Who’s That Lady


Today her book drops. So the mouth that roared gets a musical tribute. Why? Well, she’s from Astoria; I was raised up in Woodside. It’s a Queens thing, mang.

Miss Jones “Where I Wanna Be”

AZ “Sugar Hill”

AZ “Sugar Hill (Remix)”

Common “Puppy Chow”

Beatnuts “Rik’s Joint”

Big Punisher “Punish Me”

Das EFX “What Goes Around”

Pete Rock “Soul Survivor”

Big L “Holdin’ It Down”

Poor Righteous Teachers “My Three Wives (Shakyla Pt. 3)”

Queen Pen “Ghetto Divorce”

Kool G. Rap “Can’t Stop The Shine”

Doug E. Fresh “Doug E. Got It Goin’ On”

Doug E. Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew “There’s Nothing Better”

P.S. Fuck her manager though. That’s on the rillz.

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  • ulsen


  • DANJA29

    That “Rik’s Joint” was my SHIT.

    Jonesy is wild as all hell on the radio tip… but yeah, a lotta people forgot how loved she was on the hook side of things.

    I was hopin’ you put up the joint she sang over the “Sucker MC’s” beat. DJ’s used to run the shit outta that.

  • Incilin

    That’s her on those songs??? Shit I had no idea she could sing like that. So I went on Wikipedia’d her and here’s what I found;

    “In January 2006, Jones was again at the center of a controversy due to remarks she made that were considered racially offensive. Jones offended many members of New York City’s large Caribbean community when she referred to Roger Toussaint, the Trinidadian-American leader of striking transit workers, as a “dumb coconut who probably doesn’t have a green card” and who “should probably be murdered”.

    And also; “I really don’t care about people, especially Asians, and am only apologizing to save my livelihood.”

    With that being said; umm… Fuck tha bitch.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso

    yeah Ms. Jones has a great singing voice, i used to have a crush on her when that “where i wanna be” joint dropped. much younger and body intact, somethin bout those eyes and dat rack dat had my young mind in a frenzy.

  • jaislayer

    Where I wanna be was the joint back in the early 90′s it was on every blend tape back then. Shout out to DJ Hot Day. The Beatnuts joint was sick. Peace.

  • IT IS I

    I had a crush on missjones since Where I wanna be boy and Sugar Hill. I still got these joints got cassette(remember 90 minute maxell and tdk tapes?) After all these years I’d still smash.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    Incilin Says:

    July 10th, 2007 at 9:51 am
    Damn yo. What a cunt. How you gonna say someone should be murdered? What a racist cow.

    Yeah man, Fuck tha bitch.

  • Worley

    The Chickenhead extraordinaire follows in Superhead’s footsteps.

  • sk

    She’s just trying to be the female version of STAR. That’s why I don’t listen too her show she’s NOT funny.

    Lil Mo is the hook queen.

  • Dr Flav

    Sorry Mary J is the hook queen, think about it. Props due to Jonesy though.

  • Back Once Again

    Go peep the internets celebrity video if you wanna see the real Billy Sunday.

    Fat Hypocrite.

  • Pancho

    Fuck this bitch…NEXT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Purple Hulk


  • Incilin

    Despite all the shit, and as much as I hate her racist attitude and all; I’d still smash. I woulda when she was young, and even now that’s she’s old. When I seen them subway ads her I hate to stop and say “dam, she finer than I woulda guessed” And not for nothing, Sugar Hill is one of my fav hooks that was sung, and MVP ranks up there too. I can’t front. She might be a bitch, but I gota give props where it’s due.

  • Ryan

    Nate Dogg is the hook queen.

  • twqet

    I’d like to use this oppertunity to just say Miss Jones can’t sing for shit.
    A completely talentless singer.

  • Lethal Lyrics Born

    miss jones got problems with that racist remark but i would still smash that… i love sugarhill