Hip-Hop: Art Or Commercial Shiite?

I posed this very same question to readers at DALLAS PENN Dot Com two years ago after I read this dope piece in Vanity Fair about how the SugarHill Gang was formed. Did y’all know that them niggas didn’t even know each other from another blank nigga on the street? One of the dudes was a weedcarrier for GrandMaster Caz and stole that nigga’s rhymebook in order to create the song lyrics for ‘Rapper’s Delight’. In reality, the very first incarnation of rap music that was played on the radio was actually ghostwritten. The game was bullshit from out of the gate and I didn’t even know that much. All the producer, Sylvia Robinson knew was that jigs up in Harlem were snapping their fingers to this shit and she and her hsuband needed a hit record to pay back some of that mob money they owed from previous failed disco recordings.

Now ain’t that a bitch?!? Literally, and figuratively.

So all throughout my life the music that I used as my personal fucking soundtrack for when I wanted to get high, or get some pussy, or voice my social and political frustrations was merely a sham created to make me want to consume shit. Fuck! I hate when I get bamboozled. This is why I never believe Black people when they say anything. As soon as you turn your back that motherfucker will be trying to get money from you to line his pockets.

Fucking Run-DMC sold me a lifestyle that had me wanting shelltoe adidas and a black fedora hat. The Beastie Boys convinced me to invite my white friends over to party in the basement of my parents’ crib. Public Enemy had me wearing a stopwatch around my neck along with an African medallion. Slick Rick convinced me to buy a pair of Bally shoes. N.W.A. taught me not to give a fuck about a racist pig cop. A Tribe Called Quest said that it was cool to be Black and NOT be mired in poverty so that your mind could think of other shit like effing chicks. Yo-Yo made me want a broad with light green eyes. NaS reminded me all over again why I love this shit in the first place. All the while I’m being sold down the river.

I say all this to frame my feelings about the hyped up Hip-Hop that was officially released this week. Whether KanYe outsells Fifty, or vice versa, I hope every one of you that reads this drop buys both. Studies show that most of you won’t enter a polling station this November, but you will all spend hundreds of dollars between now and Election Day. Let your wallet be the hand on the lever and kindly vote to continue the charade of surreality that is rap music. I want to hear more songs of gun-slinging mayhem spoken by millionaires hermited away in sound studios on private mansions. I want to dance to more jams of available, intoxicated women recanted by people that couldn’t tell me what a woman even smelled like. This is the fantasy world that rap has always occupied from the minute it was first broadcast over the radio. And I don’t want it to stop.

I will remain faithful to the corporate ethos that has consumed Hip-Hop in it’s totality. I will spend all my wages on the items du jour. Spinning guns on my teeth, Louis Versolo on my ass, and candy paint on my 2008 Edsel SUV, sitting on 54 inch rims. I’m too far in to stop the fantasy so I might as well go hard since I can’t go home. Hip-Hop never had a home anyhoo. Shit was always on rented time. Standing back looking at KanYe and Fifty helped me realize this after all. KanYe’s desire for white bitches with no commitment or love, and Fifty’s lust for money with no conscience or social responsibility has illustrated to me that neither of these salesmen are artists in the first place. They are both just pitchmen for end of days lifestyles. What was I thinking before by trying to put on a cape and save Hip-Hop with my self-righteousness? The only way to save Hip-Hop is to spend all of my savings, and that starts with me going out and buying these two CD’s from the most expensive retailer I can find.

I want General Electric to see my vote loudly and clearly. Don’t stop the charade and parade of wanton imagery. I’ve built my life around this shit and I don’t want you to take it away now. More KanYe, more Fifty, more DipSet, more OutKast. Not so much Jeezy. More Redman, more Raekwon, and even [gasp] more Lil’ Wayne. I am ready to take the blue pill now (and possibly some purple ones too). Ignorance is bliss and I vote for Team Status Quo.

Stat Quo… Not so much.

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  • http://ifux.blogspot.com i Fux aka Etheraldinho

    Yo Are you kidding Stat Quo’s We get Higher was the most slept on song this summer. He touched on all that Hollywood ish on one song, basically pointing out what you did here in this post but instead of the song being about hip-hop its about Hollywierd

  • paece

    you’re outside the target demographic, old man. no one cares what you think.
    (waiting for the younguns to call you stupid bcause they still believe that shit)

    50 still kills. believe that.

  • South City

    Kanye not an artist? Stupidest shit I’ve ever read. On a hip-hop site anyway. And Kanye is engaged to *gasp* a black woman.

    With statements like that, it’s no wonder people don’t feed into the bullshit you write.

  • N.O. 4 life

    voting means nothing…so all this is pointless

  • N.O. 4 life

    it depends who is the artist is because some(most) could giva damn about hip hop they want that bread like 50 cent or Nelly…on the other hand some love hip hop like nas and dare i say hurricane chris(go read what he says on hip hop dx to see if im lyin)….but most are straight

  • LOL



  • be

    you finally came over to the right side and realize that hiphop was always fake. i’m glad you gave up the fight and stopped trying to reach us. enjoy the music and dance. nothing wrong with the status quo.

  • Cuban Link

    The first track was not Rapper’s Delight, Billy.It was Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa.Although thats arguably, since other lesser known tracks were buzzing around at that time, like the classic “Play at Your Own Risk” by Planet Patrol

    and plus, only parts of the song were ghostwritten.The part where I think it was Wonder Mike rapped out someone elses name was, obviously, ghost written.But dont forget, that song was 14 minutes long.There was some crazy lines they wrote themselves.Like that part when he talks about going over to his friends house and eating awful dinner.Classic

    and of course the greatest line ever

    Ho-tel, ho-tel, Holi-day Inn!

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^ Cuban Link,
    Did you swim to the U.S. on a tire like most Cubans? Planet Rock and Play At Your Own Risk are Hip-Hop songs, but hardly are they rap. The first rap song I ever heard on the radio was Rapper’s Delight and if you were around then you’d know what the eff I’m talking about.

    I like how you quote what you call the “greatest line ever” and you transcribe the shit wrong. You’re a big fan of Tupac too right?

    Ignorance is bliss Cuban Link and I want to take the blue pill and live in a fake fantasy rap world just like you.

    And if you asked my opinion, I would say that the greatest line ever in rap music is “lemonade was a popular drink, and it still is.”

  • Ace Black

    you dont wanna crawl down that rabbit hole?

  • Get a grip

    This shit is funny first of all what we call hip-hop is largely black punk anyway like Funk. It was the destruction of the sound of the processed hair and dancing soul singers. The good negro image that sold race music for years. This was the soundtrack of a people looking for what came next and it was and is a straight reflection of the hopes, desires, pleasure and problems i.e. pain of most citizens black or white.

    Example: Gangsta music (America loves the outlaw or the gangsta the rebel who doesn’t give a what because deep down inside most folks resent something about authority even after they conform to it) What better way to enjoy gangsta shit than from the race most painted as wanted criminals by the media and themselves.

    Mindless consumption: What in the fuck is more american than Mindless consumption this is an arms race not a mutherfucking market place. Everyone wants the next shiny piece of shit that means nothing.

    Fame the new drug everybody wants to be somebody beautiful, feared, respected but anything but forgotten

    Mysogeny: talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Every dude wants and lust for and objectifies women in a patriarchal society except for folks who have alternate life styles. what usta happen when you conquer a people their women become spoils party favors to the winning army(The book of daniel in the bible give you blue prints for this)

    Bottomline humanity is a failed experiment and hiphop is just another expretion of this and it stays under the microscope because it comes from a much hated people

  • sizzle

    also, planet rock was released in 82, rapper’s delight in 79.
    know your shit before you call someone else out like that, jackass.

  • T.R.E.Y.

    GE doesn’t own Universal Music Group, it’s owned by Vivendi Universal. AKA, dirty French douchebags’re runnin’ this rap shit. as Mos Def’d say.

  • DANJA29

    “Planet Rock” was NOT the first hip-hop/rap track released, it was “Rapper’s Delight”.

    “Delight” came out in ’79, “Planet Rock” didn’t drop till ’82.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso aka The New Millenium Kareem Akbar

    lmaooo, at this shit….. good read!!! lmaoo@the shots at Jeezy and Stat Quo..

  • Cuban Link

    Billy, GTFOH.U came outta left field with that disrespect, that was bullshit.I was just voicing my opinion you fucking cum dumpster.And no shit I wasnt around back then, tell me you were really old enough to remember how big it was.

    and @ Danja29, did planet rock REALLY come out in 82?Or is that when it just got played on the radio?

    But even if Planet Rock wasnt the first hip hop track, Rappers Delight still wasnt. King Tim III (Personality Jock) by Fatback Band was the first hip hop song ever recorded or released.It might not have been as big as Rappers Delight, but it was the first regardless.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    You is a silly coward. If you left an e-mail address in your screen name I could have just e-mailed you this link.

    It’s called Wikipedia. Use it. Now sit down and shut the fuck up.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Cuban Link,
    Quit yer’ bitching since my homey’s dad tells the story of swimming here on a raft. You should have replied that Cuban’s were as hardbody as Haiti, but you didn’t cuz’ your a bitch.

    What the peanut butter and jelly shit is you talking about King Tim III?!? When that shit was out it was WAY before ‘Rapper’s Delight’ but you would only hear that shit at a fuckin’ park jam. The radio is what I’m talking about you simple simon.

    When the shit was fucking cold outside and niggas wasn’t on the basketball court I heard rap music on the radio! It sounded like the niggas in the park. It sounds like the niggas in the park on my block during the summer when everyone was out in the park and the lights were blacked out. And everyone was dancing. And that’s what I’m talking about.

  • Chris

    This is the most biting fucking thing ever. Bravo. I can’t wait to see how many people’s dumb humorless heads this goes over.

    Niggas is dumb. For real.

    I kill at will. Solid water. Ice cubes.

  • LOC

    “lemonade was a popular drink, and it still is.”

    Shout to Lemar and Dauley, did it right on a shirt!

    Yo Sunday, you full of shit, and you trippin too. YN pay you for your opinion stop arguing and going back and forth with niggas, shit for the birds…

  • Christopher Biggins

    Any ladies here???

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    Best Rap Line Evar,

    “I like big butts and I cannot lie”

    1 hunned.

  • And I quote

    “Soulja Boy up in this oooooohhhhh…”

    “Get my fuckin pool in the back”

    “I was at home beatin my meat, that’s when I found out the best things in life are free”

    “and I don’t front and I don’t go backwards
    and I don’t practice, and I don’t lack shit,
    you can Barry’d, suck my bat bitch”

  • DANJA29

    “and @ Danja29, did planet rock REALLY come out in 82?Or is that when it just got played on the radio?”

    Planet Rock’s OFFICIAL release was in 1982. It wasn’t heard anywhere in ’81, ’80, ’79, ’78, or anytime before that.

    ‘Rapper’s Delight’ was the first released rap single in 1979. If there was one before it, nobody knows about it.

    And ‘King Tim III’ was done by a band that was NOT a rap group. If you’re counting HIP-HOP singles, yes, ‘Rapper’s Delight’ was the first released, not only on the radio, but as far back as anyone recalls. It’s already been well-documented, this sin’t something I’ve randomly pulled outta my ass.

  • Around and Around

    Good drop, and completely off the subject check out this article by my man Zirin about the Jena 6


  • yoprince

    planet rock ain’t rap anyway..

  • Cuban Link

    King Tim III came out like 3 weeks before Rappers Delight you dumbfuck.And we have Scarface and the Cuban Missle Crisis under our belt, dont even bring that hardbody shit here

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    “King Tim III came out like 3 weeks before Rappers Delight you dumbfuck”

    As if you were working a record shop at the time.

    Worse than being a bitchmade nigger you are a fucking blank. Who cares about King Tim III when that shit wasn’t even playing on the radio? What is your point about KT III? You are on his dick so hard I bet that is what your dad used to float over here from Cuba.

    You are brand new to Hip-Hop nigger. You belong in the Rap section. You are not Hip-Hop. King Tim III came out three weeks before Rappers Delight huh? Sounds like you come from the school of memorizing niggas birthdays and shit.

    Sit down and shut the fuck up dickrider.

  • J King

    That was a great article lol a lil melancholy in my perspective since you’re since in order to save hip-hop we have to buy into it’s bullshit. Yes Kanye and 50 are marketers for a particular aspect of life but that’s not the point why people say Hip-hop is death. It’s lost its quality people has lost the abilty to be creative. If you can take the stupidest shyt and come at it from a different angle than go ahead. Bu if you’re formula is always A,B,C then fuck you. It’s predictable it’s like watching a movie again and again (who wants to do that). Don’t listen to these little niggaz they disceting your article and criticizing pieces of it instead of swallowin the whole thing.

  • Cuban Link

    ugh, Billy…

    First off, King Tim III is a song, not an artist.And second, the reason I know that shit is because I took a tip from your idol Bol and used wikipedia.And I was just dropping some knowledge, your the pussy who cant accept the fact that he MIGHT be wrong.No where did I say, “Billy your full of shit” All I did was air out some shit you obviously didnt know.U came at me with the hate chico, so fall the fuck back

  • http://www.rootdownradio.com ken4thewin

    That was just pure comedy. Riding on fifty fours!

  • mack mall

    hip hop is dead

  • Jack Welch

    NBC Universal doesn’t own UMG, UMG’s completely owned by Vivendi.

  • durdy burd da kid

    i gotta aks yall mugs, will rap and hiphop always be around? what yall think? i think it will always be around if ya wone know what i think bout it….