Is Obama’s pimp game lacking?

In researching last week’s post on how the hip-hop vote is mostly meaningless, I came across some information that was even more interesting, at least for a d-bag such as myself.

I’d been aware for a while now that Hillary Clinton is doing better among black voters than you’d think, given that Barack Obama could very well be our best shot at putting a black (-ish) person in the White House in our lifetime. But it hadn’t occurred to me until just now that Hillary Clinton does especially well among black women and in fact commands a majority of them in many recent polls[1]. What gives?

Not to suggest that black women are sheep who live to follow Oprah Winfrey, but it’s especially odd when you consider that Obama is being endorsed by Oprah, i.e. the most wealthiest, most powerful black women evar. You could even go so far as to say that the Obama campaign is really an Oprah campaign by proxy, since I’ve recently uncovered evidence of Obama actually reading from Oprah’s talking points on the campaing trail.

And speaking of powerful black women from Chicago, there’s also Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama. Now, I don’t mean to suggest that he married a rough-looking black chick and spent years of his life living in the ghettos of Chicago because he thought it might help his career in electoral politics (I’m sure the campaign biography was a coincidence as well), but come on. You see how white chicks react to him on the campaign trail. The thought had to have crossed his mind at some point, no?

Even if he didn’t purposely decide to marry a black chick in order to feel as if he’s really black (you’ll notice my jimmy and I have no such issues – nullus) as well as bolster his support in the black community for political purposes, you have to think that somewhere, in the back of his mind, he was hoping it would have that effect anyway. I’m sure Wesley Snipes didn’t marry the broad he’s with thinking he’d get comped at the Chinese buffet, but shit. Might as well reap the benefits!

Also, who are we kidding? Do you really think that Oprah Winfrey, beloved by white women though she may be, would’ve thrown her support behind Obama had he been married to the chick that does those Obama Girl videos? Hillary Clinton would’ve been had the Oprah endorsement. So yeah, Obama has already benefited by planting himself in the South Side of Chicago, whether he did so for cynical purposes or not. He just hasn’t benefited quite as much as you’d think. What gives?

Like everyone else in this country, I won’t claim to understand how a black woman’s mind works, but I think what we might be witnessing here is yet another example of black women prioritizing their woman-ness over their blackness, not unlike they have in the current debate over a black man’s right to free speech. Which is not to say that they definitely shouldn’t, or that they’re in the wrong here, I’m just saying. After all, I’ve been known to subjugate pretty much everything to my own manliness.

As I mentioned last week, it’s understandable that black women would feel a certain kinship to Hillary Clinton, not just because she’s a woman, but because she’s had a lot of issues over the years in her relationship with former president Bill Clinton. Granted this phenomenon may function on a level that’s entirely subconscious, but you have to think that, on a certain level, black women can relate to having a man that didn’t care about them quite enough to not have his schlong in any number of chubby white chicks.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t altogether different from the (entirely misguided) affinity the black community as a whole felt for the first president Clinton. Only this time there’s an added gender element, so that it actually serves to take away support from a candidate who’s genuinely black, er at least more so than Bill Clinton. What do you ‘bags think? Am I onto something here, or am I reading too much into this?

[1] I’ve also read that hispanic voters, who will eventually outnumber black voters, if they don’t already, overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton, much more so than even Bill Richardson, who’s kind of like the hispanic Barack Obama (e.g. why is his name Bill Richardson?). I’d attempt to offer some sort of explanation for this phenomenon, but the truth of the matter is that I know next to nothing about hispanic people other than that they’re very hard working. And god bless them for it.

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  • first man


  • thoreauly77

    you are definitely looking for something. i don;t know what it is and i don’t think you found it, but whatevers.

  • Youngz

    Ha ha..
    Obama just played himself by becoming Oprahs lil´ bitch, no man wants to vote for a sucker…
    Just by him riding with Oprah he lost my vote…
    Fuck Hilary. Fuck the republicans!
    Go Denis Kucinitch (how the fuck do u spell that)
    Obama is not Black, he acts like the Dave Chapelle “White Character”

  • chris mullin

    first snitches. we have made progress in this country but i think race doesn’t play as much as a factor as we like to think. people like billy bitch ass nigga sunday have to be upset by this cause he would love to keep playin the race card til the day he dies.

  • og bobby johnson

    I aint fuckin with Hil or obama….polotics is sideways anyway….I dont know who I am going to vote for…if I vote at all. Its all a one big hustle anyway…..Ima just do me

  • Worley

    White women been suckering black women with that female affinity stuff since the inception of feminism. I am sure the same will prevail here.

  • May

    I don’t know if want to vote for obama anymore…i don’t even know if i’m gonna vote, period. And I just turned 18; it’s gonna be my first time. It just doesn’t look good for obama, man. To me, dude has fallen off. He’s fallen off and the primary elections haven’t even happened yet. He doesn’t seem as strong as a candidate anymore–Hilary’s beatin’ his ass. Ain’t that something?

  • Moe Real

    Actually, B.Obama has some good ideas. It’s best to get new blood in the House anyway. If Hillary wins, that means two families have controlled the U.S. since 1988. But that’s America, where family is more important than ideas.

    Bol is fat and dumb, and I always call him fat and dumb, but I never get him to respond to me. I guess I gotta step my comment board game up.

    I still wanna know how TPAR the self-congratulatory commenter and amateur rapper and pretend attorney has the time to come on this lame site everyday and write his bullshit. He must do fuck-all every single day. Maybe that’s why he gets along with Billy X. Shitday so well..

  • drydock

    Bol’s analysis about women is too hopelessly fucked IMO to even discuss, but then again I’m white guy and I’m might be missing something about the black men vs black women thing.

    On the other hand Bol’s point that the hip hop vote is meaningless i couldn’t agree more. In politics you’ll get some paid young black guy/women who supposedly represents young hip hop voters. They’ll be on TV trying to get this demographic to vote– which in reality is that 9 out of ten theses “hip hop” voters we’ll vote for the democrats. Politics is just a racket.

    The question Bol should explore is, does voting make a real difference at all? If the democrats get power will they pull out of Iraq, give universal health care, or do something about poverty? I doubt it.

  • geico lizard

    its crazy how black women love bill clinton so much that they will vote for his wife over a black man. so i guess some black women hate black men more than they hate white women so thats why hillary gets their vote. im glad oprah is behind obama

  • 40

    Obama is struggling now that he is fully exposed to the public…Nobody knew much about him a couple years ago and thats why people were so excited about him…Call it hype or whatever you want, but he has lost a little…However, I think it’s fucked up to question his “blackness”…Just because my dude well educated and making positive moves doesn’t mean he’s trying to be white

  • BklynBandette

    But it hadn’t occurred to me until just now that Hillary Clinton does especially well among black women and in fact commands a majority of them in many recent polls[1]. What gives?

    When dealing with “Polls” we must ask who’s administering them? Who are they talking to? What is the age group? What was the demographic surveyed to be able to determine their true findings? Because everything crying “Black” Ain’t “Black”. It’s important for them (White Media)to make us believe that Senator Obama ain’t doing so great. Convince the masses that Senator Obama is a No Win Candidate and a waste of time and money. The Sure Shot is Hilary and that is with whom you should ride. NEGATIVE. Through my own little research, I found that Barack Obama was doing a lot better than they would like us to believe or know. Do NOT Be Deceived. Because if Obama was NOT a true threat to Hilary, we wouldn’t be having this conversation now would we?

    As far as the Women’s Vote is concerned: I can’t call it. Once again, you need to be specific and clear as to who they are classifying as Black Women. Speaking on my own behalf, I DON’T FEEL HILARY. She’s a very deceptive individual who cannot be trusted any further than she can be thrown. NOTE: Just Ask David Geffen. The HipHop community aided her in her campaigned to be elected NY Senator. She got what she wanted, turned her back on us, and then hopped on the Censorship Bandwagon. HardBody. NOTE AGAIN: Ask Russell Simmons. Fool me Once shame on You. Fool me Twice shame on Me. Fool me a Third Time Who the Hell Knows … She’s what my Mama would call “Wishy Washy”, and I ain’t rockin’ with her.

    Therefore, as an African-American Woman of HipHop, My choice for the ’08 Election is BARACK OBAMA.

    Sorry, got a li’l carried away.

    Just A Woman’s Perspective.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me …

  • Armyav8er

    How can anyone say Obama is not black? Idiot is he less black because he’s successful and has his shit together. Black people need to get it together. Whenever we have someone who is doing the right thing and is not ignorant on purpose we automatically claim they are selling out. That’s a bunch of ignorant mess and isn’t going to fix any of our problems. Grow up people

  • N.O. 4 life

    hillary is gonna win becuase american women(most americans really) are genarlly unitelligent and they just wanna throw hillary in office.

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  • smog

    “Obama benefited by planting himself on South Side of Chicago, whether he did for cynical purposes or not.”
    first off i cant think of a better place in the world then to have a pres. live on the south side
    “another example of black women prioritizing their woman-
    ness over their blackness”
    how are you about to talk shit about someone puttin thier sex before thier race. you do that all the time, thats your niche, how you gonna talk shit about someone else doing it
    holla at BklynBandette

  • http://yahoo CaesarDuke

    Wow, this is a really crazy election, now I’m not old enough to vote yet but I have a question for Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, and William Ricardson how are you going to finish what George W. Bush has started and what I mean by that how are you going to bring those soilders back home, how are you going stop the violence that is going on in this world, how are you going to make this world a better place for us the people, and there are other issues but mainly how would you stop people like George bush from getting in to office

  • Around and Around

    I don’t believe all this support for Hillary, I don’t know anyone that supports here ass, haven’t heard of anyone who supports her. We’ll see if this is media hype in the primaries.

    But I do know that Fern supports something…Spam, that cracker will vote for Spam for the next prez of the Untied States.
    “Ahhhh shuks Ma, you ate that last can of prime rib Spam”

  • Tyler

    I keep tellin’ U don’t believe them phoneyass poll bro. Damn BoL, why U keep comin’ at Obama yo? I mean do the Masons have U under some type of a spell? Let that man Live cuz’. U are becoming a leader in Black on Black crime dude which ain’t a good look. aka
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • stoneyisland

    Let me get this straight Bol, i’m suppose to cast my vote just cuz a dude is black? thats the stupidest shit I have heard, not to mention Obama doesnt have the experience, if he was smart he would run as the vice, do 8 years then have the entire party behind him. America will vote a white woman in before a blackman becomes president, thats just real talk, so Obama swallow that ego brother get on the Clinton-Obama ticket and start fixing all the shit Bush fucked up.

  • Chocolate Rain

    Have you seen Polo Da Dons interviews on allhiphop??

    that sh&t causing a firestorm, real spit!


    you don’t “run” as vice-president-you get nominated.

    anyone but rudy.

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    i think o’boy should bowdown n take 2nd seat 2 that bitch.history says so!

  • dolo

    One thing I can agree with sugar bol on is the fact that for some dumb reason peeps of color have some kinda affinity for bill .. I also know a lot of sistas who favor hillary which is a shock being that she’s fake as shyt . .but you can’t trust any dem on a national level ..

  • buk

    black is black is black is black-Q-Tip for the uncultured among us. What a wak article. this is why we stay stuck on stupid. obama aint black enough for you b/c he speaks the language of commerce? b/c he is bout it on a higher level. it’s why our children still say others kids are actin’ white if they read or speak standard english..damn, we really gotta do better…take a look outside people..we are focused on bling & bullshit & the rest of the world is Passin us by while we play crabs in a barrel…i dont know who this weak ass author is but “he’s a king crab” not black enough should be someone not striving for excellence is whatever they do..not black enough should be someone not helping for WE AS A People Rise up–for example, wak-azz bol aint black enuf b/c he’s tries to know other blacks who are striving for success…Not that shoe fits

  • amli

    I agree with buk..i guess he misspelled it when he said bol tries to knock other blacks..but he’s right. we dont need that right now. bol needs to step up and come with something more productive. bol seems to be about black on black crime. he needs to check himself. & other blacks need to check him too..what kind of message do we send to our children-if you try to be successful, you are acting white? Question-is bol bad for black people? my vote is yes and it now makes me wonder if he started the whole light skinned vs. black skinned self hatred debate-lol. bol, what makes you black enough? no lol.

  • The Real Bishop

    I don’t feel like this is going to be a popular opinion on the comments section here, but somebody brought it up, so i’ll say it: Fuck universal health care. I already get enough money taken out in taxes, now I’ve got to subsidize the health costs of someone that can’t shell out a 10-20 bucks a week for blue cross? I mean, i understand that some people really can’t afford health care, but how is that on me? i already can’t afford a lot of shit that i want, mostly because i live in LA… why am i all of a sudden on the hook for somebody else’s health needs?

    I know people want to say that as a society, we’re only as good as the way we treat the lowest members of our people… but then again, does that mean i have to pay to rehabilitate every bum that asks me for money outside the Staples Center? The individual doesn’t exist to serve the collective. Plus, the government can’t even take care of the freeways, and Hillary’s health care plan blew the first time around, so forgive me if i’m skeptical that government-sponsored health programs will do anything but create dependence on the government. i know if someone volunteered to take care of some of my bills, i definitely wouldn’t start working harder.

  • tybe

    i tend to agree mostly seems like women i don’t know about black women tend to levitate to a woman presidential hopeful or any other hopeful because of their gender i levitate towards hillary beacuse i think she’s a freak behind close doors i’d love to hit that in the oval office

  • Chris

    Just goes to show how stupid Black America is. Obama offers change in politics and most citizens can only see the color of his skin. Questioning Obama’s blackness is totally stupid. What Obama offers is a Educated, civilized African American who made something of himself. Obama shows that the “American Dream” is still possible to obtain. I do agree that if he married a white woman that his campaign would have failed months ago. It’s had to figure out why America, well, Black America hates to see a successful black man with a white woman. Black women are totally insecure.

  • Frank Justin Case

    Obama Ain’t Black Enough

    I am writing this because I am sick and tired of ignorant statements like Obama’s mother is white and therefore he cannot know or represent me as a black or Afro-American man or woman.

    First of all, let me say I have not made up my mind who I will vote for in the presential election so this is not an endorsement, but I do want to speak to those small minded-ignorant folk who keep saying he is not black enough. As a perosn whose mother was white and father was black I make the following statement:

    Stop hating white people who love black or brown people enough to marry them and deal with all the ignorant people both white and black because they love the person they are with. My mother and father met in the 50′s and she was slapped by policemen, called all kinds of names and rejected by her family because she chose to marry a black or Afro-American man.

    Before she died she was a mother to many of our friends (all black or latina) that lived in our neighborhoods and by the way we lived and were raised in LA, Compton and Watts is that black enough for you? I was a member of a nortious gang and a hustler on the streets of LA and Compton and was good at it plus I am still alive does that make me black enough for you?

    I have gotten on elevators and watched white women tuck their purses in as if… is that black enough for you? on two of my jobs I have been denied a promotion because I did not fit the corporate profile is that good enough to be called black or Afro-American. When I started my business I did not know how and could not get finacing does this make me ….
    According to Jim Crow laws I was black the day I was born even if my skin happed to be lighter. So please get over yourselves and judge people by the content of their character not how black, brown light or white they may be isn’t that all we ever ask for in the first place, remember MLK?

    Many of us have experienced the hardships and reality of life as black people even if lighter thatn some of our other brothers and sisters. Just because our mother or father are of another race does not make us any less black or Afro-American.

  • Alex

    Wow! You’re an idiot….



    With last night’s victories in Ohio and Texas, one thing is clear: the
    momentum has swung back to Hillary Clinton. Voters in both states
    agreed that Hillary Clinton would be the best Commander-in-Chief and
    the strongest steward of our economy. In fact, according to last
    night’s polls, those who decided who to vote for in the last three
    days overwhelmingly favored Hillary [CNN exit polls, 3/4/08]. It’s
    time for a second look.
    Ohio is the barometer: Hillary was successful in Ohio, the state that
    for the last quarter century has picked our president. As everyone
    knows: As Ohio goes, so goes our country. Historically, it’s one of
    the bellwether states and it decided the last election. And the
    demographics of the upcoming contests in Pennsylvania, West Virginia,
    Indiana and Kentucky closely mirror those in Ohio. Hillary looks
    strong in all four states.
    In recent years, every President has won two of the three following
    states: Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. Hillary has already won two of
    those and, according to all polls, is leading in the third –
    This race is extremely close and more than 5 million Democrats are
    likely to vote. After 28 million votes have been counted, the popular
    vote contest in the Democratic primary is within one-tenth of one
    percent. Applying the same level of turnout to the remaining contests,
    there are still more than 5 million Democratic voters – 17 percent of
    the total – who are likely to participate in this contested primary
    race. After 41 primaries and caucuses, the delegate count is within
    roughly 2 percent.
    In the primaries, Hillary has demonstrated that she is the best
    positioned candidate to carry the core battleground states essential
    to a general election victory — particularly the large industrial
    states of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and the critical swing contests
    in Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, and New Jersey.
    The vetting of Obama has just begun. The press has only begun to
    scrutinize Senator Obama and his record. The corruption trial of Tony
    Rezko is getting underway this week, yet many questions about Obama’s
    relationship with him remain unanswered. Hillary, on the other hand,
    has withstood fifteen years of substantial media and Republican
    scrutiny, including many months of sharper scrutiny as the front-
    runner. If the primary contest ends prematurely and Obama is the
    nominee, Democrats may have a nominee who will be a lightening rod of
    Several of Hillary’s base constituencies (women, Hispanic, labor,
    elderly and under $75,000) are key to a Democratic victory in
    November. Senator Obama has not brought these voters out in the same
    The two groups that fueled President Bush’s victory in ’04 were women
    and Hispanics, and they are among Hillary Clinton’s strongest
    supporters. From 2000 to 2004, Bush’s support among Hispanics rose
    from 35% to 44%. And Bush’s support among women rose from 43% to 48%.
    That five point gain among women and nine point gain among Latinos
    gave Bush his victory in 2004.
    Women reached an all-time presidential election high of 54% of voters
    in ’04. As a factual matter, an outpouring of women for the first
    woman president alone can win the election. Hillary leads all
    candidates among women.
    These political and demographic trends project positively into the
    general election and strongly favor Hillary.
    The Red States: The central strategic argument of the Obama campaign
    is flawed. Senator Obama argues that his success in Democratic primary
    contests held in long-time Red States means he will carry those states
    in a general election. In reality, there are no “Red States” in a
    Democratic primary – there are only Democratic voters who live in
    Republican states and represent a small percentage of the general
    election population.
    Of the eleven core Republican states that have gone to the polls, Sen.
    Obama has won ten: Utah, Idaho, Nebraska, North Dakota, Alabama,
    Alaska, Kansas, South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana. John Kerry
    lost each of these states by fifteen points or more.
    The last time a Democratic nominee won Utah, Idaho, Nebraska, North
    Dakota, Kansas, and Alaska in the general election was 1964.
    Even if Obama is “transcendent,” as his campaign has argued, the
    historic electoral trends and the current political environment
    suggest that translating those primary wins into November success will
    be close to impossible.
    In short: Hillary is better positioned to carry the battle ground
    states that Democrats need to win in November and Obama’s victories in
    deep red states do not .
    Hillary is the only Democrat with the strength, leadership, and
    experience to defeat John McCain. Senator Clinton is seen as the best
    prepared to be Commander-in-Chief.
    Nationally, 57% say Hillary Clinton is best prepared to be president,
    39% Obama [CBS/ NYT, February 24]
    Hillary Clinton is seen as best able to take on the Republicans on
    their own turf – national security and terrorism. She is seen as a
    strong and decisive leader (a seven point advantage over Obama
    Hillary is seen as the one who can get the job done – leading Obama
    nationally by 13 points [USA Today/ Gallup, 2/24].
    Hillary is seen as the candidate to solve the country’s problems,
    leading Obama by 10 points [USA Today/ Gallup, 2/24].
    John McCain will diminish any perceived advantage Obama has with
    independents. As has been widely discussed, one of John McCain’s key
    constituents is independents. And against McCain, Obama will be framed
    by the Republicans as too liberal (he was ranked by the National
    Journal as the most liberal Senator); untested on national security;
    and vulnerable on issues that would make him unelectable in November.
    These issues may be surmountable in a Democratic primary but will be
    an Achilles heel with independents in a general election.
    The McCain Roadmap: McCain has already foreshadowed his campaign’s
    construct against Obama: His vulnerability is experience and judgment
    on national security.
    McCain: Obama’s ‘meet, talk and hope approach’ is ‘dangerously naïve
    in international diplomacy.’ “Meet, talk, and hope may be a sound
    approach in a state legislature, but it is dangerously naive in
    international diplomacy where the oppressed look to America for hope
    and adversaries wish us ill.” [McCain, NYT's The Caucus, 2/22/08]
    McCain: Obama is an ‘inexperienced candidate who once suggested
    bombing our ally, Pakistan, and suggested sitting down without
    preconditions or clear purpose with enemies who support terrorists.’
    “Each event poses a challenge and an opportunity. Will the next
    president have the experience — the judgment, experience informs and
    the strength of purpose to respond to each of these developments in
    ways that strengthen our security and advance the global progress of
    our ideals? Or will we risk the confused leadership of an
    inexperienced candidate who once suggested bombing our ally, Pakistan,
    and suggested sitting down without preconditions or clear purpose with
    enemies who support terrorists and are intent on destabilizing the
    world by acquiring nuclear weapons? I think you know the answer to
    that question.” [Post-Wisconsin Primary Victory Speech, 2/19/08]
    Steward of the economy. Hillary Clinton leads both John McCain and
    Barack Obama on the economy and health care. In the latest LA Times/
    Bloomberg poll (1/22), Hillary leads McCain 52/28 on health care and
    43/34 on the economy.
    Hillary leads Barack Obama on health care by 21 points nationally [USA
    Today/Gallup, 2/24].
    Florida. There is an additional reality that must be considered – the
    1.75 million voters in Florida whose votes will not be represented at
    the Democratic convention. How we handle this swing state will affect
    our Party’s potential of carrying it in November (Democrats lost
    Florida in 2004). This is a state where the playing field was level –
    all of the candidates had their names on the ballot and none
    campaigned in the state.
    Michigan. Nearly 600,000 Democrats voted in Michigan, but right now
    their votes are not being counted. Democrats barely carried Michigan
    in 2004 (by only 3% — 51 to 48). If our party refuses to let them
    participate in the convention, we will provide a political opportunity
    for the Republicans to win both Florida and Michigan. Recognizing
    their importance to Democratic success in November, Hillary has called
    for the delegates of both states to be seated at the convention.
    Hillary has the money to compete. In February, the Clinton campaign
    raised approximately $35 million – averaging more than a million
    dollars a day. This deep level of support gives Hillary the resources
    she needs to compete between now and the Convention.

    From BlogHillary:by Harold Ickes, Senior Advisor & Mark Penn, Chief
    Posted here by Randy…Rcalypso

    M Waheed Jadoon

    NJ 07080
    Phone: 516 707 5000