“If the truth hurts you’ll be in pain. If the truth drives you crazy, you’ll be insane.”
—Sister Souljah

Here’s a lil story I gots to tell about an album and an artist that you know so well. Detox. Dr. Dre. Ring a bell? Anyway my secret plan before Baby and Weezy decided to go sunbathing topless was to announce the return of Andre Young on XXL’s 10th Anniversary Issue cover. No it wasn’t some write-around shit like the old folks at Scratch did. It was the real deal Holyfield.

Detox was really coming out (at least by the end of 2007) and Doc was gonna announce his formal return in the pages of hip-hop’s best magazine. But then things fell apart. Word to ?uestlove. August was too soon to spill the beans so I fell back. Was promised the cover a few months later closer to the release. But now a few lil birdies from coast to coast are buzzing that Detox is not gonnna happen until at least early 2008. After Marshall crowns himself King.

What the kissin’-on-your-surrogate-daddy, peanut-butter-and-jelly shit is this?
Like I stressed to dude’s publicist it’s with all due respect that I express that this is one horrible decision and you can tell the big homie I said so. Even Lil Lava’s strategy of making us wait is questionable but this is downright absurd. You can’t keep hyping something on-and-off for stupid years and never deliver. These lil crumb snatchers have short-term memories. You play with real rap fans emotions for too long and like a bad relationship they’ll eventually stop giving a fuck. You can only respect your elders for so long.

Whatever happens Dre is already a first-ballot Hall of Famer but never letting Detox out of his hands is a stain on his career worst than any two-stepping tango in a video. Everybody loves and respects a perfectionist but enough is enough. After Curtis and Donda’s baby boy’s arm-wrestling match (Guess who my scrilla’s on?), there isn’t one truly inspiring superstar rap album release set for the end of this year (Sorry Nelly). Dre could come out and slap these young boys like Dee… I mean he could run the muthafuckin’ table. Hell jeah!

The time is now big homie—for the love of hip-hop. Take it like some cough medicine. It’s good for ya. Heed the word of the yellow brother. Let your album go. Time waits for no man, Superman.

P.S. I wonder if my invite to Paul Rosenberg’s born day bash is gonna mysteriously get reneged because of this. I think YN’s gone crazy. Oh well my wife and my mama love me. That and an ice-cold bottle of red Lillet and what else do you need?