Thank god R. Kelly isn’t into dogs

What’s more tragic, that a 14 year-old black girl was given the business (pretty much every kind of business there is) by R. Kelly, or that some dogs may have been mistreated by Michael Vick? To hear the media tell it, it’s arguably the latter. Do they have a point?

It’s been over five years since a video tape surfaced of R. Kelly having his way with and subsequently miterating upon a girl who was said to be only 14 years old at the time, but it looks like the singer will finally appear in court to face charges of child pornography.

In the mean time, there’s been any number of unfortunate legal proceedings involving black male celebrites, especially athletes. The latest such incident involves Michael Vick, whose back yard is being dug up for the bones of dead dogs as we speak, and you know how people are about dogs. I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone compared the Michael Vick incident to the R. Kelly incident.

It’s hard to say, because it’s been a while since the R. Kelly tape was discovered, but it does seem like there’s been more outrage over the revelation that Michael Vick was probably running a dog fighting ring than the revelation that R. Kelly took a piss on a 14 year-old girl and even had the sheer balls to tape it.

For example, Michael Vick hasn’t even been convicted yet, and already he’s been losing endorsement deals. Meanwhile, R. Kelly’s career was never as hot as it’s been since we learned that he’s into underage water sports. While Peta is throwing the biggest bitch fit evar over Michael Vick, the NAACP actually tried to give R. Kelly an Image Award after the infamous video tape surfaced.

As easy as it would be to play like your boy Common – who has a line on his new album about white people’s love for their pets vis a vis black people – and assign some sort of race element to this, I think it’s worth noting that white people were arguably more upset with R. Kelly when the shit piss hit the fan than black people have ever been.

While it had been whispered in the black community that R. Kelly likes his girls young (and who doesn’t) going at least as far back as that time he married Aaliyah (I don’t even want to think about what he did to her), if not even further, it took a white journalist in Chicago to set the wheels in motion that ultimately led to this trial.

Black people, meanwhile? Not so much. This weekend, my parents are down in Atlanta for my family reunion. I’m not going, because I’d rather go to Chicago for Lollapalooza (maybe I’ll meet a nice young girl…), but I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts that someone’s going to step in the name of love before it’s all said and done with. Old black people love R. Kelly, and it’s not like they don’t know what he does.

I’ve already speculated before on this site on why this might be the case, and of course mofos had to jump all down my throat. But I think there’s a case to be made that a 14 year-old black chick, especially the one in the R. Kelly video, has probaby already been around the block once or twice. After all, the ghettos of America didn’t get to be filled with 29 year-old grandmothers by osmosis.

The unfortunate young woman in the R. Kelly video looked like she enjoyed what she was doing and may have even been paid for it. Meanwhile, no dog enjoys getting its face fucked up trying to chew another dog’s neck open and then being buried in Michael Vick’s back yard. Do I mean to suggest that a young black woman’s life is worth less than a dog’s? No. I’m just saying you have to consider the crime.

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  • TriZZle

    wtf was the point of this blog???
    i know why u didnt want to go to the A for your family reunion, u didnt want the shit stomped outta you for hate’n on the south so much! (its ok your secrets safe with me) pussy!

    p.s. FREE Mike Vick Mutha Fuckaz!!!

  • derfla the hus’la

    you can really tell that a virgin wrote this……………

  • Rich Arte

    good point. I appreaciate the stand you took, without crossing the line. It is unfortunate that we as a people praise this “chester” because he makes good music, and demean an innocent (until PROVEN guilty)man. I’m not vouching for Vick because he should’ve been aware (and he seems guilty if you let the witnesses tell it) of the dog-fighting.

    go to youtube and type in “truth behind hip hop”…this is a scary revelation.

  • kirk

    I wasn’t gon comment but shit I’m First

  • kirk

    I wasn’t gon comment but shit I’m First

  • Maurice Garland

    Earlier this year people were saying the Don Imus thing made America wake up and look itself in the mirror. No, I’m saying that the public outcry of this Michael Vick is doing a better job at it. PETA and other wackos want to see this man stripped of his income and sent to prison for fighting some damn dogs. GTFOH. People care more about mistreated dogs than they do about raped women, sodomized children and the homeless. Thats a damn shame. Of course, a brotha gotta play the race card on this. I wonder if Peyton Manning got caught doing the same thing, would the outcry be as huge? And were are the other dogfighers at? You gotta be a high roller to bet on dogs with a athelte worth $130 million.

    And R.Kelly ain’t going to jail. Its gonna play out just like it did in the Boondocks.

  • Tray

    Well one’s a federal crime and the other’s not… that’s why Vick is headed straight to court and R Kelly’s managed to push this off 5 years. Vick also electrocuted dogs to death, hung them, smashed their heads in… I’d say it’s a whole lot worse.

  • Ammon-Ra

    Vick got a raw deal. I guess it’s guilty until proven innocent

  • duaneinsane

    All we need is some bestiality from, oh lets say, kevin garnet and we’d have all the self deprecating black stars needed wooo!

  • 1st down

    With the r kelly thing its all about race. Sorry to say it, but its true. The media only cares about exploited/missing girls if they’re attractive and white, preferably blonde. If that 14yo girl had been some natalie holloway looking white chick r kelly would be sitting in a cell right now 5 years deep in a long state time bid.

    You bring up a good point with the Vick thing in that the american media (and by extension the american public) cares more about some dogs than the well being of a young black girl.

  • The Spaniard

    I don’t believe Vick should go to jail (or lose any cash.) for dog-fighting. I just wonder about the type of mind that enjoys watching animals main and kill each other. That’s fucking sociopathic in my estimation.

    I also don’t believe R-Kelly should go to jail for banging that young chick either. But, once again, I am suspect of the inner workings of someone who enjoys underdeveloped (mind and/or body) females.

    I’ve seen and talked to, albeit breifly, the chicks (i.e. young) that the R rolls with occasionally. I can assure you he was not kidnapping or corercing (outside of being famous) these chicks in any way.

    “After all, the ghettos of America didn’t get to be filled with 29 year-old grandmothers by osmosis.”




    Its hard to joke about Pit bulls fighting until death. That shits disturbing. I have a 95 pound pit bull that is smarter than most of the fools on this blog.

    But, pissing on a chick is so funny that Chappelle came back with the “Piss on you Remix”.


    Mike Vick was fighting Pitt Bulls, so fucking what! Pitts are born to fight I have never met a friendly Pitt in my life, they are the devils pet.Oh and R.Kelly is going to beat that stupid case

  • Ryan

    You’re a moron if you think that what was done to those dogs was ok. It may have not been done by Vick, but someone did do it to them, so fuck them and fuck you if you think it’s ok or want to defend the actions of whoever killed the dogs, especially in that manner. Ignorant, backwoods fucking hicks fight dogs and try to tell people it’s ok. I hope the same is done to them and to you.

  • Youngz

    LOL!! Good one Bol, that girl enjoyed it, she know what she was doing! Kellz a crazy mofo…
    If your parents are gonn , does that mean you´ll upgrade up from the basement?? :)

  • jeff

    As far as I’m concerned, R. Kelly didn’t lose any black fans over that situation because a lot of black people in america are pedophiles and bisexual anyway. Not all, but a whole goddamn lot. Anyone who sat down and watched that tape of R. Kelly and that pre-teen chick is a pedophile. point blank. why else would you watch a tape of a grown ass man tinkling and fucking a young ass girl? Damn near everyone I went to college with downloaded that shit online and was making copies and passing that shit around giggling and shit. Everyone who watched the tape knew what they were about to witness, and that’s why they were hard pressed to see it. PEDOPHILES! Also, sodomy is for homos. it’s some gay shit. why would you fuck a girl in the ass if she has a coochie and a mouth? I hear HELLA folks loosely talking about fucking a chick in her ass and shit like its some cool shit. I’m really starting to think that the average person is a pedophile and a homo. Wayne and Baby kissing, R. Kelly pissing on adolescents, Mase getting caught with drag queens, etc. don’t matter to a lot of us because A LOT of us have done or would do it to. Sick shit no doubt. ick.

  • The Spaniard

    “Yeah, but bacon tastes good. Pork chops taste good.”
    Vincent Vega

    If they(we) are going to send Vick to jail solely for dogfighting then why aren’t they(we) going after food and clothing industries for killing and torturing animals?

    However the NFL should drop him (if they can and if he is guilty) because that is some sick shit to be a part of and the players are part of a promotional vechicle for an ENTERTAINMENT product. If that maniac wants to play football and earn money he should get a job digging ditches (not for dead dogs!) and get a pick up game of football going on the weekends.

  • Rizzop

    Yeah it is sad to see that asshole pissing on chicks(im only mad cuz my chick said no)but dude fights a couple of dogs and he gets the chair?? Nevermind the fact you can watch HUMANS fucking each other up damn near till they are brain dead (wrestling, football, boxing, UFC) but what do you think happens to dogs at racing tracks? Horses at horse tracks? Hell, we eat millions of fucking cows per year for food! We dont HAVE to do it, and you sure as fuck dont see PETA giving a shit about the black man’s best friend, the chicken……This is a very screwed up world,and we need to protest the witch hunt of mike vick. After all, who’s gonna run the ball until warrick dunn gets bacK?

  • freakyfiikkii

    This situation would have been totally different if Vick would have won the Super Bowl last year. It’s a money game. If this was the case, the NFL would have told PETA, Humane Society and anybody else to kiss their ass. But because Vick isn’t generating cheese like Peyton for the NFL, they just threw ole’ boy under the bus and said “next.”

    Tray Says:

    Well one’s a federal crime and the other’s not… that’s why Vick is headed straight to court and R Kelly’s managed to push this off 5 years. Vick also electrocuted dogs to death, hung them, smashed their heads in… I’d say it’s a whole lot worse.

    You definitely make a good point, but you also have to consider that if R. gets convicted, he has to register in the state of his residence as a sex offender, and who wants that shit. Also Vick should plead insanity, maybe he’ll get off, because you have to be crazy as hell to do some dumb shit like that.

  • suckaniggadickmakeaniggarich

    you gotta look at the crimes
    r. kelly had some sex with a chick that he may or may not have been aware of her age….the tape shows (even though the law doesnt take it into account) that it was consentual.
    Vick was invloved in fighting dogs that he breed and owned…he also mutilated them and killed them. I think vick has already been convicted in the court of the public eye and with the help of the snitch co defendant…he will pay. I think, although what he did to those dogs is fucked up, we must not compare his action to those of true criminals like rapist and murderers.

    If anything, R. kelly should be aquitted of any criminal charges due to the concentual act but be force to pay a large settlement in a civil suite from the girls family. Vick better think about droppin a dime on roy jones and get some time cut down….sometimes the only way out when you get the finger pointed at you is to point it somewhere else….it is what it is.

  • sk

    me I hope Vick gets off *pause*..but chit not looking good man this the FEDS, plus his “boy” flipped over that’s a “SNITCH”..It’s not even like they gonna let his ass go he still gotta do time what a fucking LAME…..chit true story I taught they dismissed the charges on rrr-aahhh (shit been so long)

  • stoneyisland

    Anybody who doesnt have a beef with a 43 year old ass man jumping up in down in some 13 year old is a sick muthafucka and should be destroyed. I dont care how fast tail that young broad was she is still somebody’s baby. That said I hope they lock Kells black child molesting ass up so he can go half on a baby with his big dick roomate Tyrone, as for Mike, this shit is crazy, we are talking about dogs, not people, but this just goes to prove a point…”white people care more about dogs then they do the rights of Mike being proven guilty before his day in court. I think white america is having flash backs of another rich black athelete getting over (OJ) the problem is Mike has 10 times as much paper as OJ meaning he will have the best legal team EVER put together, MEANING Mike won’t spend ONE day in jail and he also WONT spend one more day as the QB in Hotlanta. His sponors have dropped him like a hot rock. Mike keep your head up an let the legal process clear your name.

  • Sarcastic Poster

    Young black women aren’t sluts and Michael Vick is a great Qb

  • Jay Gats

    “Vick also electrocuted dogs to death, hung them, smashed their heads in… I’d say it’s a whole lot worse.”

    You really think his (alleged) torturing animals is worse than R. Kelly violating a girl who wasn’t even finished puberty and wasn’t old enough have developed any god damned common sense?

    You’re just like those media whack-jobs. Hurting an animal is wrong, but no where near as wrong as taking advantage of a kid.

  • thoreauly77

    “and you know how people are about dogs”

    insert white between “how” and “people” and youre there. other than that, this was one of the most difficult posts to read that you have ever dropped.


    blogging outta control with BOL

  • travis

    checkk out bol’s interview

  • bob




  • Tyler

    (They say a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich)……. I believe the grand jury was mislead on their true duty to society in this case and many others.
    the Grand jury’s duty is to protect the individual from a bad prosecution. The true purpose of the grand jury was to approve, and go over an arrest warrant, to see if it is constitutionally sound (I have case law that proves that point). But the grand jury has been used for obtaining an indictment As to the grand Jury, almost all grand juries act in the same manner, they just are not instructed properly how to hand DOWN an indictment and they generally end with, handing UP an indictment…… far from their true purpose in law
    So they took it to a grand jury, and the grand jury, just looked at it and said YES….. But a true grand jury should have said… WHAT? where is your warrant, where is your case… you don’t even have a specific date, how can these defendants prove either way the whereabouts of these witnesses?
    But it is good to establish with the grand jury their true duty, to establish that a warrant is credible. that the constitutional protections have been afforded to the defendant….. as it stands a lot of grand juries just hear 1 side of a case… they don’t confirm it, they don’t challenge it, they just hear 1 side, then the Grand Jury indicts….. but, the grand jury true duty is when an agency has a warrant, then they go to the grand jury, and the grand jury picks that warrant apart, in DEFENSE of the defendant, in order to help solve any constitutional violations that may arise.
    But the grand jury gets twisted it sometimes… But I’ve seen them correct it and they correct real rapidly…sometimes.
    They will supersede the original indictment or dismiss it…. based on LAW

    You mention the main point, the absolute cruelty to animals…. I believe your main point should be, are these people guilty or innocent of these charges.

    It may look like Dog fighting occurred, but the charges are for running an interstate Gambling enterprise, or drug enterprise, or liquor enterprise, or a prostitution enterprise.
    The law they are charged with does not fit the crime.
    then it says that they used violence to further any of the above.
    The indictment names about 19 dog fights over 5 years….. that is far from anything named in the law they are being charged with.
    Another law in the indictment fits the crime, but only to a point, then again, not really either.
    These federal, in my opinion, were not intended for this type of situation.
    then the grand jury uses the term they conspired…. well, you either broke the law, or you didn’t. Either the law says conspiracy, which is part of the crime, or it doesn’t….. the law doesn’t say conspiracy, just the grand jury does……… so that brings the indictment into question as to whether it fits the situation. There are NO exact dates in the indictment…. NOT ONE…………, How can anyone prepare an alibi, when no date is established… it reads like this…on or about spring of 2003…. in or about late 2002…. not real accurate of a timeline.
    second – the 18 usc 1952 charge is not valid, in my opinion. it applies to people to transfer profits, or use violence for specific illegal activities, those illegal activities are gambling enterprise, drugs, alcohol running, prostitution….. unless if one of you guys screwed any of the dogs, it don’t apply… misused, a “malicious abuse of the legal process” (look it up)… but it’s kinda classic to see the liberal prosecutors back up in arms again…so hypocritical.
    third- the 7USC 2156 charge applies to sponsors, and blacks law dictionary defines a sponsor as a Godfather or protection racket. and it is only a 15,000 fine per event and/or 1 year in custody. . . it was alluded to that they conspired . colluded or confederated to do something……. but their was no FORMAL CHARGE, with any legal USC title or section that specifically named a conspiracy crime…. the violations are not for any conspiracy……. conspiracy was just a term used in the indictment.
    There are specific crimes for conspiracy… 1 civil violation is title 42 section 1985…conspiracy to deny civil rights….
    I’ve looked over 18 usc 1952 and 7 usc 2156… I don’t believe either one mentions conspiracy.

    I don’t see Al Gore going to jail for driving 100 MPH while drunk with weed and multiple drugs in his possession…. no I see Al Gore III getting NO TIME, just treatment for that offense….. Do you think AL GORE should go to jail for him, just because he bought his son the car?
    So I guess Donald Trump is responsible for everything that goes on at his properties since his name is on the deeds.

    Animal cruelty is wrong but so is a public Lynching. aka
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • Cincinnati

    sucka nigga sound like a snitch (finger-pointer)


    August 2nd, 2007 at 12:45 pm
    Mike Vick was fighting Pitt Bulls, so fucking what! Pitts are born to fight I have never met a friendly Pitt in my life, they are the devils pet.Oh and R.Kelly is going to beat that stupid case
    You never met a friendly pit in your life…CAUSE YOUR SCARED! If you have any sense of fear around a pit bull, they can smell that shit. Pit bulls are loyal as hell….I can keep my house unlocked all day and nobody will come inside.

    About 6 months ago>>>The task force came to my house to do a “routine search for probation offenders” (I have a 4 way search clause on my back).

    Anyway…. I was out front playing around with my brothers Pit Bull.

    We’ of the cops went to secure the back yard and the dog walked over towards the cop. Out of no where… the cop got SCARED! Sure enough the fucking pig pulled out his gun and fired two shots directly at the dog. One bullet went threw his chest and came out his back. One of the bullets stayed inside the dog. The Cops didn’t even give a fuck. The dog was bleeding all over me and the task force said…Oh we’ll “take him to the doctor”. I had to spend over $1000 to save the dogs life.

    A cop has the right to shoot a dog on my front Lawn and I can’t do shit about it.


  • triplesixninja

    i dont give a fuck about that 14 year old chickenhead, she liked that shit. those poor doggies didnt like getting electrocuted and power bombed to the curb.

  • jeff

    Vick’s real crime is being rich, dark skinned, and most of all…dumb as a motherfucker. Every man (especially a dark black man)should know that the More money they have, the more problems will arise in their life. With that being said, YOU MUST distance yourself from people you don’t motherfucking know like that. Suge Knight said it best ” if you are walking around thinking you have a lot of friends, you are living a dangerous life”. 3 months before the official trial, someone already turns state on him and starts singing to the feds. Vick is done. Had that been one of his down ass homies he has known since they was kids, shit woulda turned out different. I GUARANTEE you, someone else is gonna have loose lips to reduce their sentence. Ruben Hurricane Carter’s homey was a real nicca. He knew Ruben was innocent and didn’t kill that guy, so he did his time along with Ruben. He coulda said yea.. Ruben did it and got let off the hook, but HE DIDNT. THAT’s A HOMEY FO LIFE!! But these muh fuggas that are saying Vick put up all this dough for the fights,..whether they are telling the truth or not Vick’s ass is toast. You should NOT surround yourself in any kind of personal capacity around people you didn’t grow up with or don’t know. You can barely trust fam, so how can you trust a stranger? I don’t want to see him go to jail, but those PETA people should be allowed to dunk his head in a toilet to try to drown him, connect some jumper cables to his nuts and start the ignition to electrocute him, and toss him against a brick wall a few times to see how that shit feels. Afterwards, he should pay a $500 fine and be free to go. R. Kelly tho, I hope he gets gang raped in jail.

  • Roc

    Everyone defending Mike Vick is stupid.This nigger is rich as a mutherfucker and he wants to fight dogs to earn extra money.What the fuck are you thinking?!!!Also these dogs suffer horible injuries during these fights and are treated inhumanley before and after the fights if their not dead.Vick is an ignorant nigger and he deserves to fry.Secondly I think R kelly should fry 2.Not because he boned some underage girls,but because i don’t like his punk ass.He’s a fucking bitch.I hate his music.

  • ThingAlec

    Akon. The next Kells?

  • well

    Actually the nigga who is snitching on Vick himself said Vick didn’t kill any of the dogs he just provided the money for the whole operation. A lot of people have not read the indictment so they just go off what other people say. Even in the original one his homeboys were basically being the ones accused of doing all the killing but somehow the media flipped that. I think they want him on some gambling type shit not the dogs. Fuck what the media is saying its going to be hard to place that nigga at anything without real proof. Hearsay by dogfighters and dope heads wont cut it with the legal team Vick has put together. It’s going to be a wild one but like others have said its crazy how the media has lynched this cat without him even going to trial yet they dont make this kinda fuss when kids get molested and raped. Goes to show you how fucked up America is.

  • Big Homie

    Good post and great point.

    R&B is dead by the way

  • chadbrochill17

    After all, the ghettos of America didn’t get to be filled with 29 year-old grandmothers by osmosis.


  • wamu

    Vick is a fucking loser I don’t care if he’s black or not. If this shit is true he’s getting exactly what he deserves. Only a fucking coward would fight dogs. you like fighting so much be a man and do it your damn self. Don’t hide behind a dog. Only a bitch made punk would fight dogs. And WTF does that have to do with R Kelly? If he’s proven to be a pedophile then fuck him too. You gotta be some kind of loser to stand up for either one of these guys.


    To everyone saying ” He had dog fights, so what?” It’s not the fighting that I found the most disturbing, it’s what was done to the losing dog. Vick drowned, electrocuted, hung, beat, and smashed the dogs heads in when was through with them. That’s just phsycopathic and so are you for defending him.

  • Detroit

    Excellent Post, the best i’ve seen from bol thus far. R. Kelly = Wacko Jacko, just with less money….therefore, it’s over for dude! likewise, R. Kelly is far worse than vick!

  • Detroit

    First Down,

    you’re right…but in this case i think racism is a good thing. if pissing on lil white girls is cool, but pissing on lil black ones isn’t, then this racism thing has finally produced something good for the black community.

  • Quan

    @ uckaniggadickmakeaniggarich, Spanaird

    I personally think that banging and
    pissing on a little girl is way worst than financing an illegal dog ring, but I guest you would disagree. And why are you still defending R. Kelly? So what if the sex was consenual. He video taped himself pissing and banging a little girl that shit is not only disguisting but illegal. And he should be punished for his crimes. So should Vick if he’s convicted.

  • patto

    how about all you fools wait for the real facts before you make your ignorant ass conclusions.

    all this hearsay bullshit will not fly in court, and the media is just sensationalizing the fuck out of Vick’s situation.

    vick will get off, but his rep will be tarnished forever, and that is what’s gonna hurt him the most.

  • sk

    @wamu….Vick is a coward cause he fights dogs/bets on dog fights….WTF kind of logic is that he does play in the NFL…that shit isn’t two-hand touch

    @clark….I don’t think Vick persay did the actually slamming,electrocuting of the dogs

    This is just a “Witch hunt” to get that big-name guy “MICK VICK” or trying to have him rat out the other higher ups in this “dog-fighting ring”

  • Yolanda

    Bol, holler at some European magazines – you’re wasted at XXL.

  • Black


    ^^We dont HAVE to do it, and you sure as fuck dont see PETA giving a shit about the black man’s best friend, the chicken……^^

    LMAO funny shit and so true as a heartattack

  • TriZZle

    roc shut yo bitch ass up! mutha fuca! no one one give a fly’n shyt wut yo punk ass think u lucky u on the net sayn the N word or i’ll smash yo faggot ass!! why dont you take yo ass to or one of them otha soft ass corny sites!

  • Michelle S.

    I live in VA, so of course the media around here is having a field day. They report on the case every damn day. But like someone said, the other dudes in the case were the ones accused of operating the dogfighting and Vick was accused of funding it.

    I knew about the federal investigation (the FEDs is watchin’!) back in April of this year. It was on the news and the 1st thing the media mentioned was that it was Mike’s property.

    I believe in withholding judgement ’til the trial comes November 26. Though, the only thing Mike is guilty of is being a dumbass. He should’ve known better than to buy property and let someone else live there while he was in ATL.

    Now I bet if the land and house wasn’t in Vick’s name, he still would’ve been in the news for knowing the people. The thing that pisses me off is the fact that all of a sudden, everybody wants to “cooperate” with the FEDs and tell them everything Vick was allegedly doing. People are just throwing HIS name around to save their own asses. Now his “friend” makes a plea bargain.

    It just goes to show you that people can’t be trusted nowadays. The world is full of snakes.

  • Michelle S.

    BTW, R. Kelly ain’t going to jail. Watch the fuckin’ NAACP and all them other bastards (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, his old high school teachers, his fans, etc.) come runnin’ to his rescue. It’s an f’n shame we Black folks are so hell-bent on protecting our stars. Normally, I would reserve judgement on people, but goddamnit, it’s on tape (and he had the nerve to say it isn’t him. Then, fuck-boy, who is it?!)! Now that duck is guilty.

  • Tyler

    Lane Garrison, the 27-year-old former Prison Break star, may walk free in just 90 days!

    After pleading guilty in May to vehicular manslaughter and drunken driving, Judge Fox said at the Beverly Hills courthouse on Thursday, “The fact that you may have some notoriety, I don’t really care. We don’t have all the information. I intend to remand Mr. Garrison today to the Department of Corrections for diagnostics.”

    According to TMZ, “Garrison will be sent to a California prison for 90 days, where shrinks and others will determine if Garrison is a suitable candidate for probation.”

    If he is suitable, Lane is a free man.

    No real jail time huh? What a surprise and how interesting. Where is the uproar?

  • Purple Hulk

    sk Says:

    August 2nd, 2007 at 5:28 pm

    @wamu….Vick is a coward cause he fights dogs/bets on dog fights….WTF kind of logic is that he does play in the NFL…that shit isn’t two-hand touch


  • gerald n. the birdman

    I dont see what the problem is! They are his dogs! its his house, let the man live!

    Just like Slavery. Its master’s plantation. He bought them fair and square. Whats the problem??

    oh.its inhumane. right

  • Jason Murk

    White boys hunt deer, shoot birds and best friends, and that’s all cool… even though those animals are tranquil and don’t bother anybody.

    Pit bulls are notorious for mauling children and biting people for no good reason. Where I’m from, if the police find out that you even have a pit bull, they have your dog put to sleep. But for some strange reason, it’s illegal for YOU to harm that dog in any way.

    So why not let the damn dogs live their life out doing what they want to do? Pits are vicious and want to fight by nature. The SPCA would have killed them anyway. So why not just make dog fighting legal?


    If those dudes on dateline can get locked up for just attempting to fuck with a underage girl, how the hell is R kelly still free with videotaped proof??

  • once again


  • 1,21,2..anditdon’tstop81

    pee on gurls,fight dogs! it’s all gravy “I will not lose”-hova.haha.

  • The Nicker

    ^If he is suitable, Lane is a free man.

    No real jail time huh? What a surprise and how interesting. Where is the uproar? ^^

    Dude he straight murked some underage girl he was supplying with drugs and alcohol . . . while he was on drugs and alcohol and driving a vehicle.

    That is worse than Vick or R. Kelly, then he admitted it, and he still ain’t goin’ to jail. This makes me want to drunk drive with some underage bitches right now.

  • The Nicker

    ^^^^^If those dudes on dateline can get locked up for just attempting to fuck with a underage girl, how the hell is R kelly still free with videotaped proof??^^^^

    “Hi I’m Chris Hansen from NBC, what were you planning on doing here today?”

    “Well, Chris, I was planning on fucking this girl in the ass, pissing on her, and videotaping, and I’ve done it before. You want to check out the set-up?”

    “Well, we’ve never got that kinda of honest response before, I suppose we’ll let it go this time.”

  • tybe

    makes sense Bol: young girl gets pissed on its okay dog gets bitten by other dog Peta and other eco terrorists act like as if the world is coming to a end .Damn americas priorities are really fucked up. did they really do that csi shit digging up dog bones?

  • Ryan

    Dogs only become vicious if you train them to become that way. I’ve met friendly pit bulls, cause their owners trained them to be that way. Purple Hulk is right, Vick is a pussy. Maybe he should wrestle a few vicious pit bulls and see if he comes out with his nuts still intact.

  • EReal

    I could give two shits about what Mike Vick does with his dogs, he bred them, he brought them life, so wtf he can kill em if he wants. Fuckin cat huggin over the hill hippie faggots, geta fuckin grip. ITS JUST SOME FUCKIN DOGS! China eats dogs all day, wtf! Go protest them!

    R.Kelly, man, I know girls that are 15 that are fuckin whores, that’ll suck and fuck anything that spits game n shit, I couldnt even imagine what they’d let a star do to them, sheit. You know the bitch lied about her age, it was obviously consentual and if she lied, he didnt know he was makin child porn, WTF! That case will get beat because it should, period. Gimmie a Pee Pee! Gimmie a Poo Poo! Imma give ya that wee wee, lemme give ya some doo doo! ROFL!

  • yeah right

    Nothing was killed in the making of R Kellys video.

  • yeah right

    Nothing was killed in the making of the R kelly video

  • The Spaniard


    My defense, if can be called that, of R-Kelly is that age of consent cutoffs are random and arbitrary. The specific situation should dictate the actions taken against someone. The chick at 14 was clearly a willing participant in the whole affair. Based on my limited information I believe R. Kelly has a problem, but, the problem is one of maturity and the ability to deal with mature women. Personally I would be hesitant to deal with any females under 28 based on experience…but that’s not some magic age either.

    Where was this girl’s guardians anyway?

  • Uncle Sam Killa

    Mike Vick should go get lynched along with the rest of you Vick supporters.

  • Trizzle

    Uncle Sam Killa Says:

    August 4th, 2007 at 1:12 am
    Mike Vick should go get lynched along with the rest of you Vick supporters.

    Lynched??? bitch thys is the 21st century! go die somewhere

  • Son of A King

    Dogs aren’t Humans….There ain’t no doggy heaven or hell….no conscience…i mean it is definitely cruel what Vick did but his punishment will obviously not fit the crime…but what can I say, you gotta remember what kinda world we live in..”A White Man’s World”…Black people weren’t brought to this country to succeed so of course the man wanna see us fall…point blank period..We can’t use that as an excuse of course…But Our country is going to shit, Thanks George Bush…Obama save us!!!!

  • VLsteve

    bol and billy are putting out strait shit these days. who gives a fuck? its summatime bol you spend some time at the pool or club or some shit

  • kkrillz

    This Shit is crazy. The vibe i’m getting from the majority of these responses is that because the girl that R. Kelly got with “might have been around the block a few times”, or that “it was consensual”, “she wanted it”, etc… y’all think thats ok?!?!?! Bottom line a grown fucking man is having sex w/ girls (not women) barely into puberty! i dont give a shit if shawty is on her back butt-naked spread eagle begging me to take her….it aint happening. It’s sick enuf that you would even have the urge to follow thru but also if your not responsible or self-controling enuf to control those urges then you need help, straight up! R. Kelly is this hugely popular singer that can get any woman he wants but he still feens for teenagers, and you dont think there’s anything wrong with that?!? Dam, y’all MUST not have a daughter… these double standards are crazy. And the criticism of how unfair M. Vick is being treated… if it was peyton manning instead of Vick…preferential tretment and all…please we do it too!! Example: Michael jackson and R. Kely are both rumored to be pedophiles. While michael jackson is “ostrisized” and “wacko” because he’s fallen out of favor w/ black people (he thinks he’s white), R. kelly is “cool” and a “musical genius” because he’s still “ghetto” and “down” w/ the hood. C’mon man dont shit on somebody (no pun inteded) for doing the same EXACT thing you’d do. Crazy!

  • Lucky

    the dude dont like dogs, men he liks lil girls, the fuckin rapist. they should not let him go near a child.