Speaking of Mos Def, I see he's headed down to Louisiana to rally in favor of the Jena Six. He may not be sure whether or not bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11, but he's for damn certain this bullshit down in Louisiana is a miscarriage of justice, and he's urging his fellow rappers to join him. Interestingly enough, I wonder if there isn't a parallel to be drawn between the Jena Six and the terrorist attacks that took place six years ago today.

While Mos Def claims to not believe that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda had anything to do with 9/11, you get the idea that he doesn't give a shit whether they did it one way or the other, not unlike many black people's view of the OJ trial. Indeed, when asked by Bill Maher to elaborate on why he's so certain the official story re: 9/11 is BS, Mos mentions that he's not the only one who believes that it is and then launches into a whole litany of things cracka-ass crackas here in the US are guilty of, and why aren't we calling that terrorism?

As I mentioned here yesterday, I'm not sure how you can read this as anything other than him suggesting that the attacks of 9/11 were justified. Granted Mos Def is hardly the first person to suggest that the attacks of September 11th had to do with anything other than the fact that "they hate us for our freedom," as President Sieg Howdy once put forth; similar arguments have been put forth by the likes of Ron Paul and Ward Churchill and even KRS-One. But I think Mos Def even goes them one further in that he almost seems to be aligning himself with the terrorists.

Where as I'm pretty sure those other guys meant to suggest that the murder of 3,000 (more or less) innocent people may have been justified in the mind of a crazed islamofascist, if not in a more general sense, Mos Def is careful not to draw any such distinction. Every time Bill would bring up the fact that there's crazed Muslim fucks out there who would love to see us all dead, Mos immediately jumped to some shit someone else did that could be construed as terrorism, if not under the legal definition. You wonder what he meant to suggest.

Is it any wonder, then, that Mos Def would take up the case of the Jena Six as his cause du jour? As it occurred to me, over my morning coffee just now, there's some obvious correlations to be drawn between the brutal beating of some racist cracka-ass cracka high school student and the brutal murders of 3,000 of the little Eichmanns of American economic imperialism six years ago today. Note that it's definitely not my goal here to draw some sort of moral equivalency between those juvenile delinquents down in Louisiana and the terrorists, or to suggest that the railroading of the Jena Six isn't yet another example of nasty, racist, Errol Morris-style redneck justice. I'm just saying.

Thanks to the liberal Jew-run media, it's a little known fact that Osama bin Laden had reasons for knocking down the twin towers other than the fact that he hates us for our freedom, which I'm sure he does anyway. The main beef between al Qaeda and the US, as stated by the man himself back in the late '90s, is the American imperial presence in the Middle East, particularly with regard to our support of Israel and our military bases in Saudi Arabia. Similarly, the origin of the dispute that eventually lead to the fateful ass whippin' in the Jena Six case was a silly turf battle over black kids' right to sit under the rather ironically titled tree of knowledge.

I think we can all agree that the idea of white kids having a tree that only they're allowed to sit under is the kind of bizarre, racist bullshit that could take place in a rural, southern shit hole of a town like Jena, Louisiana. But is there a difference between these cracka-ass cracka's "knowledge tree" and the terrorists' "holy land" in the Saudi Arabia? Well obviously one is here in the US and the other is over in the Middle East, but I'd say the gist of these two issues is roughly the same: insane, bigoted fucks attempting to wield an ideology that's based on intolerance and is ultimately founded in bullshit (i.e. Islam and white supremacy).

In both cases, maybe none of this shit would have ever happened had someone with some sense stepped in and attempted to sort this all out before it ultimately erupted into violence. In the case of the Jena Six, the superintendent was in the wrong for not expelling the students and reporting their hate crime to the proper authorities. Similarly, I know the UN has issued plenty of orders to Israel to cut out their apartheid bullshit, pretty much all of which they've ignored. And it couldn't have possibly helped matters that the US elected President Sieg Howdy and his gang of oil-soaked ne'er do wells into office a mere matter of months before the attack.

And granted I think we were all kinda pissed to see Sieg Howdy take office, but does there not come a point where we put our foot down against violence, no matter how justified it can be perceived as being? I mean, how come Mos Def can't just admit that it was wrong what those islamofascists did to us on 9/11? As I alluded to earlier, I wonder if there's not a connection between this "enemy of my enemy is my friend" mentality and black people's utter amusement with the OJ verdict and, now, this drive to free the Jena Six, as if they're not guilty of beating a kid unconscious and then beating him some more. I'm not saying we're in the wrong for taking up the cause of the Jena Six. I'm just saying.