Can a 23 years active rap vet save hip-hop? Don’t know. But I’m not gonna bite my tongue or lick my lips (pause), I think the old head from the Q borough murdered everybody on this shit. What is this Flava in Ya Ear part deux? Heesheee… Blowticious! (p… nevermind.)

“Tiffany’s on the ice
Vuitton on the Nikes
Polo on the socks
Ducati on the bike
Rolie on the arm
Yellow on the charm
Green in the pocket
Still drinking Dom
Black on the card
iPhone charged
Queens in the building
Paper is involved
Def Jam’s a problem
Soon be solved
Leather seat soft
Rims real hard
Prada on the frames
Gucci on the back
Todd Smith jeans
Fittin’ so exact
Style is versatile, the flows is varying
Rock million carats, not a vegetarian
Mr. Smith
Oh so krisp
That’s a fan club
That ain’t a top ten list
Pop big bottles
Grant you a wish
This ain’t a remix
It’s more like a gift.”

P.S. Maybe since LL’s really been making rap hits for 23 years (“I Need A Beat” dropped in 1984 doofy!), Uncle L will takeover some of Hova’s Jordan references on the next album. Memo to Antonio Reid: Let Exit 13 free!