An Open Letter To B.E.T. …

True story is that I got called out on the street this weekend by one of my peeps at Whack Entertainment Television. She was telling me how some folks at B.E.T. were feeling a kind of way about one of my recent drops and there might be some bad blood at the next Rap The Runway event or the Rap Awards or the 106 and Park Block Party, or some shit whatever. Damn, B.E.T., I was just playing. I fucks with y’all niggers. I mean, 106 and Park is the perfect show for Black latchkey fourteen year olds and people in their twenties and thirties that still live in the same bedroom they had since they were five years old.

I haven’t watched 106 and Park ever in my life but I see the kids coming home from the tapings with their colored wristbands on. I understand that its progressive and forward thinking like Teen Summit was. It’s obvious that some of the kids’ lives have been changed by the experience of sitting in the audience. So I suppose you are doing a good thing by inspiring these kids to read more and broaden their horizons and become socially aware or whatever it is you do on that program. I give you credit as a network for even approaching me and attempting to clarify my position on your programming.

The Hip-Hop fags over at MTV were too much of shook ones to even return my e-mails. That’s what I expected from that camp anyhoo. Those are the types of fags that jump on the trendy bandwagons and get off just as quick. These are the same dudes that will praise NWA and Salt-N-Pepa within the same breath. It’s not really their faults either because MTV selected those da-dunn-da-dunts especially because they had the flimsy posture. If you niggers can take good orders and do the Aunt Jackie or the Crank Dat then you should get your resume to MTV asap. They will give you a top hat and a pair of white gloves when you start.

I wonder if VH-1 is as fucked the fuck up as its sister networks, and I don’t mean sister in the ‘sista’ sense either. When VH-1 was under the radar they were the spot to fuck with. Now all of a sudden that they have developed the best programming I’m sure the T.I.’s will install one of their grandkids to fuck that shit up. It’s inevitable. At least I’ve got my gig here at XXL Mag dot com. Maybe when TV One steps their game up I can apply for a job over there. Man, I sure miss the WB. Them T.I.’s was quick to give a nigga a T.V. show.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, BET. Whatever happened to Donnie Simpson? That chick from Teen Summit was mean! She ended up marrying that hump Charles Smith. That fool was ten feet tall and he couldn’t even dunk the basketball.

What were we talking about again

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  • Belize



    haha great drop brah.

  • Fire

    The things you said about BET, MTV, and VH1, were all truth. Good post.


    Dog, you didn’t know that BET was a Minstrel Show? Duh! Have your seen the day to day programming on that Network, man they’re trying to set African-Americans back into “Darkness” like 50 years alone with “106th & Park” and it’s open endorsement of Stereotypical Niggerisms being put on full display throughout the whole wide youth of the African-American Community. MTV is your typical Mainstream American view on popular culture(which is not a culture that is even remotely familiar with most Anglo-Saxons), but, it is a horrid attempt by the good people who during the early 90′s overdosed on Espestos and Kurt Cobain records to try to absorb Hip-Hop into it’s matrix to seem “Hip”. Nullus at the former Slave owner’s descendants who own all three dysfunctional networks:BET,MTV and VH1 at their attempt to try and coordinate efforts of mass media to tell a group of peoples in whom they more than most likely had ancestors who had their ancestors picking Cotton for them while getting 30 lashes from a coat of cat-tail whip, try to be apart of the “In” Crowd. I am not offended strictly because my ancestors weren’t “Slaves”, but, my ancestors were Free Creoles Of Colour who “owned” Negroids as “Slaved” just like the good mates over at VH1.

  • jg420

    I have to agree with chicago papii, again. Dude always makes some good straight foward points, but MTV and especially BET want content where the artist goes up there and bo jangles it up. It sucks to see nothing but mostly garbage music videos and garbage programing from BET. They always have that cousin jeff dude on talking about being progressive and then they show a I Get Money video. What is that shit about? And Mtv only caters to suburban kids with non stop reality shows, and the only videos are on TRL which caters to suburban kids. Both channels have fallen off quick and it’s ashame.

  • Stuart Hallick

    Truth really does hurt sometimes lol.

  • Stuart Hallick

    Truth really does hurt sometimes, especially to a major publication.

  • sleep

    Bet fucking sucks only thing I missed about bet was jerking off to big lez big ass tittes when I was 12 year old. Eventhough all my friends use to front about getting it back then i said I neva did. I did rub on out to cita that annimated host one time they made that chick sexy. How could u say mtv jumps on trendybandwaggon. Last time I check BET did anything that mtv did fake real world, mtv gets trl bet gets 106 and park and lied about it being live.any reality show MTV had bet had a ghetto version looking like it was taped with a camcorder on sale @ best buy. Fuck BET and MTV I watch youtube that way I don’t have to watch 20 whack videos until the one I like come on.

  • Omar

    Oh shit, you were on point for once! Respect due.

  • enigmatik

    i love BET, it’s where i get all my essential vitamins and nutrients.

  • LOL


  • Billy X. Sunday

    I’m embarrassed for you that you are such a shameless dickrider. Oh well, I suppose it’s part of the master plan anyway. Michael Jordan had Craig Ehlo and I have you to pwn at will.

  • DC’s Finest

    Mtv would b the shit if dey brought “yo mtv raps” back, dat way we can c if dese new lame dudes can even spit a hot 16. Rap city is da only thing I watch on BET, but i use to c Uncut when i get home from da club…

  • LOL



  • geico lizard

    the only changes BET ever made was getting rid of most of the booty in videos and getting rid of BET uncut and they only did that because debra lee gets jealous of seeing young pretty black women because she is old,dry and busted looking now

  • May

    in my house, watching BET has always been vehemently discouraged…i’m still a young’n, 18 y.o. so i gotta do what dad says, but anyway, that’s not the point…i could see why BET is not allowed in my house, as it offers me nothing except seven hrs of music vids and mindless reality tv shows…MTV & VH1 do the same sh*t too…

    actually, i don’t watch anything on VH1, except for when it shows the “30 Years of Hip Hop and You Don’t Stop” specials…and that’s it.

    [Television, as a whole, is wack to me. Ain't nothing to watch, except Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.]

  • May

    when BET announced that it was gonna get rid of uncut, i was like, “damn! my boys are gonna be tight as hell!”…i myself have never watched an episode…why would i be up at three in the morning watching b*tches shakin’ their asses in a camera? at three in the morning, i’m knocked out asleep!

    also…did anyone here find it funny that BET would have “the morning inspiration” program right after “uncut”? you gotta repent for the debauchery you’ve witnessed an hour ago, lol

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Did BET go into that gospel programming RIGHT after Uncut? That’s just raggedy. That’s why BET loses and subsequently we are all that much poorer.

  • Cuban Link

    BET has sucked since they got bought out.106 and Park is iight just cuz of my girl Rocsi.And the reruns of the good shows like The Wayan Bros and the Wire.And American Gangster.

  • BklynBandette

    May Says:

    September 30th, 2007 at 1:46 pm

    also…did anyone here find it funny that BET would have “the morning inspiration” program right after “uncut”? you gotta repent for the debauchery you’ve witnessed an hour ago, lol

    You Funny As Hell Girl! lol. But I’m Hollering ‘Cause I Hear Ya!


    Your a Bitch, can u stand behind what u said the first time and not backtrack because BET confronted you. UR like that 1 dude who interviewed 50 changing your views because sum1 with higher power sonned you.

  • DARK

    notice how billy completly avoids wut i say cause he aint got nothin to say shows how much of a punk he is.

  • boner jams 03

    someone give dark some attention….or a pacifier and some pull-ups








  • The Spaniard

    Charles Smith was one of those guys who would have 20 and 10 and still be a non factor in the game…Sharef Abdul Raheim(?) took over for him in the early part of this century.

  • Fire

    What does being white have to do with music taste? I’m 18 and white and I think old school rap is far better than today’s “music” (1988-1996 was hands down the best period for rap), and a lot of people (though definitely not all) people in my age group like a bunch of bullshit music, regardless of what race they are. It’s not cool that they don’t know pioneers from all forms of music, but that’s the way it is, and some ignoramuses don’t even care. It’s sad to see what some mainstream media decides to broadcast as hip hop, so fuck them. BET and MTV are pretty much worthless anyway.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Eff you nigger. Read what I said to BET in the drop titled ‘The BET Awards… Who The Fuck Cares’. I ain’t never changed my tone. VH-1 >> BET. Period. Point blank.

    I banned you from my threads previously but I didn’t stick to it because I was using you for your race-baiting comments.

    Now I am going to delete your comments on site just to enjoy seeing you comment here and complain like a beeyotch that I am deleting your shit.

    Also Dr.Flav and LOL will get on their knees and beg for you to be re-instated. Internets homothug lovin’. Where’s Ja Rule?


    This is getting real “The View”-like in this Blog shit with the way Africoids catch emotions and feelings when certain other Africoids diss em, isn’t this suppose to be a environment were you can try to spew random “Niggerisms” without complaint? Why is Billy X. Bundy and McDarkie trying to further incorporate such disdain for healthy competition? Whats with the kid that sounds like Fez off of “That 70′s Show” going to bat for McDarkie anyways? Whats with Africoids addressing other Africoids like their Anglo-Saxons? Eff you Nigger, oh how absurd!!! I prefer to term a Africoid who acts BeeYotchish a “Nigger-Bitch”, but, like most Light-Skinned peoples I am just Racist like that. Unless it’s a Anglo-Saxon who has “Eminem-Syndrome” then I just call him a “Wigger-Bitch”. Yeah I am right I am kinda Archie Bunker-like with my opinions. Cheers, cunts.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    you have never submitted a comment to this forum that was worth an intelligent response from me.

    you lose, now please kill yourself.

  • smog

    vh1-white rapper show
    mtv-celeb rap show

  • Carlito

    “Wheres Ja Rule” LOL

  • Rich Arte

    MET-Mixed Entertainment Television

  • Benjamins

    I agree with Fire what does race have to do with any of it im 24 and white and all my friends are black. Most of them listen to todays pop lock n drop it gay ass music, when i still listen to Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Life After Death, Blueprint. I do listen to some of todays music but it cant be taken serious. Billy X as far as this blog i totally agree with everything, part of the reason of why todays music sucks so bad is because of these networks. My opinion its just ignornat shows and music videos put out to entertain what has become our ignorant world. For some reason being stupid is a good thing now, and everything is endorsing it.



  • Marvelous Mo

    As long as VH1, MTV, and BET has the carrot in front of jackass blacks & young folks, the shuckin’ and jivin’ will continue without a major debate of imagery and content that we impress on the world. Chicken noodle soup’n on nat’l television, beatin’ your meat to BET Uncut then bumping into”The Morning Inspiration” show, Watchin Tila Tequila mouth fuck men and women on nat’l television, watching Flavor Flav get ass from bitches half you in this comment section couldn’t bag > empowering the youth to make something of themselves & putting ethnic people in a positive light.

  • nIyi

    BET is simply a disgrace. Its officially the worst TV station in the world. Damn, I dont like country but I’d rather watch CMT

  • These Bloggers Are Gays

    BXS Said “PWN”

    He also threatened to ban someone who didnt share his opinion, WOW, BIG SUPRISE!!! Just shows his feminine wayz. Anyone who reads this guy on the regular can see how bitchmade this dude really acts. Its rediculous. Censoring the comments n shit.. *SMH*


  • Ryan

    Itttttttttttttttttt’s peanut butter n jelly time peanut butter n jelly time!!!!

  • Dr Flav

    What I look like beggin your flabby Big Mac inhaling ass for? I only say if you gonna play the game of talkin shit, play it fair, dont get mad and play Boss Hogg, banning and deleting folk because the turds they slingin start stickin to your forehead and your aim is pussy. Why you frontin like you got hit up by Bob or Debra, when you catchin words from interns and mailroom clerks? VH1 marketed niggacentric programming, because they were falling the fuck off, once upon a time, the blackest they ever got was Lionel Richie videos. BET was and is the largest and most wide distribution outlet for black music videos of all types. The Surreal Life? My Fair Brady? Charm School? Fat boy please, you need to turn the computer and tv off, grab some celery and run up and down your buildings pissy ass stairs and drop them lbs before you get “The Sugar” or a stroke.

  • RBMC

    BET( Black Enslaved Television) The Mobern Day Minstral Show.

  • Dr Flav

    Also, like I previously remarked in the last BET bashing blog, which you conveniently wrote after hearing the BET award nominees, if you look to a tv channel solely to give you an identity or guidance, then you are a loser. Entertainment is part of the acronym for the channel’s title. If you are not entertained, then turn the channel and shut the fuck up, because you will be the same asses, complainin there are no blacks on tv if they take it off. BTW, it was UPN not WB with the black programming and suckas was cryin about that.

  • these posts are racist

    Dr. Flav in rare form today.

    “first off, fuck your bitch and the click you claim…”

  • these posts are racist


    Your attack on commentors is bad man. Keep your forum as a market place of ideas. It appears you delete comments that disagree with you, and now you’re acting very immature man.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    “What I look like begging your flabby Big Mac inhaling ass for?”

    That’s GHETTO Big Mac to you faggot.

    As far as being happy with the crumbs that BET brings to the table… No, fuck them until they get their shit right. I don’t have to settle for shit especially when niggers use the word Black in their corporate brand as if they represent for the Black. Dr. Flav you are part of the negro apologists that blame the criminal justice system and white people for the high levels of Blacks incarcerated in U.S. prisons instead of turning the focus around to the people that mistreat their own communities with their duplicitous acts and words.

    Only a sucker would say that I delete all the comments that disagree with me. I delete the comments that don’t add to the threads value.

    That being established I actually like the comments that don’t agree with me as well because I get to go in and personally discuss things with those commenters.

    Now if during my discussion with that commenter I see that lies and misquotes are being submitted then that commenter has invalidated his comments by virtue of those acts.

    The discussion can contain profanity and insults but it must be centered with the truth.

    I haven’t deleted anyone’s comments that didn’t deserve it and subsequently it makes the people that contribute to the threads sharper.

    Rarely do people come here to type first so I will continue to smack my bitches up until the boss tells me it’s time to switch my pitch up.

    Ya’ dig?!


    Okay with that being said, is it me or is Africoids getting real Philip Michael Thomas-like with the Internet Beef brewing over differences of apparent “Coonism” in popular television. With that being saying I believe I feel as if we need a common mediator that could hear the views of both parties on the subject within the restraint of the site inwhich would make for a conclusion that would be vital and empowering to the overall progress of the situation. Food for Thought, now kiddies you do the Dishes.

  • these posts are racist

    No doubt Billy. In fact, I enjoy many of our conversations. In my opinion, you have deleted comments in the past that you shouldn’t have. You really push it when “you” try to be the judge on what’s “truthfu” and “truthful or relevant” to the post.

    It has honestly stifled by ability to post on your threads honestly – and straightforward. Whether you care, is another story.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    If being truthful stifles your abilities then you have to work on that. All I care about is the discourse. The drop I write initiates it, and frames it. I hope that the readers follow the theme accordingly.

    The other reason I have decided to delete Dark’s blank ass from my threads is that he just doesn’t bring the forum anything new. Dark and LOL are equal as commenters so now that I have reinstated LOL as per Dr.Flav’s whimpering I don’t need the redundancy.

    At least Around is clearly your parrot. Maybe if Dark would take a month off from my threads it might help his online persona.

  • These Bloggers Are Gays

    How come yall wont post my comments?


  • these posts are racist


    On the real, why do you have to have such a disrespectufl tone? I mean, don’t you agree that we have had some very good conversations, especially recently?

    It’s your blog homey, do as you wish, but my two cents is, let the ideas flow and the market place will take care of the bad ones and give props to the good ones.

  • these posts are racist

    “If being truthful stifles your abilities then you have to work on that.”

    Do you think you have the ability to determine when someone is being “truthful”? That’s the point of discourse. People interpret, see things, read and hear things differently. Your dogmatic approach to this is so misguided – and what leads to close mindedness. People should be allowed to debate and therefore disagree on what “truth” is.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    1 + 1 = 2, and that is the truth. I don’t debate the truth.

    Calling the sky blue as opposed to cyan is a point to debate.

  • Dr Flav

    First, Chi Papi, what the hell you talkin about? You can call yourself a Creole or whatever you still a negro, no matter how much white blood you have, that is just a fancy way of saying mutt. Bragging about slavemaster lineage, nigga please. Billie Smalls, who are you to define the totality of black population and behavior, obviously there are people who fit in depiction of those portrayed on the channel even if at times they may be over characterized. If it was all false, someone MUCH more powerful than you would have addressed it long ago.

  • Dr Flav

    Yes I do place blame on the white power establishment for black society’s ills. The over policing of our neighborhoods, which leads to the disproportionate number of blacks vs whites in jail, via a lopsided judicial system. The use of background checks as a means to bypass equal opportunity in employment, the subpar educational opportunity in comparison to whites and a list of other things. Yes black is a corporate marketing tool, we are some of the largest consumers, do you trip when some of these white, asian or other companies use red, black and green and titles like African Heritage on cosmetics and clothing? Surely you dont think that blacks became the most wealthy off doo rags, hair weave, beads and medallions in the late 80s, 90s and the present? Lo and behold there you go putting folk on “charges and punishment.” Oh what a pathetic life to live in Willie Sunday’s micro-utopia, where he is accepted by the Grand Wizard as a smart darkie and celebritys (yes Lil Wayne) and potentates care about you.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    You have to be from below the Mason Dixon line because you are a gotdamn drama queen two dollar preacher.

    Of course, supremacy is in effect for the Black race, and of course that supremacy is tacitly supported by whites. If everything were equal do you think whites would be able to compete with the strength of Blacks? The smarts of the Chinks? Or the ability to tan and reproduce like the Mexicans?!? Hell NO!!!

    With that understanding the Black community STILL commits the most murders and violent crimes per capita ON EACH OTHER! I’m not talking about some made up shit. I’m talking about Black men kicking other Black men’s asses and Black women’s asses for good measure.

    This is the truth that Blacks like yourself are too cowardly to confront. That can’t be blamed on the white. Not if you want to be taken seriously.

  • Tray

    “If everything were equal do you think whites would be able to compete with the strenght of Blacks?”

    I mean, besides that what you’re saying is somewhat racist against your own race, life isn’t a weightlifting contest. It doesn’t really matter how strong your race is, unless you’re looking to get a spot on a football team or blue-collar construction jobs or jobs dumping really heavy amounts of trash into trash trucks, and blacks have WAY more than their fair share of those, so what are you complaining about? As for Asian people, who says we can compete with them? I go to Duke and almost a third of the school is Asian. That’s way more than their share of the population, and they get all the scientific jobs and spots in med schools. There’s no real racial supremacy in America.

  • Dr Flav

    Yes I rep the dirty, but I hail from Cleveland Oh. You call me a drama queen and you pitch more bitch than a puppy mill. Im not going to touch that Jimmy The Greekesque chart of ethnic stereotypes other than to say that its a weak argument of in/equality. Im out here in this shit homie, there is a reason why these things exist in our community and thats what you are too cowardly to address for fear of alienating your whitebread fan base who revel in glee as you troll on about the negative of our race, dont think that while you laugh together sayin jigaboo, coon, ect., that they view you as equal you just a token mouthpiece. AND THE CHURCH SAY AMEN!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    When I talk about strength it has nothing to do with the benign definition of brute strength. I’m talking about the ability to sit handcuffed in your feces, piss, vomit and blood for four months to come to a place that you never saw and live under the threat of legal terrorism daily. Not just in 1607 but even in 2007 (see Jena, LA).

    Ultimately Tray, it’s a Black thing, so you wouldn’t understand.

    I don’t seek acceptance from so-called white nor Black. Truth is that I trust no one. White exists to destroy the planet because that is the curse of GOD, while the Blacks are mostly cut from the same cloth as the Africans that double crossed my hebrew ancestors.

    My whitebread fanbase? The people that fucks with me, that really fucks with me, is the minority of people that live their lives outside of the auspice of color and race. They don’t let that shit guide them or their actions. It’s hard to live that futuristically. It ain’t your fault tho’ because I can’t see how a nigga in Cleveland could that clearly. Maybe Cincinnati tho’ since them folks are more hardbody, or maybe Dayton, but definitely not Cleveland.

    Plus the Indians suck.

  • Tray

    In Jena they sat handcuffed in their feces for four months to come to a place they never saw? It really isn’t as awful as people have made it out to be. A few guys beat up a kid, he sustained semi-severe injuries, and they got hit with a charge that, yeah, was excessive. But hitting them with assault would be totally appropriate. I don’t know where people got the idea that, if someone says something derogatory to you or if you happen to live in a town where someone happened to hang some rope on a tree, you’re then allowed to run around beating up any white guy you might come across. Shit, you’re not even justified in the eyes of the law if you find the very person who hung the noose and beat him up. Nor do I buy the, oh, it happened in a school so the courts can’t or shouldn’t touch it argument. No, the law doesn’t say that.

    In any event, BET’s really shitty coverage of hip-hop isn’t so much a racial problem, it’s just indicative of the fact that mass media coverage of pop culture isn’t too uplifting or intelligent in general. I don’t see MTV instilling great values in the white girls who watch TRL.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    For little white girls there’s all kinds of programming to counteract TRL though, from Kim Possible to Suze Orman to Alias to Heroes or wherever you see white folks being empowered.

    It’s not plausible for me to explain the so-called Black man’s experience here in America to you. To understand it, and truly accept it you will have to admit your guilt in the perpetuation of supremacy.

    You aren’t ready for that as evidenced by your knowledge of the Jena case.

    “sustained semi-severe”? WTF!?! Did you just buy yourself a Marshall Mathers alliteration kit? Please don’t start rapping. We have enough wack Black rappers already that we surely don’t need another wack white hope.

  • Content

    >The drop I write initiates it, and frames it.

    by frames it you must mean it sets your post up for prosecution right?

  • these posts are racist

    >>>I don’t seek acceptance from so-called white nor Black. Truth is that I trust no one. White exists to destroy the planet because that is the curse of GOD, while the Blacks are mostly cut from the same cloth as the Africans that double crossed my hebrew ancestors.”

    That is the most ridiculous thing you have ever said. Your statement about whites and God cursing them? Hu? What? Really? Then you say you don’t “The people that fucks with me, …is the minority of people that live their lives outside of the auspice of color and race.”

    Wow. And your statments about Africans betraying Hebrews? And that somehow effecting how you feel about blacks?

    What are you talking about?

  • Who dat ?

    Bringing this back to the subject at hand, BET (?),my only beef with that channel is its name. They should change the name. Call it Urban Television or something. I refuse to have such low quality work to be associated with my race, black folk. The channel only perpetuates the stereo type of an incompetent race. What a shame.

    Yo Billy!! After you make your post, step back and let it pop off. You just can’t be getting all involved in your post like this, steering the subject away from what you were talking about. Was it BET?

  • these posts are racist


    All this talk about “Supramcy”, then you use the word “Fag” constantly and give some theory about whites being divinely cursed and blacks having a legacy of betrayl or something.

  • These Bloggers Are Gays

    Why would Viacom want a buncha educated self empowered jiggs runnin around realizing that they can buy shit that appreciates in value like land instead of a new range with 26s and tvs in it? Clearly everything is the Blacks fault anyway, I mean all of those poor white children having their family values destroyed by your evil rap music?!?!
    There is a Black-ish Man running for president, you didnt think there would be any backlash from that? Of course, hence BETs new programming line up.

    Whitey is on the ropes and swingin hard forreal!


  • Dr Flav

    Who Dat, the fact Billy is, Lord forgive me for saying, HARDBODY enough to come on and debate us, keeps me coming back to the site. Tray, the crux of the issue of Jena is the inequality of judicial treatment, obviously towards race. TPAR just made me literally LOL @ your 9:27 am comment. Billy I had to ponder your reply for a second. I actually understand your general mistrust, I find that a survival tool, personally useful to me as a black man and I tend to treat EVERYONE equally from first introduction. Racism is generally blatant here in TN., however I find its somewhat concealed up north.

  • Dr Flav

    Now as for the issue of BET, the E does not stand for education, although by some circumstance Cousin Jeff might drop a gem on you. The E does not stand for enlightenment, although being able to see successful people of color is quite motivating to me. Take the E for what its worth because if blacks only viewed the channel this would be a “who cares” issue. Be concerned about how you present yourself within your race, stop worrying about what others do or perceive regarding their lives. I promise you, you’ll be happier.