Sean Price Is The Smartest Dumb Rapper…

In only another week the Africans on Fulton Street and Nostrand Ave will have the new Fifty Cent album and the KanYe West joint for sale. The way I see it, if Jigga’s album gets leaked over two weeks in advance of the release date then I don’t believe that there is anyone outside of the reach of the Chinese Africans. I mean seriously, who could bootleg shit iller than a Chinese African? That’s the best of both bootlegging worlds right there. That’s like a new Louis Vuitton bag with malaria in the inside pockets! You can’t win Rocky! They got the bootlegs now with the full liner notes and the hologram coupon inside for a half price hero at Quizznos.

I don’t blame all those rappers jumping on the stage together at the CreamFest show either. Show money is sure money, my homey from the X-Ecutioners once told me, and the word business is twice as long as the word show. That’s why I fucks with that nigga Sean P, because he be about his business. If you got a few chips he will get on your mixtape and spit that fire. As a matter of fact, that nigga Sean P is so hardbody he will give you a mean sixteen for a box of Newports and a four chicken wings fried rice meal from the Chinese spot on the corner. Dude is still grimey.

My niggas from Ralph Avenue Cybertron be arguing with me that Sean P is putting in TOO much work for TOO cheap. Like he is giving lames too much credibility when he gets on their tracks. I don’t see it like that. I think Ruck is just putting himself in the position to be working for the next ten years. There’s too much bitch shit in the game where niggas don’t want to work with artists that may not have a widespread name in the game. That’s bitchmade shit to me. Everybody had to start from somewhere. That same nigga that sounds like a cornball now will be improving his style and his flow and then in five years niggas will show him love. Look at KanYe. Five years ago that nigga’s flow was miserable. Now you can’t tell him nothing.

Sean Price is smart enough to show that love to everybody. That is the type nigga that will be on tour forever with whomever. This is the biggest advantage of backpacker rap too. You get to see artists perform in venues that are intimate and built for sound as opposed to being in a fucking arena with a million screaming groupies and rappers lip synching their tracks. I fucks with arena Hip-Hop shows too, but there is nothing better than a venue that holds only a few hundred real fans. Sean Price has set himself up to do these types of shows a hundred days a year. If he was only catching one stack per show that would still be 100K a year. That’s not a bad looking W1040 form to file every year. Ask the Roots.

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  • Purple Hulk


    • Maxmillion Lancaster Stork

      You fired. get out.

  • Casey

    I havent seen Ruck on a lot of collaborations…?

  • Boner jams 03

    “i love sellin nicks at nite…go home to my son.. roll a spliff and watch nick at nite…” (c) sean price – “heartburn”

  • P-Matik

    You’re right about the venue thing. Years ago in Petersburg, VA, I watched Mos & Kweli sound check at this old club. Mos was checking the mic and I was only a few feet away from them. You could talk to heads before they got on the stage to rock. That’s real right there.

    True story, some backpacker morons in Pittsburgh had Sean Price opening for Jedi Mind Tricks. WTF? That shoulda been the other waty around. Nullus.

  • cannon

    50 came at lil wayne cause he collaborates with too many artist but i agree ain’t like you have to have a relationship wit somebody to get on that track.

  • Ryan

    Boot Camp Clik is playing up in Cambridge on October 16th, you best believe I’ll be there.

  • jdid

    That fact that a so-called “underground back-pack rapper” w/ no major deal is being written about in this magazines site shows that hard work he’s putting in is paying off.

  • Banga

    My dude Ruck’s myspace hustle is on point he would jump on anybody’s track for a couple of guap. That’s real talk. Any way he would run circles of any of your favorite rapper today no lie. Its just unfortunate right now that he is not on a major, because that would be a good look for Bootcamp. President Carter what you waiting for?

  • khal

    1) i love the louis v bag/malaria pockets comment

    2) mic tyson rapping for 10 more years? that’d be hot.

    3) didnt 50 diss lil wayne for the same thing you’re praising p for?

    4) you are right – red gone wild is the album of 2k7.

  • Banga

    My dude Ruck’s myspace hustle is on point. He would run circle on every rapper that you think is out right now. Too bad he is not on a major becuase that would be a good look for Bootcamp. Can’t wait for the next Sean Price CD “Mic Tyson”, and the Heltah Skeltah album “D.I.R.T.” What you waiting for President Carter?

  • Enigmatik

    I guess Sean P is a song whore too, according to 50.

    Dah well, the more Sean Price the better.

    BTW, check out:

  • BirdsFlySouth

    Wayne been doing that for years, but gets called a h** for it?

  • kritiq

    we are tired of reading about you fav washed up rappers if he’s so smart how come he aint made it in the forbes? get over it billy your washed up rappers are done no one is checking for them.

  • N..O. 4 life

    didnt you say wayne was the hardest working rapper not too long ago…but he hops on lame’s tacks just like sean P and i feel the same way yopu do about it

  • Adrenaline the Truth

    what do you mean you aint seen him on collabs???? BBC, Buckshot, Snowgoons, Jedi Mind Tricks, Skyzoo, Way back to Black Moon, the Wu-tang Think Differently CD, The list goes on yo… I’ve heard of numerous collabs of his yo…

  • s1don


  • weezaline deboker

    lil wayne is onyl nice 2 people with

    1.No knowledge of past hip hop
    2.Easily amused by metaphors
    3.IQ lower than 10.

  • T.R.E.Y.

    i’m tryin’ to figure out whether you spend more time findin’ more stupid reasons to hate on Wayne, or being on this guy’s nuts.

  • Carlito Bragonti

    Good for Sean!!! He deserves something better.

  • J

    “we are tired of reading about you fav washed up rappers if he’s so smart how come he aint made it in the forbes? get over it billy your washed up rappers are done no one is checking for them.”

    Making it to Forbes? Who the fuck cares?
    I only like rappers who make a lot of money, money makes my dick hard.

  • The Ace

    u on point i will always listen to anybody if ruck is on the track
    “Fan-tastic flow, connect the concepts
    Broke niggaz with beat kicks, that’s my projects” king kong

  • ShayShay

    Perhaps KRITIQ should stop coming to the site if he so tired of the writer’s opinions. I like hearing about rappers other than the chosen few with big deals and tacky videos on BET all day.

  • kritiq

    @ j what did I hurt you feelings talking about your broke fav artist? so it’s cool for Billy to trash on artists like lil wayne and jay-z but as soon as someone talks shit about sean price he’s dick riding other artists huh?

    truth is no one is really checking for these artist’s that billy is praising and they are broke and irrelevant thats why no one is buying they albums they had they chance back than but now they broke how is that smart?

    and you did not have to tell me about your fettish for rich rappers next time keep your gay shit to yourself.

  • severin grant

    so I guess if I use your logic if Donald Trump could rap he would be the hottest nigga out? I don’t spin a record based on how much a man got in his IRA, P is one of the nastiest, if not the nastiest mc’s on the planet period, and that’s why he nice.