50 Cent went on rampage throughout the G-Unit offices on Thursday night after learning that the music video and song for the single "Follow My Lead" leaked on to the net.

The Robin Thicke collabo wasn't suppose to drop until October, long after Curtis hit stores shelves and the buzz around his current singles "I Get Money" and "Ayo Technology" died down.

Inside sources revealed exclusively to my girl Miss Info details surrounding 50's tantrum. It is reported that during his outburst he hurled curses at label staff, snatched a 70 inch plasma straight off the wall, tossed his Blackberry out the window of his executive office, and declared that he was going on a vacation.

During his blackout he was overhead saying that he planned on boycotting future promotion and media for the album and may possibly leave the label over this incident.
Needless to say somebody is going to lose their job over this shit.