Fox Boogie Adds Some Points To Her Hardbody Score…

Sad to say it, but some people need to be institutionalized. Some folks need the supervision, the discipline, and the loss of their personal freedoms, in order to become respectable, considerate citizens. Foxy Brown appears to be one of those people. You would imagine that someone who was given the gift of superstardom might have an idea of what life as a regular person entails, especially since that was her background. Instead I see Foxy Brown display a sense of entitlement and privilege that I’m only used to seeing with White folks. Not white with the little ‘w’, (i.e., the white that read this website), but white with the big ‘W’.

Only George Bush’s daughters can get away with the irresponsible shit that Foxy has been pulling. You see that shit even caught up to Paris Hilton finally. The only two Black women in America that can run some gangsta bullshit are Oprah Winfrey and Condoleeza Rice. Foxy Brown is far away from these two broads, but the question I have is why has it taken so long for the courts to put the smack down on this chick. Foxy could have hurt someone in her present bi-polar condition. She could have had a car accident, or an errant telecom device hurled from a moving vehicle could have smacked someone, even her killer weave could choke a bitch.

So now Foxy Brown gets a taxpayer sponsored timeout. I’m not mad if Foxy Brown comes home with the same determination that baseball player had after he went to prison. Dude used his criminal background to lead the league in stolen bases the following season. Eventually he resorted to robbing liquor stores again. Some people are just not built for rehabilitation. Look at Lindsay Lohan. She had a chance to become one of those white folks that gets to upgrade to a large ‘W’, but she can’t handle the pressure. Back to a small ‘w’ for her. Some would argue that even a small ‘w’ is better for you in America than being Black, and if you catch me on the right day I won’t even argue with you.

Here we are in the new millennium, 2007 to be exact, and there are parts of America that still exist in the vacuum of the segregationist south circa 1957. In Jena Louisiana, the ramparts of Reconstruction have still not been dismantled. Six teenagers are facing decades of imprisonment for defending themselves and opposing supremacy. The story isn’t that simple, but it is that real. If you haven’t read the story of the Jena 6 then take your time with this.

AlterNet on The Jena 6

If you want to show how Hip-Hop you really are you should take some action with regard to this obvious struggle for equality and equal protection under the law. Submit your name if you are hardbody, you can even put in a fake one too if you are a coward. This shit here gives the Vote Or Die campaign some real meaning. I mean, even the rappers from Louisiana that were known for putting out mixtape singles regularly are too cowardly to weigh in on this story. Maybe their working on another song about their favorite pills? Don’t be a coward, be an iNternets Celebrity. Be Hip-Hop.

FREE THE JENA 6! (online petition)

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  • geico lizard

    anybody who says racism is dead needs to read about the jena 6. sign the petition and stand up for something people

  • Incilin

    I’ll look into tha Jena thing in a sec, but I’m sure you saw tha Saigon got a felony weapons charge on the XXL homepage. Haha! Incilin Productions is coming up big in the cRap fantasy league. Only if I could have done my R&B dropping strategy I would be in the lead.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Go sign the petition for the Jena 6. Don’t be a coward.

    As far as points in the cRap Music Fantasy League goes I cut Saigon’s points in half for that arrest since it wasn’t for a gun but a knife. What’s next? Niggas getting arrested for boxcutters?

    The cRap Music Fantasy League leaderboard looks like this right now…

    Gain Green Records 3375
    Krack Ko Kaine Entertainment 3275
    Pretty Dollar Entertainment 3200
    DubbleUP Entertainment 3125
    Grand Theft Audio Records 2925
    America Done Fell Off Records 2475
    Diamond Ballers Records 2450
    Rook Records 2450
    Ambulance Entertainment 2425
    Blue & Creme Entertainment 2425

  • VLsteve

    cmon William, you gotta answer me sometime. why don’t you make an “article” a-sumn about it, you kno “_____, the most softbody evar”

  • Incilin

    Ahh dammit! Still aint even break top ten. When is Akon gonna commit some dam felonies! Lol. I think I should drop Saigon since I expect him to lay low for a while (But then agin, who knows? Maybe he’ll decide to punch his girl with a car again) I might have to replace him with Fab just as Fab’s album goes gold.

    Ugh, which rapper will be the next to go do something crazy?? It’s not like anyone is actually scoring points for selling records and making hits these days. Hmm….

  • Brilliance Proper

    I signed the petition then put up shit to let all my friends onto this injustice too. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, the attention of the hip-hop community. We all need something to stand for and in this case it’s justice.

  • Combat Jack

    Knowing Foxy personally and having mad respect for her mom and brother Anton, I feel sorry for the entire family. In my encounters with Inga, I noticed a long time ago that she was off and suspected that she might be bi-polar. Unfortunately, Black people and rap stars are still not comfortable nor are comfortable with addressing the issue of mental illness as our White counter parts are. Had she open to being diagnosed and treated for being bi-polar, I’m sure medical treatment would have helped her out a great deal. She’s straight 7:30, literally! Jail is not the place for her (nor was it for ODB, Earl Simmons, etc) and many of us who are incarcerated on the daily. Tragic.

  • Around and Around

    Insane, a murder charge for a high school fight? The entire justice system is out of control in this country, it’s a joke there is no justice, never will be, and never has been.

    Jose Padillia was just convicted on no hard evidence at all, strictly assumptions.

  • smog

    yeah man what happen to them boys is some old bullshit, everybody should sign up for that news leter, help support great job posting this billy

  • Rich Arte

    I signed the petition (real name) when i first read about it. I’m glad you took the time to personally address an issue that is as serious as this to the xxl community. word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising, please help these young folks.

    @Foxy, damn bitch, you was beggin for that. is this gonna be your publicity stunt that gets you that street cred you’ve been longing for?
    @BXS, good for you mentioning this issue, but shame on you for not writing about those def poets I told you about. they are trying to promote change in hip hop as well as urban communities where the “thugged out d-boy” image seems to be takin over like the invasion. For you to blog on a hip hop site, and not try to bring about a positive change whenever you have the opportunity is disgusting. You must like songs like pop lock it drop it, and shawty.
    Or maybe you just don’t give a fuck which is even worse.

    one of the realest poems ever

  • Enigmatik

    Free the Jena 6.

  • Boner Jams 03

    free the jena 6…free generlow wilson…let assatta come back…and remember diallo!

  • VLsteve

    what the fuck is wrong with this site, peoples comments disappear and others appear.

  • The Biz

    From website aforementioned:

    i’ve investigated this story on the internet, the facts are less damning than the headlines about jim crow would have you believe. this is what happened.

    -three white students hang nooses from the tree. principal wants to expel them, the superintendent says suspension. so they were punished.
    -then a black kid was assaulted at a party, the white kid was arrested and convicted of battery. so he was punished.
    -shotgun incident was this, the black kid who was beaten up at the party was out with his friends, they saw a white kid who was a friend of the kid from the party and they went after him. he pulled a shotgun (unloaded) to scare them off. they took away the gun. the police came and the black kid refused to hand over the gun so he was arrested.
    -six black kids jumped one white student and knocked him unconscious. he was taken to the hospital treated for a concussion and bruises and released. the six were arrested, originally charged with attempted murder but that seems to have been reduced to more appropriate charges:
    “Mychal Bell, the first of the six to be tried, is scheduled to be sentenced in September. He was convicted on reduced charges of aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit it.” (from

    you can see a pattern of racism if you want to, but the more i learn about the facts, it seems like everyone who broke the law got punished. isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? i think the adults could have handled things better but no one has been killed or seriously hurt, it’s a tempest in a teapot so far. the DA just needs to see that the punishment for the 6 is appropriate and not excessive and then the town can try to get past this conflict. And people really should not jump to conclusions without the facts.


    Woahh that jenna 6 video is pretty nausiating. Sign that petetition everyone!

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  • Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso aka The New Millenium Kareem Akbar

    I just signed dat shit wit all my real info…..

    Foxy is still cool in my book and i wish nothin but the best for her, no matter what the outcome may be!

    fuck it….the great one has spoken!!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    @ The Biz,

    “six black kids jumped one white student” – No, they were ALL students.

    Niggers like you are the reason that this issue is of importance. It is all about EQUAL JUSTICE. High school kids(students) fight all the time. They get suspended, and occasionally expelled from school. They don’t get charged with attempted murder or aggravated battery(a charge that describes there was a weapon used) and THEY DON’T SIT IN JAIL FOR SIX MONTHS.

    You are prah’lee one of the same niggers that said Sean Bell’s murder wasn’t about the abuse of power because out of the fifty bullet fusilade Sean Bell was only hit thirteen times. WTF?!?

    This case is about EQUAL JUSTICE from a system that has historically prosecuted Blacks unjustly.

    These kids did what kids do – dumb shit. No one was murdered or damaged irreparably. Kids fought and someone got knocked the fuck out. These kids should have been suspended and the school should have called EVERYONE onto the mat and said the bullshit stops here. Instead we have high schoolers being prosecuted as adults and looking at confinement that brings them well into their adult life.

    Jena is not the poorest town in Louisiana, far from it. The folks there are working class people and they value the same things across the board that most people do. Read that information again and ask yourself if the district attorney that prosecuted the Duke lacrosse players wasn’t wrong for being overzealous, then why isn’t this D.A. held up to the same lens?

    Don’t be a coward, even if you can’t handle the truth.

    Free the Jena 6.

  • Rich Arte

    ^^^co-sign Billy X.

  • Around and Around

    Cosign BX statement

  • AeM

    Co-sign……it’s persecution instead of prosecution.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Thanks and no doubt, within the legal system its PROSECUTION, within society its PERSECUTION. Take your pick, tomatos, tomatoes, just take a stand for justice.

  • Karma

    Thanks for posting information on the Jena 6. I’m from Australia and I never would of heard of this case through other means…interesting that the same sort of thing happens here…the justice system is so f**ked

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