The beef is back on the grill. In a recent interview with Lace magazine, Clipse pick up where they left off, serving up harsh words for Baby's scrotum massager.“If you Wobble Dee Wobble Dee, you can’t be a legend,” Malice said, when asked about Lil Wayne’s “greatest rapper alive” stance.

You can’t kiss other men, you can’t wobble dee-wobble dee, and and you can’t bite styles,” Pusha added.

You can’t bite everybody’s styles. You can’t try to rap like Jay-Z, dress like the Clipse, become a coke dealer after 5 albums, and now dress like Jim Jones. You can’t do all that and be a legend. You have to be a trendsetter and he ain’t setting any trends,” he continued.

Let the YouTube dissing commence! Speaking of which, Mr. West finally addressed Bean's reckless talking and allegations on the Angie Martinez show earlier this week.

Kanye joined Common, Swizz Beats, the number one window licker in the game aka Consequence, Just Blaze, saigon, Q-Tip, Queen Latifah, Mos Def initely not paying child or spousal support and a host of other artists and producers at S.O.B.'s for Pepsi's DJ Battle. Drag-On even manage to escape out of his kennel, so you know the night was big for hip hop lovers. Miss Info has the official rundown along with plenty of flicks and videos.