I'm excited about this LL/Jay-Z beef but then again I'm 36. Ha! Still in case you're lost, I'm gonna bring you up to speed on the lil' back and forth. Let's start from the beginning—no not the Jaz, Sauce Money, young Hov battle challenge back in the days or the slick line off the Shai remix track.

Let's start here:
"I think Jay-Z does a very good job... of promoting Jay-Z"—LL quoted in NY Daily News, outside of MTV VMAs 2006

"I think that we went above and beyond with his project. We shot two videos before the project even came out. That's not, especially in this climate of business, that's not typical... The commitment to the project was clearly, clearly there. How much can you give a man?"—Prez Carter responds to yours truly in XXL, December 2006

"I wish Rick and Russell was back I miss the old Def Jam/Cuz them new monkeys act like they don't know who I am/The promotion and marketing wasn't worth a damn/But now they on the balls again cuz 50's my man/It's a Queens thing doofy this is how we do/We rep our hood goofy, how 'bout you?"—LL Cool J, "Queens"

"Shout out to Kanye West. Shout out to Good Music. Shout out to Roc-a-fella. You know, the whole thing. Def Jam, the monkeys that they are. I don't know how we pull this off. We all doofies over there. I don't know how we do this... We goofies and doofies over there, I don't know how we pulled this number off, seriously. It's miraculous."—Jay-Z speaking with Angie Martinez on Kanye West SoundScan victory.

"I'm already the goat, next stop is a billi."—Jay-Z, "I Get Money (Forbes 357 Megamastermix)"

"Why he do it? Why you do it that to ya self... I don't even know why you did that to yourself man. When you was doin' that verse, you should have been doin' your job, B. See?"—LL Cool J, on Bloktv (whatever that is).