Still Shinin’

Okay, I’m feelin’ generous tonight.

Ghostface Killah “260 (Original Version)”

Method Man “What The Bloodclot (Original Version)”

Method Man “All I Need (Original Version)”

Mobb Deep “True Lies”

Mobb Deep “Street Life (Original Version)”

Fugees “Killing Me Softly (Original Version)”

Grand Puba “Reggae Joint”

O.C. “Showtime”

Redman “Up Undercover”

Redman “Da Goodness (Original Version)”

Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh “Treat Her Like A Prostitute (Live)”

Black Sheep “MC Hammer Diss”

Mekolicious “Strange Fruit (Original Version)”

Mekolicious “Verbal Murder (Original Version)”

Snoop Dogg “Doggystyle (Unreleased)”

Snoop Dogg “Untitled (Unreleased)”

Craig Mack and Notorious B.I.G. “Let Me Get Down (Original Version)”

Craig Mack “Get Up”

LL Cool J “Around The Way Girl (Remix)”

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  • Purple Hulk


  • Purple Hulk


  • these posts are racist

    Wow! Fire, Good looking Elliot! That LL Cool J remix took me back.

  • J.R.O.

    Cot damn, YN! I’m going to be on here all day now. It’s all about the music on this one.

    Rae’s verse on 260 = Now, THAT is how you paint a picture.

  • Incilin

    Why would I listen to “260″ and the other tracks at 32 bits per second when I could just bump the album from my mp3 player? Anyone who could appreciate this post prolly already has things like “260″


    Man…Listen to the verses in those Mobb tracks.In ’96 Prodigy was hands down one of the best rappers. What the f%@k happened??? He even lost that “I-can-say anything-and-make-it-sound-classic-even-without-rhymin” voice. The Legend of The Fall-Offs continues….

  • Hannah Smith

    That Black Sheep joint ain’t called ‘MC Hammer Dis’. Get your title game straight, loverboy!

    And as for the sound quality – WTF (as those internet kids say).

  • DANJA29

    smh @ Trannah Smith callin’ YN “loverboy”

    and I believe that Snoop “Untitled” joint was called “Poor Young Dave”. I recall reading somethin’ about that song before in the Source (pre-Doggystyle).

  • Real Talk

    Really appreciate this YN. Dope as always

  • sayword!

    you can’t download these?

    What’s the point in just listening to them????

  • burns

    how can i get my hands on cd quality????? it says the name of the cds is Digitized Treats Vol.1 & 2

  • 2 hot

    dayum i was lookin all over for the doggystyle song where can i download it??

  • gimmesomemore

    I miss the 90′s era there was nothing that wasnt dope besides Hammer and gimmick groups like white boys that call themselves Young Black Teenagers …..but even they had a hot joint …..”tap the bottle then twist the cap”…There will never be another era like that I was blessed to experience that. Our kids will never have that because no one is making good music (hiphop or RandB) anymore. I


    That strange fruit joint was hot when Pete Rock put Sticky Fingaz on it. If u was gonna put a Snoop Dogg throw back u shoulda put the “Niggas and Bitches” original version up.