Country Grammar

Hip-hop wins. The white man loses—again. Here’s a 1-2 musical salute to Kenny Chesney. As G Rap said, “You Lose.”

That’s right, these ancient prehistoric joints are unlisted, Noz-style. Shit, if you can name these tunes, I’ll send you a box set of Scratch magazine. Not that you broke muthafuckin’, no support-havin’ geeks deserve it.

P.S. The man who broke the news of the 9/11 showdown in the first place and the RS cover, will be dropping another bombshell around 8-ish. So y’all come back now, you hear. That’s right, your nigga Yellow’s back, your nigga Yellow’s back.

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  • Iliana Chacon

    Is this 2Pac and Biggie?

  • calibud

    Let the real showdown begin. 50′s bout to act a fool. Should be some great reads and vids from 50 poppin up in the near future. Oh yeah, fuck first, that shit is for niggas that aint got shit to say.

  • KFrizzle

    Yeah tell Doug Morris and Jimmy Iovine that the white man lost dumb fuck.

  • LowEndofDaChi


    Yeah, we all know who the real winners are…


    I can tell that Fishy Scent isn’t happy about losing to Mr. Satin Pants West, I bet yall a Bazillion Dollars that Fishy Scent is gonna drop a Diss Record talkin about Kanye,Jay, and all this crazyness!!! I also think Cam’Ron is gonna return to Music on 106th & Park and be on TV looking Prettier than Rocsi, while Terrance J got that same lil goofy look on his Face !!!!!!!!!! Killa Cam is Coming!!!!!!!!!

  • AZ40

    It’s funny the country man came in 3rd. I heard 50 sold 2mil worldwide, so he still winning in the overall category

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  • Around and Around

    That second song sounds straight out of Beverly Hills Cop.

  • daesonesb

    Sounds like an 80′s version of cowboy troy.

    This shit is hilarious.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Space Cowboy by the Jonzun Crew is the 2nd track. Can’t name the first…….Damn!!

  • Cuban Link

    I swear Ive heard that first track somewhere, but where?

    i dont think 50 will be that pissed, I mean he outsold what Billboard predicted which is a good look, and he did some damage world wide.

  • Ashim

    Wow. This must be what you played in your dorm in college.

    You are oollldd (thats ‘old’ with extra letter for exaggerated effect).

  • hannah smith

    that’s the only two you could come up with? take a minute out from looking at topless rappers and step back to the vaults, young elliot.

  • Mannywallace

    How serious is YN about the Scratch box set? Let’s see.

    1. Disco Four–”Country Rock And Rap”
    2. The Jonzun Crew–”Space Cowboy”

  • Accurate

    Lmfao. And the true colour(s) of the hip hop fan(s)is/are shown.

  • Casper

    He probably googled the lyrics

  • MannyWallace

    I was wondering if I’m ever going to get this, or were those wolf tickets I purchased.