Ok, tomorrow morning, you're gonna wake up and you're gonna read an article in the New York Times about Jay-Z. Yup, comeback numero dos is true. Sorry allshitstop, it ain't called Boss Hova. It's called American Gangster. Inspired somewhat by the movie of the same name, but it's a full studio album, no soundtrack. Release date: Tuesday Nov 6. But shit it might get bumped up to the same friday as the flick. Black Friday, fuckers.

New music is also coming manana. Produced by Pharrell. The other Louie Vuitton don. Flex drops bombs on it first. Then we put it up on the site. Synergy, suckers. Enjoy the rest of allshitstop week. Bfred's back, I got Mr. Nah Right, Bill H and the Queenpen V Satten on the video tip. I'm ready to punish you pricks.

Update: The song is called "Blue Magic." When you see the flick like I did this afternoon, it will all make sense.

Update 2: The streets are saying said song sounds 80's-like and Rakim-ish. We shall see.