Washed Up With Vitamin Water…

I got up with the iNternets Celebrity Combat Jack this past weekend and along with a few industry insiders we all politicked on the upcoming album releases from Fisty Scent and KanGaye West. We were clearly split down the middle between anointing ‘Ye Tudda the new king of the rap game and giving Fif back the crown which he has held since GRODT was released. We all agree that the music industry in 2003 was totally different from the game that gets played now. Although the one thing that remains the same is the need for change in the music that is presented to the masses.

In 2003 Fifty was that change. After Ja Rule had dominated the early 2000’s with a string of R & B hits disguised as rap songs it was time to return rap to the gutter. Well, kind of the gutter. Fifty Cent was the glorified gutter. The kind of shit that said, “I’m living in the projects, and I’m gonna sell crack to my next door neighbor, and I’m gonna buy a drop top Porsche and park it on the street.” And for most of us rap fans, this was a refreshing look when you compared it to the honey-dripping singing of a Black cookie monster and a bootleg BeYonce.

Right about the same time DipSet was coming with their greatest collective effort, the first ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ album. It was a pretty joyous time for me and I bumped GRODT as well as the Dips all the way through the summer. About four billion people were also bumping the shit out of GRODT as well. That shit was fucking inescapable, so why even try? I caught Fifty on tour here in New York City and in Detroit along with Eminem, D12, and Obie Trice. Fisty was monstrous juggernaut back then and he only got more beastly when he re-released ‘The Massacre’ along with his MTV book and biopic film. He had reached the solar system not just of rap music, but of American pop culture. Unfortunately, there is a ceiling and Fifty is pressed up against it.

With the sale of Glaceau’s Vitamin Water brand to Coca-Cola for however many billions it was and Fifty’s reported ownership in the brand he has one of the best retirement plans from the music industry. Fifty doesn’t even have to release this next album this year. He can simply repackage it for when his next film premieres. There’s no way to match the sales figures of even ‘The Massacre’ in a consumer climate that borders on charity. No one that reads this column is going to buy this album, no matter what your fingers type into the comments section. You are all too programmed now for receiving your music art for free. I can’t see you going to Circuit City or wherever and plunking down the $16 bucks that this album will cost.

If I were Fif I would just pull the release of my own album. He doesn’t have to sell another record anyhoo. The interest alone that $400million will accrue in a bank is enough along with the sale of the mansion in Connecticut, and the footwear and clothing lines. With Hollywood as his new game to crack open he doesn’t need the headaches of running around the planet in order to promote rap music that no one is buying regardless. Some of y’all will say, “Oh, Fisty loses to KanYe and Jay-Z”, but I say that Fifty is the one rapper that can actually afford to retire from rap music like it doesn’t even matter anymore.

Combat Jack thinks this shit still matters to Fifty. He bet me that Fif will outsell ‘Ye on September 11th. What do you think? Does Fisty retain the crown? Or does it go to ‘Ye Tudda?

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  • http://soynacho.blogpsot.com nacho

    I think their pulling back fifty’s album and that fifty will be better, because the international fame, because in other countries they buy music

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    no wonder ur such a fag billy goat fucker ur a dipshitset fan u probably be rockin pink n shit fuck hoe ass nigger.

  • lukee lefty

    honestly this is prolly the most contested album openings since Outkast versus Jigga back in 2000……..i believe that 50 will sell more the first week, but all 6 songs that i’ve heard off that Curtis album suck suck suck suck suck, the KanYe album will at least have dope production, IMO Late Registration is the best LP since GRODT….so hopefully this album will be good also…….the only rap shit i been listening too is Tapemaster’s Inc. American Gangster with Jay-z and Prodigy Return of the Mac, the rest of hiphop could eat a dick.

    P.S. im prolly the only dude in America that will say this but……i want another Jay-z album he has to fix what he did with KC it was dope, but i need something more powerful.

  • sk

    Hands down Kanye in a landslide if it’s just based on the music alone…cause u can just tell Kanye cares about what he puts out…he doesn’t even have 2 release another single that “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” alone is better than Fifty’s whole album

  • DevoG

    Even with a Chicago bias:
    Dope lyrics and production
    Sup-par lyrics and dope produc
    50 can rhyme, but Ye get’s better and better with the rewind factor er time.
    Prediction: Ye by 500,000+

  • kandonga

    50 will win on the sheer power fo his superstardom, i think the Ye album will b better though. Ill get both, i like both artists, and BTW LUKEE LEFTY, u right I also need another Jay-Z album, and yes KC was the shit (better than most if not all the albums last year) but jay can still raise the bar.

  • N.O. 4 life

    DARK you must not no a thing about rap to not like the diplomatic immunity CD it was a classic
    How you gonna crown kanye when kanye himself said wayne is the best out…and 50 only had that crown when the first CD came out… by the time massacre came out the streets had stop rockin with him….just the burbs

  • jburg

    You know you are right! I think he does outsell ye’ but you do have a point. Yes I am gonna get the cd though. Its cheaper if you get it on the first day! I think Kanye is a little overrated anyways, regardless I am a fan though. Ye’s singles aren’t that good this time around and it doesn’t seem he has the same buzz as before. If it wasn’t for Fifty continually talking about BOTH cds you would never know Ye was coming Sept. 11.

  • Patto

    can’t tell me nothing is trash. whats he spittin about “nah, you can’t tell me nothin”.

    i can tell you to stick to producing and stop being such a selfish muhfucka, keeping the best beats for yaself when Hova could be spittin over em. Kanye is nice, but this hype is just that, HYPE. remember Pharrell went down this track. and the same internet losers lost their shit over the Clipse, which was supposed to be sellin a lot, and it fucking bricked. Internet Hype, don’t buy into it.

  • John Brown

    Finally some Circuit City love. BTW, cd’s go around $9.99 + tax the first week at Circuit City. Either way like 50 said in a recent interview, “Kanye gets the trophies, I get the checks”. In other words, 50 will outsell Kanye but Kanye cd will have a better impact in the game.

  • http://xxlmagazine Cal

    Fif will outsell Kanye no doubt!! I think people wait I dont think its a fact people underestimate Fif its rediculous. I’m not one whos crazy with math and sales and shit but can people open their fuckin eyes and see what Fif is doing while we here bitchin. This dude is in Europe flyin around all over the place! Why? He’s securing his spot in winning this. People be like why he up in europe touring now? Dont tell me fif and noticed how jacked up the rap game is here so just incase shit hits the fan let me get the masses out there to solidify with me so even if Ye beats him here Asia, Europe and outer space got his back. Tactics homies TACTICS!!!!

  • BirdsFlySouth

    Don’t know who’s going to out sell who or even care for that matter. But I did pre-order The Graduation on I-Tunes.

  • http://bgdboom.blogspot.com Enigmatik

    In the rap game, Yeezy will win. From a business standpoint, 50 smashes e’eryone else out there.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-Credible

    you cant tell Ye nothing

  • havoc

    its $10 at target and it will probably be a special edition type with those fancy covers.

  • Incilin

    You write:
    “No one that reads this column is going to buy this album, no matter what your fingers type into the comments section. You are all too programmed now for receiving your music art for free.”

    ^^^ Damn Billy. I hate to say it. But your right. I’m guilty as charged. I aint buy no albums since I bought Late Resigistration (Although that day I also bought albums I had been downloaded; The Infamous, Liquid Swords, and The Marshall Mathers LP)

    I don’t know how much it matters to 50. Sometimes it seems like he just wants his props and to be recognized. But a lot of time it seems like all he wants to get is his money right and that’s all.

    I don’t know if 50 will win out, it’s hard to say these days. His singles aint been that successful, but then again his older records have sold way more than Kanye’s records. I can see a situation where Kayne wins and one where 50 wins. Either way, I expect 50 to flaut his worldwide sales much more than his US sales; he can sell much more overseas than he can at home.

  • Rockcity

    I truly dont care about who sells what cause that shit doesnt mean a damn thing when it comes to quality and impact, jus look at the T.I album. All i know is im gettin the Kanye Album, I have no desire to even look at 50′s album, he disqust me and I will be glad when his greedy evil destructive ass leaves the game for good, And who the hell still listens to his ass? I really wanna know?

  • insert name here…

    N.O. 4 life, who gives a shit about if the streets stop rockin him, aint like they gonna buy albums anyway. these are the same people that listen to the fucking shop boys or shit lke that, say what u want about 50, but you have to respect the man’s business smarts, something ‘ye aint got.

  • t

    Bol wannabe

  • Agee

    Right now Kanye is beating 50 cent on itunes. Preorders count on the top ten albums. Last I checked Kanye was number 3 and 50 number 9.

  • EReal

    Im not even gonna scroll thru the comments. I will say however that the comment by Dark needs to be deleted out of fariness to other posters who have been basicly banned from posting here for saying very much less vulgar things that what Dark said.

    In the end, You are correct he can retire. That just frees 50 up to branch out a bit and try new things with his music. Im with Combat Jack on this one, I do believe that this Rap ish and doin it big very much matters. He talks alot of shit, and needs to back it up. Keep in mind this sales thing means totals, not just first week. Hence why he was refering to Ye’s second week dropping off. Now heres my thing with Khangey Toodles. Noone is really talking about his two subpar singles that are out right now. His 2 singles, to me are on par with 50s and not much better in my opinon. Most people wont say that because they’re haters. Now you are wrong about one thing because I pre-ordered both albums and I do buy music, because I dont want it to die. Now if you break it down, 50 still has close to 3 – 4 million fans based on the strength of the GRODT Soundtrack sales. Not to mention his worldwide album sales. I wish he had just released “Before I Self Destruct” and not pushed that back to release Curtis. Kanye also has alot of fans, but in my honest opinon, he has pushed the envelope a little too far with the techno beats and the over sampling. Plus alot of Ye’s flow is lazy and his verses have me sleeping. Now theres a buzz building about a lil wayne / jay z track, which means limewire will be burnin up, lol, I mean theres excitement about that. 50s best tracks are never his singles, his raw gutter tracks on the album couldnt ever be released mainstream radio, that and the fact that he’s tapping the vein of fans of 2 of the highest selling artists out right now gives him a slight edge.
    IMO, in the end it dosent matter, but it should be close, they are pretty even as far as I can tell, plus alot of people are buying both.
    In the end, either the faggot ass pussyclot hoecake haters that pray and pray everyday for 50s downfall will finally be able to cream all over themselves and declare g-unit dead, and blah blah, oh wait they already do that.
    Well in the end, either the haters get their way, or we get a way to tell them to stfu already. I hope its the latter, Im just sick of talking about 50 cent.

    50 loves rap. Its true that he dosent have to do it anymore and I feel that. But we’re talking about a natural competitor, someone who pushes for the next level constantly. With talk of a new G-Unit album before he drops BISD, We’ll have to wait and see. But 50 kick back and not rap anymore? LOL. Yeah, that worked for Jay huh?

    1 hunned.

  • Rizzop

    The one thing kanye has going for him is that 50 put out way too many singles and everyone has already heard half of the album, so why buy the shit for 5 songs? At least you’re gonna hear something new/different from Kanye

  • dez

    50 cent 430,000
    kanye 250,000
    mark my word

  • JD3

    50 will win but on 9/11 im buying Graduation. no doubt

  • Fire

    50 will sell more because all the preteens and immature teenagers will buy his music earlier. He’s pandering to them on this record, and they are one of the biggest sets of disposable income. Kanye’s CD will probably be better, though, and have more impact. I’m a fan of both 50 and Kanye, and I probably won’t buy their third albums, even though I have all the 50 and Kanye stuff so far, because none of the songs sound good enough to buy.

  • whiteboy

    fuck that..50 sux. every song on his cd that i’ve heard so far is garbage. this shit is wack and completely uninspired in any way. ima burn 50s shit and go buy kanyes just so i can c that fucker tear more plasma screen tvs out of walls when he loses

  • these posts are racist

    50 cent will outsell Kanye West the first week of their releases as well as overall.

    This will be 50′s last album or last great selling album.


    Dez, you sound like a fuckin fool. I’ll mark your word as “foolish”…

    i hear you whiteboy…co-sign fire with the exception of the last sentence.

    ereal..you talk real sometimes but the next time you decide to write a book seperate it by chapters…

    who even cares about this anymore???

  • fixda

    50 pushing good music?Nah…c’mon…Kanye will beat 50 in music…and probably in numbers!50 ain’t got no buzz with them last weak-ass singles. Perhaps fiddy will sell more overseas, but at home it’s another game…I mean everyone respects Kanye but 50 loses fans everyday.And you can see that everywhere, from rap fans in the streets to internet. Plus you don’t necesseraly have to be a hiphop fan to buy kanye’s new shit!For sure I will buy Graduation.Word.

  • smog

    I don’t hate on Fifty at all, he is the best businessman/rapper in the game but for Fifty, businesses comes first, and he uses business to sell his records. Kanye uses music to sell his records, he is a businessman second. Which is why Kanye’s music will always be better. But hip hop is not all about music. Sometimes its just about location, and Curtis is not from chitown, which means I aint coppin. Chitown will have three (com, lupe and kanye) of the top six selling (others being TI, Fab, 50) records of the year.

  • Ryan

    “No one that reads this column is going to buy this album, no matter what your fingers type into the comments section. You are all too programmed now for receiving your music art for free.”

    Somewhat true. If an artist is a favorite of mine, I will buy it. If I like an album that I downloaded, I will try and find it on vinyl first since I collect that, but if worse comes to worst I’ll buy the CD. I’ll buy CD’s of friends of mine when they make them just to support them as well. Someone like 50 or Kanye, neither of which I like, will get downloaded. I’ll save the songs I like and delete the rest (which means I’ll probably delete the entire 50 album and save 2 Kanye songs). They’ve both got enough money and I work a 9-5 to pay my bills, my money can go to soemthing better. Like my light bill or new sneakers.

  • Chad Biggz

    Kanye West-700,000
    50 Cent-350,000

  • The Spaniard

    Man, I am totally confused as to which way to lean on this prediction. I never knew anyone who was EVER checking for any 50 release at any point. I was always at a loss to explain how he sold 100 albums much less 12 million. The crazy thing is, amazingly, I don’t “hate” 50 cent. If I can say one thing it’s that that cat is fucking hilarious on a regular basis. And I don’t mean laughing at him either. His demeanor and insults are highly entertaining…his music, not so much overall.

    On the other hand I would have to say I perfer Kayne as an artist but i don’t really give a shit about him, or his album, either.

    If only I could get Ras Kass to go back to the mid 90′s and stay in the booth…

  • Combat Jack

    Just to be clear, I have no question in my mind that Kanye’s album will be 1,000,000x times better than Fif’s. I just think, across the board, that the wasteland that is the American youth will flock to Mr. Jackson’s refried gangsta image’d 3rd lp routine over Kanye’s metrogaysexual image during the first week. Although I’m predicting a tremendous drop in Fif’s 3rd venture, he still has the advantage of selling way more #’s from his first two LP’s. Plus, I still keep seeing mad short Mexican bus boys still rocking “G-Unit” gear in every effin restaurant around the city, and the white Midwestern tourist in mid-town stay rocking that shit too. And Vitamin 50 stays moving units by the truckload on the daily. “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t”.

    I’m actually more interested in hearing Ye’s record, even though the boy is suspect, his mixtape stays in rotation in my truck. nhjic.

  • brebre


  • Tyler

    Nice try wit’ the Jedi mind trick 2 get us 2 buy the 50cent album but it’s not gonna work cause Kanye is going to out sell him sad 2 say. If 50 had any sense or any real player of the game around him they would have directed him 2 on the low low pull all the singles that he has dropped so far off this album add new hot all aggressives joints like Get Money and not tell anyone so they don’t know until they buy the album while keeping the same date. Now that would be big ballin’ cause like U said he don’t need the money anyway so he could throw a few single away like ‘dat as well as the fans would thank him 4 tryin’ 2 keep things fresh with big time 1st and 2nd week sales. If U need any more great music industry advise then check me out cause I am the industry’s Karl Rove.
    SolutionsGlobalMedia.com aka SGM7.com
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • John Brown

    whiteboy Says:

    August 15th, 2007 at 10:41 am
    fuck that..50 sux. every song on his cd that i’ve heard so far is garbage. this shit is wack and completely uninspired in any way. ima burn 50s shit
    WB, if 50 sux why even bother burning his shit. Thats wasting a blank cd that you can burn someone elses shit. Aint it funny how some peeps be like “Fuck 50 he sucks…imma burn his shit” or “kanye sucks…i rather burn his shit”. If a artist sucks (in your mind) why bother and burn their material?

  • fiddy


  • 757 4evea

    WOW! You know Hip Hop IS Dead when we are discussing who is gonna sell the most,I rememember when fans used to discuss who is gonna have the better album…Shout Out to 1993-1994 the last great years in hip-hip when sales didnt matter

  • quite storm

    kayne can’t beat 50 because look at there soundscan for their last albums

  • Ryan

    If only I could get Ras Kass to go back to the mid 90’s and stay in the booth…


    True that, I’m a huge Ras fan even to this day. Dude is one of my favorite emcees ever, always will be. It’s so sad to see dudes like him go unappreciated while people like 50 Cent and Kanye have platinum plaques. The general public is pretty much full of morons.

  • http://www.MySpace.com/LarryBrite Larry Brite

    YOUR DAMN RIGHT I WON’T SPEND $16 on ANY CD – I will pay $9.99 or less tho!!!!! HAS ANYONE NOTICED that cd prices are the only thing that haven’t really changed in the past decade or so???

  • Cee Dat

    The crown goes to Kanye. 50 Cent aint a rapper anymore he’s a “personality”. KanYe is a rapper/producer it’s what he does. He aint reading scripts. Thats why Ye and Wayne are hot right now cause its all they do they some rappers point blank period

  • http://xxlmag.com LowEnd

    Who the eff cares who sells the most, none of ya’ll gonna see any of that money. None of u got anything else to worry bout?
    Billy Sunday, nothing else to blog about? Why pepetuate this nonsense?

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    shut da fuck up whiteboy get tha fuck out of here u sound like a homothug who begs to go to prison eat a dick.

  • Ryan

    DARK Says:

    August 15th, 2007 at 2:35 pm
    shut da fuck up whiteboy get tha fuck out of here u sound like a homothug who begs to go to prison eat a dick.
    …..and you sound like a closet homosexual who feels he has to overcompensate with extraordinary outburts of masculinity. You’re probably a racist cause your boyfriend cheated on you with a white dude.

  • N.O. 4 life

    are you stupid or somethin…
    you just basically said that the suburbs are
    better judges of hip hop then people who actually relate to the albums…
    also i dont gotta respect shit…i couldnt care less about another mans “buisness smarts” or money
    …real hip hop isnt about that sideshit…its about music…check all the classics and see if they sold as much as 50′s…chances are slim but that still dont make his cd classic it just means more white people bought the cd…how the hell you gonna say the streets listen to the shop boys…the streets buy mixtapes from new artist like 50 so they can get recognition eventually…look at any long lasting artist and he is still bumped in the streets the burbs take our cue…asshole

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Gov’t frightened over Black youth
    The government is frightened over Black youth, particularly the hip hop generation. Black youth through hip hop have captured the youth of the world. It has become so effective that the rap beat is on just about every commercial. You see White folks trying to rhyme. But the Whites that rule are very upset because they are saying, “If these ‘Neggras’ continue to affect our children like this, we will not be able to pass on to our children the legacy of White supremacy that we have done everything in our power to maintain. These young ‘Neggras’ are taking our future away from us.”

    Rap music has so affected them that in Congress Senator Joseph Lieberman and others wanted to pass legislation condemning the lyrics of the hip hop gangster rappers. It appears that the biggest gangsters are afraid of the little gangsters that are coming up.

    While you are partying, they are planning your death under Homeland Security, Patriot Act I and Patriot Act II. The government of the United States soon is going to move on the inner cities of America and move on Black youth and the gangs. The enemy does not want you to reform. If you say you want gang peace, it is disturbing to them because gang peace would mean that you would stop killing each other. But like a dog that has tasted blood, you have blood in your mouth now. They are afraid that one day you will turn those guns on them.

    But remember, they have never given you the weaponry that would allow you to be troublesome, except to yourself.

  • The Blaze

    So what hes rich so he doesnt have to release albums, Billy Sunday u are a fuckin dummy. Whats that got to do with the argument about whos album will sell. Shit kanye can retire a fuckin producer and jay z….right!!!! Like he has to worry about money. 50 wont sell more because of his antics in public and the way he likes to alienate himelf from everybody.

  • tseliot

    you really believe 50 made that much money off vitamin water? do some searches for that story to find out who broke the “newsworthy” piece (one hint: allhiphop.com)

    dude only came up with a drink with glaceau; he’s not 10% owner or whatever other bullshit people would have you believe.

    c’mon. you’re the one who shat on everyone for relying on wikipedia for lil’ wayne’s age. you’re relying on who to believe in 50′s worth? nahhhhh. dude’s just an actor; nothing more, nothing less.

  • sk

    Patto Says:

    August 15th, 2007 at 7:30 am
    can’t tell me nothing is trash. whats he spittin about “nah, you can’t tell me nothin”.

    ^^^^^^^^WTF r u smoking…do u listen to music or just skim thru it(c)Jay-Z

  • Black Genius

    Kanye gonna win hands down with out a doubt.50 can’t even put a single out that will get heavy rotation on the radio.That bullshit song Ciera got him on gets more spins than 50′s numerous singles that are all trash.All I can say is he fooled me wit that 1st album.That second album sold but it wasn’t good as the 1st one at all.He better stick to acting and stop doing damn near all his own hooks.

  • Rillz

    story story story thats all i ave read…all u mothafuckas are jealous kanyes got the lyrics but he needs help on how to put his music out video wise… fiddy gon win tho y’all to stuid to admit it…fifty is dyin out like all ur famous rappers think bout it even hova died out nas gets carried away and hip hop is always changin

  • FADE

    50 will take it regardless…..like he said outside of usa most and im sayin MOST people dont even know who these other people are…

  • JOJO

    Quite frankly, who cares who outsells who….If 50 moves units off the strength of Ayo Technology, can he really claim the throne that is hip-hop…I usually hate what Kanye puts out at first, but that shit grows on me very quickly…I can see myself listening to his shit the same way i listen to illmatic all day, I cant say the same about an album with fuckin Amusement park….Vitamin water baby, Vitamin water

  • sc21eptx

    just to be fair to fifty yall havent even heard his Dr Dre tracks yet and who say that kanyes tracks are gona be as good as stronger and cant tell me nothing…



  • thoreauly77

    considering i only give a shit about quality music, ‘ye all day.

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    mabye ur the bitch suckin billy goat fuckers dick u bitch ass pussy eat a dick.

  • Makaveli

    A true hip hop fan would not download the music for free as they would realise the affect that this has on the industry!

    People love the music but yet they expect it for free, so as sales diminish and album budgets drop it makes it harder and harder not only for the existing artists in the industry but for new talent to have a chance to break into the game!

    I consider myself to be a true hip hop head and would never choose a digital download over the potent product!

    The sales war will be close but i hope 50 kills it! 1 mill first week, revive the game and show these suckers it can still be done!

  • Ali

    I used 2 like 50 used 2 be mad at all them Game dick riders thats tha only reason they hated him….but now 4 tha quality of his jusic (garbage) im hatin him too…..Ye all day that dude speaks from tha heart 50 speaks from tha wallet

  • bizzle


  • Ryan

    DARK Says:

    August 15th, 2007 at 10:56 pm
    mabye ur the bitch suckin billy goat fuckers dick u bitch ass pussy eat a dick.

    Thank you for validating my prior statements.

  • http://www.myspace.com/tha_return_of_tha_badguy tha return of tha badguy

    …i cant believe what im hearin out of some of yall chicagoians…im from the chi ..and u honestly believe that kanye is gonna sell more then 50?…u serious?…stay off the bin laden haha…cuz them lil suburban white kids are gonna eat that curtis shit up

  • http://myspace.com/menageoffgp gudtyme

    what up Penn!
    This whole crabs in a barrel mentality is sickening. If Kid rock and Ricky Martin came out with albums on the same date. No one would care , no one would worry if Kid rock will debate Ricky Martin on whose album will sell the most. This is just remenants of Willie lynch and the Cointell program. Anyway If 50 sell if Kanye sell its two sucessful Black men selling to white folks all over the world. Its two forms of this music which is the soundtrack to our current culture. After the first week no one will care. there will be so many burned copies, limewire mp3 piracy , that it wont matter and then we will be on to the next thing. Hip hop has no memory. You really want to talk about fool-a-tree. Can you please tell me why Irv gotti is wearing a Supreme team shirt in the New Ja-Fool video?

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    ryan sucks billys dick for him while billy writes his bullshit blogs ryan and billy r gaystaaaaas yall 2 shuld try eatin pussy instead of blowin on eachother

  • Harmen

    The Hood Will Mostly Buy Ye But
    almost everyone else will buy 50′s

  • http://4channelamplifier.com car amplifiers

    I totally agree with you on that one….