The concept of being on the DL tends to be associated with the black men, but if you notice, several of the most prominent recent examples of this phenomenon have been cracka-ass crackas.

The latest such incident, and arguably the most hilarious to date, involves Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, who got busted trying to give an undercover cop a knob shine in a men's room at the airport in Minneapolis. It's been all over the news for the past week or so, but one thing I've noticed is that I've hardly seen any pundits try to connect this to some larger trend of cracka-ass crackas pretending to be straight but then sneaking off to fuck one another in the ass in the night.

To be sure, I've heard some pundits speak on the hypocrisy of one of these family values types voting in favor of legislation that only serves to drive fruits even futher in the closet, knowing good and well that he's secretly a fruit himself, but even that struck me as more of a matter of condemning one individual in particular rather than throwing an entire community under the bus. Larry Craig cruises airport men's rooms because he's a conservative christian, not because he's white.

To use an example, because I can't think of any other black male Senators off the top of my head, one can only imagine the outrage if Barack Obama got caught flashing his junk at an undercover, perhaps in hopes of quick boink before he's off to lose yet another debate. Not only would Obama face criticism for being a fruit and (worse) a perv, but you know people would be like, "Yeah that's because he's black, and that's how those jigs operate." As KRS-One would say, why is that?

Obviously the main reason is that Oprah Winfrey said it is. Year's ago she had that fruit who wrote the book on being on the DL on her show and the stigma has remained to this day, even though I've never seen much in the way of convincing evidence that this phenomenon is any more prevalent in the black community than it is in the white community. Probably the best thing they've come up with is the rate of AIDS in the black community, and especially among black women.

But even that is more proof of the ridonkulous level of man-sharing in the black community than it is anything else. Think about it: if all of these black chicks are getting AIDS, and not nearly as many men are getting it, what does that tell you? Obviously there's a small handful of guys spreading this shit all over as if it was peanut butter. They might be secretly gay or they might not be, but I'm not sure that the rate of AIDS itself can prove that one way or the other.

And what's the real issue here anyway, the fact that so many black women are catching AIDS, or whether or not they're getting it from teh ghey guys? After all, AIDS is still AIDS regardless of whether you got it from a guy who's straight as an arrow or a guy who lives to take it up the coat. The bottom line is that if these women could keep a man, this wouldn't be an issue one way or the other.

Like I said, it's hard to know for sure one way or the other, but my guess is that black men aren't any more likely to be on the DL than white men. We can see this is true, at least anecdotally, just based on several recent prominent examples. And you have to assume that the reason why this is associated more with black men is because angry beeyotches like Oprah live to place the blame for their own personal failings on black men.