This just in rap fans: 50 Cent and Kanye West have decided to join forces and pose together for a Rolling Stone cover. When the white man comes knocking, niggas sure go jumping through hoops to please ‘em. You’d never see this happen for a Black magazine. Truth be told, I’m mostly salty cause I have the Internet’s favorite on my next cover and this may outshine me a bit. You think?

YN lose his swagger? His gusto? Hey, it’s a rare loss for the kid but I’m gonna take it on the chin. Only ‘cause Joe Levy is my dude. So a tip of the fitted and can I get a fuck you to all you hip-hop fucks who prioritize the crackers in the mainstream above us. Y’all make me sick to my stomach.

P.S. Will prolly leak my Kanye cover tmw late, early Mon, or maybe Sunday afternoon while I’m taking a shit. Gabe T can eat a big fat dick!