priority to leave citizens defenseless to see how controlable the situation would be. Will people give up their freedom for “protection”? Are they ready to accept control yet? Remember the analogy about a frog in hot water. Put him boiling water and he will immediately jump out. Put him in cool water and bring it to a boil, and he will die, not able to notice the gradual change. You couldn’t have taken the nation’s rights in the 40′s like the did during katrina. But bring the population to a boil slow? Maybe.

    Ok, so to Hip-Hop.
    Billy, I like the post, (accept maybe the sister referance…but whatever.) It was a good viewpoint. I like that your not trying to just throw two juggernauts at each other like some bloggers, but rather address them seperate. I still haven’t heard either album in its entirety, and I don’t plan too. I enjoy the anticipation I guess.

    I think 50 not only should win this one, but needs too. If 50 wins, he gets to see his hard work pay off. Not that Kanye doesn’t work hard, or that 50 needs more money, but that man knows how to go balls to the wall over a project. Remember his dedication to GRODT movie and soundtrack? Neither was spectacular, but he put the effort fourth.
    Plus, if Kanye wins, what do you think is gonna happen? Every self rightious fan and preteen will turn on him, saying he sold out. It might be the realist, hottest hip-hop album since Reflection Eternal, but if his numbers beat a main stream star, no one will give the album credit. Kanye’s fourth album will be slammed with insults of “going pop” or “selling out”, and his career will either end or change drastically. The best outcome for this competition would be 50 first, kanye doing respectable numbers, but definately in second, and KennyfuckfaceChesney coming in third, showing the community that Hip-Hop can beat country in its worst year ever. “Hip-Hop is dead.” Everyone needs to believe that for Hip-Hop to continue to survive. But we need the confidence boost. We have to prove to ourselves Hip-Hop lives before we try to convince others it’s dead in order to save it. Otherwise we might convince ourselves instead, and the tactic will really fuck us over. Its time for the thinking man era in Hip-Hop. The fan base needs to be directly involved at this point to tell the industry what we want. We need the return of gangsta rap outside G-unit. We need technique to drop the hottest album since All Eyez On Me on Viper. And we need to see shit for what it is and show some fucking support for the music. We’re throwing away something special and we don’t even see the shit. Learn how to be fans. Rep what you like. Keep the buzz going, but keep it controlled.

    Thanks for reading my shit if you got this far. I’m going the fuck to bed.

    “The song has the cause of death written in code…”


  • whiteboy

    i’m so sick of hearing about this date that ima go AWOL and steal the spotlight from both these motherfuckers when i pull another 9/11 just 4 hearin bout this shit 2 much

  • Ken-Yon

    Boo-Boo’s new CD is trash! Lets just be quite honest. The first 4 songs, this nigga done killed everyone in the studio, the soundman, the engineer, a little girl walking down the street.
    Real reviewers should keep it real. Buck’s album is smashin Boo-Boo’s. 50′s album is redundant, the only songs that are feasible are 6 singles he released prior to 9/11.
    Ye-to-the, on the other hand, released another classic. You really can’t even call his CD an album, it’s a motivational tool, wrapped up with a $11.99 sticker.
    If them goons up in Interscope wouldn’t go out and buy 1 million copies of Curtis, we would had seen what would really happen. I’m comparing this battle with the 2000 Florida re-count.
    In simple words, a travesty … .

    “Man killing some wack shit, well of course if niggas is rapping,” -Kanye West

  • jaystone

    man that 50 cent albulm is garbage.actually i download it but man i regret it cuz it suck.damn i should have at least download that faggot joung joc.as of ye,man am gonna cop the albulm and buy two for my younger brothers.graduation.shit is hot.cop it bro.

  • i have graduation

    ha graduation is out in europe..the box is cardboard lol..u get a poster! and its amazing….jus thought u wud wana no

  • http://www.blogspot.com/zacreole zacreole

    Hey Billy. What happened to my post? Don’t tell me that you ain’t post it cuz of the lil PH, LOL, Dark joke that I sent to you. I would have figgered you for a man of humor & obviously intelligent enough to recognize IP #’s. However my post was on point & I was directly attempting to relate to you on a non corporate hip-hop level.

    I know what it’s like to be a journalist & have editors & publishers breathing down your neck telling you what to write about & who to give, hype, priase, press & props to. did I hit the nail on the head? Was it to long for ya? (Word to manka cat) Was there an error in syntax or sending? Whatever.

    I hope you read it & realize that many of us want to (need to ) hear about something real & relative to our lives. Please quit sewing our assholes shut & keep feedin’ us (& feedin’ us, & feedin’ us…) scaps from the tables of Vivendi Universal, TheSony/Bertlesmann Media Group, Electric & Music Industries LTD & Time Warner.

    All of these major corporations are in business to (obviously) make money (first & foremost) but also to dominate global communication, define the corporate marketplace, shape & formulate public opinions & (no conspiracy theory) influence & control popular opinions & beliefs to assist in government, law, politics & elections worldwide.

    Ain’t this hip-hop ish supposed to be about the music, the hood, the people, the struggle? Give some props to the little guys, the workers out in the field, etc. Not everyone wants, needs, likes, or even respects a pimp. Not everyone is a whore. & quite a few of us march to the (break) beats of our own drummers (or samplers, machines, beatboxes, etc.)


  • SugarHill

    50 and Kanye are BOTH retarded for going head to head on 911, because it’s just going to fuck up both their sales. Niggas need to stop being so stupid and egotripping.

  • Rich Arte

    zacreole droppin knowledge on these nukkas.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    I haven’t deleted any comments is a minute. There was some rubbish from Dark that I pulled off, but then I realized that Dark spent way too much time on the computer for me to regulate his garbage.

    The system here at XXL moderates comments containing too many URL’s so that could be the story. In any case keep commenting. I see you out there.

  • Hip Hop since 79′/ Raised under Reagan

    And by the way, fuck Kenny Chesney
    I just got back from a three week business trip in Miami. And now I am back in Fort Worth, Tejas.

    I will be copping two of each on Sept. 11th. And it will probably be the single most hip hop political act I can make. BUT on 9/28 I will be coppin’ a shit load of Little Brother’s Getback… because that will be be the gulliest Kwanza gift this millineum.


  • Gutta

    Im confused as to why people who claim to love hip-hop and listen to rap music look at the 50 cent and kanye west competition as just “media hype” or want to call it a “marketing scheme”. There hasnt been this much buzz surrounding a hip-hop album since jay-z dropped kingdom come and nas when he dropped HHID around the same time. To me, this is just want rap needs to get back to being relevent. On one end you have kanye, who in my opinion has the better album from what ive heard so far, that appeals to the back pack crowd and maybe just your average listener then, you have 50 cent who is more appealing to the street cats and people who can relate to struggling in the hood and comin up from that environment. Regardless of who sales more both artists have the attention of the hip hop listeners as well as other genres of music which could only be a positive thing when u look at the product thats been put out lately and will be put out in the future. Instead of everyone being a critic/rapper how about people gettin on they grind and finding a way to get money the way 50 and kanye are doing.

  • TaZ

    Fuck what they say, that fingerbang line was funny as shit. Keep sayin what you want. And sorry i dont care enough about mainstream garbage to read the rest of your post. Both albums were overrated and dissappointments, but in the end,
    Graduation > Curtis and Kanye > 50. Now if the sales would only reflect the talent so 50 will stop recording altogether…

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    DARK Says:

    September 7th, 2007 at 3:29 am
    i really lick it win poophole holk &lol fingerbayng me in thedarkwhenit;s dark outside & inside billy yoo fukkkin’ faygoat you like to bang your sister when you know she is full of my cum pluss lol & purple hulks rectum is bleeding becauswe yoo have big nukkles. i hate you unkel tom phaggot you our uh sailout & oh yeah to everybodyelse you are only hardboddy cuz billy xxx bluddy sunday wants to sodomoze you cuz he likes white dick. no malcolm x with baby powder & an old whiteman
    only wiggers do this type of childish shit stealin someones name zacreole it was must likely u eat a dick fag grow up and grow some balls.and billy fagday shut ur bitch ass up like u really have room to talk for a fag like u whos constanly on the computer bein a cyberspace homothug shut the fuck up faggot.p.s. fagday only pussies delete comments.

  • http://www.blogspot.com/zacreole zacreole

    Billy-I sent you a response to this blog topic-more of a personal reply than a public post. It musta got lost in the sauce but in it I let you know my history as a hip hop journalist since 1994 & my interpretation & feelings regarding hip-hop & it’s current state of corporate bureaucracy & it’s continued wayward spiral away from it’s roots & conception. I posted a couple of URL’s in my response but, hey, that’s how the cookie crumbles. Ain’t mad. & thanks for the info. I’ll me mo careful in tha future.

    Good lookin’ on the get back. & yes. I’ma definitely keep doin’ what I do. It’s only write kid. Maybe I just might send my resume & some samples & references to your higher ups & start to write a column myself with leanings towards local, regional, & underground acts & observant political commentary regarding shit that’s goin’ down & how it relates to xxlmag.com’s (not so)average readers. I’m pleased to know that I’ve caused a blipped on your radar. Keep doin’ whatcha’ do Black man. Props due.

    Rich Arte-Good lookin’. I just do what I do (what God tells me). Thanks for recognizing.

    Dark-What can I say? You know what homie? Often I agree with what you say. The sad fact is that I can’t cosign or support you because you are divisive, incendiary, insulting, ignorant & QUITE APPARENTLY (dis)functionally illiterate. The day that you construct a concise sentance with capitalizations, order, a subject, a predicate, proper punctuation & lucid grammar I will give you props. Fuh real.

    Until then you can get the bozac(reole) homie. Know this much; I have no problems, hesitance, or reluctancy blatantly, publicly & directly getting at you to tell you how I feel or what I think in regards to your posts & responses.

    For you to automatically ass-ume that I was (am) the one responsible for the homoerotic & grammatically disfunctional post on this blog (supposedely) incorrectly attributed to you is a desperate grasp at best.

    In the worst case (& most likely) scenario it’s a “Wag the Dog” campaign set up by you to throw off critics & naysayers who are continually taking issue with your often comically agressive & disparraging commentary. If you can reasonably prove or at least raise suspiscion that others are writing & posting absurdly ignorant & vulgar responses in your name then it just may afford you the opportunity to disassociate yourself from other ignorant statements that you have made in the past by attributing them to random “haters”.

    Think about it: who specifically comes on this site often & repeatedly writes illiterate looking responses & posts that contain harsh disses, critiques & egregiously graphic & fantastical homosexual ass-ertations & accusations?

    How many of your posts contain the word “faggot” or the phrase “dick suck” in them? Here’s a fun little exercise XXL readers: go to the home page. On the upper right hand corner there is a site specific search engine. Type in “Dark” then a hyphen (-) & add any of the following words-”faggot” “fag”, “gay”, “dick”, “ass”, “suck” etc. Then count how many query (queer-y) responses you get. I’d be willing to bet it’s more than 5. I’d be interested to hear the results. Matter of fact I’d like to make some money off of this. Betting pool anyone?

    Dark-If you are old enough to remember hip-hop before it got turned into a marketing tool by Fortune 500 companies to sell records to the affluent adolescents of middle & upper middle class white suburban America-I have a suggestion 4 ya. Like Whodini said “Be yourself”.

    Come out of the closet & jump in between the covers of a book. There’s no shame in being honest with yourself & others. Have PRIDE. Keep it “real”. & if what I just said is incorrect & you feel the need to prove or defend yourself please feel free to do so. See if you can respond to this in a manner that belies the fact that you presumably have had more than a primary school education. Then, & only then, will I bow down & tip my hat to you & show you some ‘spect.

    To everyone else in the XXl & Hip-Hop community-PEACE.


  • eng105

    I have no idea what this guy is talking about. Nor do I think we heard the same CD. Curtis sucks hands down it’s even worse than the massacure and that was horrable. I will not waste another second of my life listening to that CD. Now is you want to compare it to Kanye’s….. there is no competition Graduation blows Curtis out of the water. I like al kinds of music but I had both these albums and put them to the test. Curtis F, Graduation A-.

  • DavySupafly

    yo honestly this faggot did not need to add the part about finger-bangin’ yo sister in this shit, who the fuck even thinks about that. I ain’t even readin’ tha rest of this shit cuz of that nasty shit.