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So, have any of you ‘bags been following the thread having to do with Barack Obama’s stance on rap music? I’d be lying if I said that I have, or that I give a rat’s ass about any of this one way or the other, but I did read up on it the other day after having come across the new issue of VIBE, with him on the cover, in the grocery store the other day.

Apparently, a few months ago, in the wake of the Don Imus incident, a reporter with the AP tried to get Obama to talk shit about rap music. Obama was more than happy to oblige, presumably as an overture to anti-hip-hop feminist beyotches like Oprah, who’s a big-time supporter of his, as well as cracka-ass crackas who were concerned that he may have once taken some money from Ludacris.

You’ll recall that there was a similar incident back in the 1990s, in which Bill Clinton had to throw Sister Souljah under the bus in order to prove to his cracka-ass cracka base that he wasn’t down with the hip-hop community, even though he’d gone on the Arsenio Hall show that one time.

Obama’s playing it down now as a matter of him coming to the defense of black women in the wake of the Don Imus incident, but I went and tracked down the original AP story, and that’s not how it read to me. I’d quote from it here, but you might just want to check out the entire story for yourself, courtesy of the First Amendment Center.

Debate in Imus imbroglio turns toward rap lyrics

Of course if it was just yours truly who had an issue with his comments, that could easily be written off as a matter of me being “racist.” But Russell Simmons also took issue with Obama’s stance on hip-hop, and I think we all know there isn’t a racist bone in his body. His “special relationship” with the Jews is the stuff of legend, and also TV commercials.

In an interview with the Times Magazine, Blood Diamond Rush suggested that Obama ought to focus on the conditions in America’s ghettos that would make a brother want to call a black woman a beeyotch, rather than trying to censor rap music. Which happens to be my stance as well. He also criticized the Senator for fronting about his being in the pocket of big business.

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure how much of a threat this little spat between him and Blood Diamond Rush really posed to Obama’s campaign. My guess is that not only is the vast majority of the voting hip-hop community altogether unfamiliar with his stances on the issues and how they compare to the other candidates, but I’m sure they’d vote for him regardless just because he’s black. Still, I guess his handlers felt something needed to be done.

I don’t mean to suggest that this is how his cover story in VIBE came about, and that the people who created were basically tools charged with misrepresenting his stance on hip-hop to you ignorant fucks, but I suppose it’s a sheer matter of coincidence that the main part that’s being excerpted all over the place is the bit where he “clarifies” his stance on hip-hop. Which is the reason why now you can hardly find his original stance anywhere in Google.

Or maybe I’m just a cynical bastard with too much time on my hands. It’s not necessarily my goal here just to criticize VIBE magazine. I can appreciate the fact that they’re trying to turn their readership on to politics. Plus, you know VIBE and XXL have a special relationship. All I’m saying is, anytime you see some bullshit like this, you should consider the real motive behind it. Vote for the guy if you want, but don’t let yourself be duped into thinking he’s any different from the rest of them.

Except for his being… you know, kinda black.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/youngbroadway Bundles


    Oh yeah, and I’m first!

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Any political gimmickry >>> Vote Or Die ad campaign

  • Awwww

    Don’t Hate Obama “08″!

  • meenstreek

    I always vote for the lesser of two evils.

    ILL Bill said it best, “Whether Democrat or Republican/the same scumbag government/with scumbag ways of runnin it”

  • Tyler

    Great post BoL. Thanks for taking things up another level even if I don’t agree with all that you said. Yea’ Obama is just like the rest in the fact that he will almost say anything 2 get into that big’ol whitehouse on 1500 Penn.St but it’s much like when U are getting at a sexy female 2 get in them draws, ya’ dig. I don’t give a fuck what he has 2 say 2 get up in that piece. . I care more about what he is gonna do once he gets up in that bitch. I think we lower income type people got a better percentage chance of a greater future with the Half Black Muslim that we do with an all white anybody.
    SolutionsGlobalMedia.com aka SGM7.com
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.


    What fucking politician is gonna have the balls to come out and DEFEND Hip-Hop?…….

  • 757 4evea

    Blood Diamond Rush suggested

  • BirdsFlySouth

    To everybody if you’re voting for or against anybody based on their musical preferences. You my friend are an idiot.

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  • Content

    Even as a fan of hip-hop, if Obama listened to hip-hop I’d lose respect for the man. I’m 23 and already my taste in music are changing. This rap shit is for the kids or adults with child minds and mindsets.

  • Willie Blak

    My sentiments exactly. Everybody wanna jump up and down cuz Obama is kinda black. I know i shouldn’t do this, but they actin like its a real n-word on the ballot. Dude isn’t anything more that another white-washed politician that no more represents the common black american than Britney Spears represents sane White girls. Or maybe thats a bad analogy. My 2 Cents.

    Hate to do this, but I rap 2. So without further ado, I present my shameless plug = http://www.myspace.com/willblakburn. Sorry XXL! Peace to my man Bol. Shock Blogger of the Century, 7 years in!

  • bgdoe212

    HEY Tyler its 1600 Penn. AVE

  • bgdoe212

    HEY Tyler its 1600 Penn. AVE

  • drydock

    “Vote for the guy if you want, but don’t let yourself be duped into thinking he’s any different from the rest of them.”



    I would rather have him run our country than a woman or another republican…man he is OLD…old people don’t listen to hip hop…who cares!!…let the man run the country…he doesn’t have to listen to Nas to get my vote…Obama ’08…grow the fuck up!!…a republican will destroy our country and a woman will bring us NO RESPECT from other countries…sorry to say it ladies, it’s the truth…

  • http://www.myspace.com/michaelbjordan SENATOR MICHAEL JORDAN

    Bol, I think you’re a great writer, and I like your commitment to keeping it nerdy gully.

    But I think Barack Obama is as good as WE’RE going to get. And I think any body – especially any Black body – who wants to keep him from the Democratic nomination, or that just wants to keep us from believing that he has good intentions for the future, is just an arsewhole.

    But I like your style. Keep being controversial. But please don’t try to cripple a power broker until you have their power. You can’t win this one, you can only help him lose. And that’s H8torade.

    The Media Murderer…

  • Samp

    why do we need a black president?

  • http://www.cajunpeach.typepad.com cajun peach

    i appreciate your integrity in getting the full facts of the story. while his stance on hip-hop is irrelevant or not, voters need to be clear on what his issues are. i know i’m reaching, but i hope that his blackness won’t be the main reason he will get votes, or the fact that oprah is co-signing him…

  • melogrl248

    Who cares? Obama’s taste in music is irrelevant. And I seriously doubt that if he does become president he would try or even want to censor hip hop. He’s just tryin to get ahead in the pols. It’s not like he’s flip floping about important issues, like the War in Iraq for instance.
    Bol, u were better off writing a blog on when Kentucky fried Hiliary said ” I don’t feel no ways tired” at a Black church a couple of months ago. Now that’s what I call pandering. But I guest that would’ve be too easy, huh?

  • # her :

    I’d be lying if I said I was real familiar with Obama’s politics (or any of the rest of them, for that matter), but the AP article linked didn’t seem to say much of anything about Obama’s feelings on rap music. In his quotes, he never mentioned rap, rappers, hip-hop, or the like. Instead, he played the tried and true “popular culture has become too violent/sexual/offensive/whatever” card that every other politcian faced with a similar question has (read: “I do think we’ve seen a coarsening of the culture… I think that all of us have become a little complicit in this kind of relaxed attitude toward some pretty offensive things”). I’d guess that these quotes have been contextualized to hip hop by an AP reporter in order for it to be more relevant to the Imus debate. Not that this has much to do with the overall point of Bol’s post. But still. At least in front of reporters, Obama is probably no more against hip hop than he would be against violence in movies or games or almost-visible titties on TV (real world perhaps?). That being said, his gracing of the VIBE cover is no doubt set up to reinforce his credibility with the rap-loving yout. But, as Bol mentioned, that is probably unneccessary for the voting hip hop community due to his half-blackness (which automatically makes him more than half as gully as more than half of hip-hop consumers, right?). My cracka-ass self will probably vote for him just to cash in whatever juice it can gain with black folks (esp. the women-folk). I’m even thinking about covering my car with Obama ’08 bumper stickers just in case I ever have to park along MLK Blvd.

  • http://screwrock.blogspot.com Jonathan

    Bol, did you read that first article? All it said on Obama was:

    “Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has questioned the way some rappers talk about women in songs, saying the lyrics were similar to the derogatory language used by fired radio host Don Imus.

    They are “degrading their sisters. That doesn’t inspire me,” Obama said April 13 of some hip-hop artists when a man in a campaign-event crowd in Florence, S.C., questioned him.”

    The guy says “some rappers” are degrading women. That’s a pretty unenthusiastic criticism of hip hop, particularly for a guy who wants a whole lot of people who hate hip hop to vote for him. When the media tries to draw something more fiery out of him, he tells them, “My priority as a U.S. senator is dealing with poverty and educational opportunity and adequate health care. If I’m ignoring those issues and spending all my time worrying about rap lyrics, then I’m wasting my time” – exactly the sort of thing someone in his position should be saying.

    Damn Bol, if the only shit you can put on the guy is that he thinks a couple rappers are mean to women, your argument is pretty weak.

  • http://www.rich-arte.blogspot.com Rich Arte

    Toilet Bol,
    Comedy Central needs to have a roast of your fat ass in December. And the roasters are:
    Lupe Fiasco
    Kanye West
    Billy X. Sunday
    Rich Arte
    Lil Wayne
    Tay Zonday
    your mom…

  • http://www.byroncrawford.com/ Bol

    Of course the guy’s comments are going to be extra vague and lawyerly, but the gist of it is that someone asked him how he felt about hip-hop and he responded that it didn’t inspire him, and that he found it vulgar and disrespectful to women – right at the same time when Don Imus was trying to throw the blame for his incident on hip-hop. Obama was basically doing his job for him.

  • Vin Adams

    I enjoy reading your articles, and though we may not agree on certain topics, you do a very good job of making your point. However, I’m very uncomfortable with your borderline anti-Semitism. Your reference to Russell Simmons’ “relationship with the Jews” isn’t the first such occasion–in the past, you’ve been very vocal about the “Tall Israelis” in the music industry, which Mos Def used in his song “The Rape Over” as a singular reference to Lyor Cohen. Now, I may be wrong, but I think that there are only a handful of Jews–if any–that run record labels now. If you prove me wrong, it’s cool–I just wanted to let you know that it’s kind of offensive to me as a Jewish person to witness someone as educated as yourself sink to the level of making anti-Semitic references in your otherwise well-researched and well-written articles.

    Just something I noticed.

    Peace and respect,
    Vin Adams


    hahaaaaa kinda black