Duel of The Iron Mic

I’m excited about this LL/Jay-Z beef but then again I’m 36. Ha! Still in case you’re lost, I’m gonna bring you up to speed on the lil’ back and forth. Let’s start from the beginning—no not the Jaz, Sauce Money, young Hov battle challenge back in the days or the slick line off the Shai remix track.

Let’s start here:
“I think Jay-Z does a very good job… of promoting Jay-Z”—LL quoted in NY Daily News, outside of MTV VMAs 2006

“I think that we went above and beyond with his project. We shot two videos before the project even came out. That’s not, especially in this climate of business, that’s not typical… The commitment to the project was clearly, clearly there. How much can you give a man?”—Prez Carter responds to yours truly in XXL, December 2006

“I wish Rick and Russell was back I miss the old Def Jam/Cuz them new monkeys act like they don’t know who I am/The promotion and marketing wasn’t worth a damn/But now they on the balls again cuz 50′s my man/It’s a Queens thing doofy this is how we do/We rep our hood goofy, how ’bout you?”—LL Cool J, “Queens”

“Shout out to Kanye West. Shout out to Good Music. Shout out to Roc-a-fella. You know, the whole thing. Def Jam, the monkeys that they are. I don’t know how we pull this off. We all doofies over there. I don’t know how we do this… We goofies and doofies over there, I don’t know how we pulled this number off, seriously. It’s miraculous.”—Jay-Z speaking with Angie Martinez on Kanye West SoundScan victory.

“I’m already the goat, next stop is a billi.”—Jay-Z, “I Get Money (Forbes 357 Megamastermix)”

“Why he do it? Why you do it that to ya self… I don’t even know why you did that to yourself man. When you was doin’ that verse, you should have been doin’ your job, B. See?”—LL Cool J, on Bloktv (whatever that is).

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  • Fire aka LOL Silencer

    Glad to see the site back up. LL Cool J needs to shut his mouth. Neither he or Jay Z is the GOAT, but Jay is closer. If LL can’t make music anymore (can’t knock his old shit at all) and wants to align himself with 50, that’s his choice, but don’t get mad at Jay.

  • http://xxlmag.com King B

    Jay won. 2nd


    One of the main elements of Hip Hop is competition, good thing LL and Jay will definitely restrict this “beef” to wax. Should make for some great listens.


    What in the hell is going on?

  • Supreme Neck Protector

    My view is that both Jay and LL have become frustratingly complacent over the years. Jay-Z has done a rotten job promoting Def Jam’s roster of talent; in LL’s case I don’t give a shit, but Redman and Ghostface and Budden deserve better. That said, Jay-Z at his laziest and least inspired isn’t much worse than LL’s been for ten years or so. Even on the songs everyone’s loved, like “4, 3, 2, 1″, I feel like L has been a wash. So as entertaining as it may prove to be to watch these two larger-than-life personalities attacking one another (I’d much rather Jay go after LL than Lil’ Wayne, for the craven reason that I like Lil’ Wayne too much to want to see him get obliterated), I don’t expect much good music to emerge from it.

    That said, I am obliged to express elation at any mention of the name “Sauce Money”. That guy’s verse on Reasonable Doubt = one of the best verses EVER.

  • Hate is a sickness get well soon

    The battle is on, Can’t wait although I don’t think niether one of them have been making anything worth listening to lately

    btw YN you slipping at lease allshitstop as you put it keep renews there domain name on time

  • http://xxlmag.com houston’s finest

    2 washed up rappers going at it? ***yawn****

  • Kev Clark

    If anything — the hilarity with the subtle jabs and subliminal disses make it an entertaining thing to watch.

  • steve

    the 2 of them going head to head just seems so weird. its like jay on a track with usher.

  • http://icarebear.be Adilet

    Really funny this hole thing with 50 & Kanye & Jay & now LL jumped on it.
    I mean LL is maybe a battle legend and had sick albums , but Jay aint nothing to him. I can go back to 96 when LL allready rocked the stage for about 8 years and Jay was an OUTSIDER cause Pac totally destroyed Jay in every song he mentioned his name. And I remember Jay always trying to be nice with Pac.
    That Gay-Z isnt greatest and wasnt EVER , he also lost to Nas , SO WTF is he talking about?
    G0 LL

  • G2

    I was wonderin’ who Jay’s verse was directed at. For anyone who thinks this battle might be hot, check out Kool Moe Dee’s book “There’s a God on the Mic:50 Great MCs”. LL has never, and will never win a battle. The closest he came was against Canibus, and I don’t think Nas can write his rhymes this time, since Nas is on Def Jam.

  • Jace from Roch

    Hov wins even if he loses!

    Even with one of the hottest songs of that year, the J-Lo joint (that got tons of burn on tv and radion), no one checked for the duets album by LL.

    Now Hov has an album coming out designed around the area when Uncle L was battling. So he drops a classic 80′s diss and sells records. LL responds and maybe sells 10 more records than he did last time around and the President of Def Jam gets the W for increasing sales.

    I am a big LL fan, but come on, what do you want for promotion? Put in some leg work. Promote yourself. Take notes from 50, Kanye and Jay, they put themselves on everything.

    PS-Ll Cool J had better edit those songs I’m hearing, I don’t want to hear him start using the n word and swearing again after he has publicly stated that he would no longer do that a few albums back.

  • al-mighty

    As far as todays hip hop climate goes nobody cares about ll or hov, but if your grown and into lyrics and not the latest dances this should be good, LL,s been in the game for 20 years he should no how to market himself. All he is and all hell ever be is an artist after 20yrs in the game he should be the record deal not looking for a deal, or someone to promote his product, but I believe hov is more than a match to show him the truth I PICK HOV 2ND ROUND KNOCKOUT

  • 911

    Wonders if i get props…

  • Rizzop

    This is why they gott use al this ridiculous gimmicks to sell records! This man has done more and had more longevity than any rapper today, but yet hes washed up? Just because he might not make a song you like, you still gotta give dude his respect. Alot of fake rapping ass blogging niggas cant even get out a single, but this nigga done CARRIED record labels on his back for years and of course he should be pissed when ghe gets treated like he aint the reason niggas is rappin about fly shit and fucking hoes….know where ya’ll got ya style from no respect having homos. Jay-z aint even last one decade on top while this dude has done it in three different DECADES of hip hop music. At that he has never lost a battle! Shit he is one of the niggas that made that shit hot in the first place

  • hayta

    LOL at all old rappers who get mad that Jay-Z became what they never were.

  • accurate

    I luv old skool hip hop, but these niggas need to stop complaining and just RETIRE ALL FUCCEN READY.

  • Cuban Link

    U didnt drop the part where Jiggaboo called LL “old” which was hilarious being how close they are in age.

  • Simpson,O.James

    Seriously,at this point it seems the only incentive either of these two have to get out of bed(well,for Jay,his hammock)is having their respective integrity questioned.Which brings me to my point.One glaring reason why the level of rapping is pathetic low is that there aren’t more EMCEES going at it.When there isn’t any reason to build your skills ,you will inevitably end up with a glut of Solja boys and girls………..

  • fg

    its obvious that ll cooj is just looking for an excuse to start a beef with jay.he has been talking slick about jay and jay has said nuthing.that billy goat line had nuthing to do with ll and jay already said so.by saying he the goast next stop is the billy he meant he the goat next stop is the billy as in a billy goat(the head goat) the double meaning being he the greatest already now he wants to be a billioniare.
    that line had nuthing to do with ll and jay already said so.but ll is with g unit now and so he is tryna harden his image and like all gunit artists beef is what is needed for them to even sell any records.so once again another gunits artists tries to use the beef formular.everyone is forcing this non existent beef and u media types (xxl funk flex) are the ones instigating.when some one gets hurt behind all this it will be on ur head.

    JAY WAS NOT AND HAS NEVER DISSED LL COO Jll cool j is forcing a non existent beef to sell records and get his name out there.the only time ppl talk about ll cooj these days is when he throwing shots at jigga.

  • http://xxlmag.c Kenny- A. (513)

    Man,who in the hell cares? If you millionaires cann’t get alone; what us poor people suppose to do , kill each other?
    The same goes for 50 & Cam! Cats be acting like hoes; thats why they be getting robbed, ask Yung Joc.

  • TheOne

    Am I the only one that thinks Jay is hilarious? I mean he said “We goofies and doofies over here” and then earlier said LL gets a “couple of passes” because he’s a legend or whatever. Classic shit.

  • http://learnnewthingsll.info/ Mary Horsely

    Superb short article, well crafted I must say.

  • http://nicedutiesrss.info/ Karmen Bradfute

    This is really one of the better reports with people who We have please read on this specific theme recently. Superb operate.