Before Marshall saved his sinking ship and years before 50 was even a blip on his radar, Dr. Dre was rollin’ hard with fellow West West veterano King Tee. KRS already made an album called Blueprint and the Alkaholiks mentor made an album called Thy Kingdom Come. It was supposed to drop on Aftermath but it got shelved when Em came through the door.

Although some versions of this have been reissued in the past, here are some original jawns straight off the cassette. I’m Bob Digi, muthafuckas.

“Stay Down”


“Tha Cron”

“Psykic Pimp (Interlude)”

“Tha “V”"

“Reel Raw”

Sidenote: I still fucks with Tha Triflin’ Album.

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  • fade

    good post …fuck first

  • Tha Phantom

    This nigga ain’t 1/2 bad


    XXL needs to do a story on King Tee the real Original West Coast Gangsta.

  • Purple Hulk


  • King Ben

    Sounds like a west coast Biggie.

  • dubsmith

    King Tee’s dope, Dre shoulda dropped this album there were some sick joints on there


    this album cuda massive,shame.

  • crewzta

    thanks for this

  • DANJA29

    I remember when this was about to come out… I also remember the video for “Got It Locked” which was kinda blaaah, but for whatever reason, BET played the HELL out of it that summer.

  • Incilin

    I always thought King Tee was nice, but I heard very little of his shit.

  • EReal

    LOL @ JayZ sneak disses.

  • west coast finest

    yeah this is the bizness… King T’s album was all over the streets of LA after Dre shelved it… King Tipsy is a Legend!

    to King Ben… ya man Biggie sounded like King T… there was an interview back in the day with Biggie where he said King T was one of his favorite rappers from the coast… Get a Bar!

  • son boy

    i was just bumpin this album in my car during my lunch break, no joke. you should have put “speak on it” up there. that’s a straight banger. dre could have put out this album, he could have put out a ras kass album, and he could have put out a rakim album, and they all probably would have been classic. in a few years we’ll probably be saying that about the new raekwon that’s never coming out.


    The D.O.C. used that exact same Psykic Pimp (Interlude) on his 2003 album Deuce.

  • Patkilpat

    The “V” wins Quik is dope, I’m miss old Dr. Dre, new Dr. Dre, is neh when he doesn’t have co-producers.