Break out the Xanax. ESPN's Page 2 reports that The Game will star in “Belly 2” are spreading across the Internets and I couldn’t be any more depressed about it. The latest gossip around the much anticipated (sarcasm sold separately) film would conflict earlier reports that Nas and DMX would reprise their roles in the sequel, tentatively titled “Beast.”

Now before you start sending your net homies instant messages, stop and read the entire article first. The Game’s good friend Baron Davis’ film company, Verso Entertainment, is in charge of post-production on the flick.

With that being said, I think that Chuck Taylor may have a supporting role but nothing too major. Plainly put, niggas be name dropping in interviews. Then again my ass could be wrong. We’ll just have to wait and see when the movie hits theaters . . . or coffee tables.

Forbes has compiled its first ever list of Top 20 Cash Kings. Here is the Top 10 in cased you missed it:

1. Jay-Z

2. 50 Cent

3. Diddy

4. Timbaland

5. Dr. Dre

6. Eminem

7. Snoop Dogg

8. Kanye West

9. Pharrell Williams

10. Scott Storch

The $32 million man has a couple of harsh words for Jimmy Ivoine on the Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo assisted “Southside.”