“Kris is life.
Kris is husband and wife.
Kris is once. Maybe twice.
Kris is Christ.
Kris is comprehended by criminals.
Kris is maximum and minimal.
Kris is subliminal and lyrical.
Kris is rap.
Kris is shining.
Kris is timing.
Kris is combining, redefining, redesigning rhyming.
For MCs still whining about headlining.
Kris is one of a kind.
Out of his mind.
Into your space and time.
Kris is yours and mine.
Kris is kind.
Kris is crazy.
Kris pays me.
Kris still obeys me.
Kris is definitely maybe.”

Yeah he’s threatened to tackle a journalist or two in the past, but I still got a soft spot for that madman Lawrence Krisna Parker. I mean I named him the G.O.A.T. in my book for Crissakes. So I spent my Saturday afternoon at my ego trip batcave rediscovering the mad genius. After I get bored with the CDs, I dug in our box of tapes and came across the Hip-Hop vs. Rap album.

No you don’t have it young’n. It’s actually an early advance (yes the record companies used to send ‘em to us before an album came out) of his 1995 self-titled album. It’s the one after Boom Bap and the one before “A Friend” and the Puffy debacle. For the ten people who can appreciate it, I ripped some stuff off the tape that didn’t make the final album. Pretend you understand or just ignore it. I really don’t give a fuck. I do this—for me. And my Baby and Wayne 10th anniversary cover shoot in Nawlins is goin’ well so I’m in a good-ass mood.

Some of these aren’t actual titles; I don’t have a track list so I’m making these shits up.

“Mental Candy” (produced by Diamond D)

“Metaphysics (Interlude)”

“Kris Is (Interlude)”

“Clubs Dem”

“The Truth (Original Version)”

Looks like Barry Weiss chopped this controversial filled content down. 4080, Whitey!