Remy Ma Is The Most Hardbody Lady Rapper…

You already knew this was coming as soon as you saw the headline on Nah’Right. So let’s get right into this because I know some of you are scoring at home. Brandy is still top of the food chain due to the fact that she actually merc’ked someone, then we have Remy Ma because she tried to push back her homegirl’s weave. Next up would be Lil’ Kim who was extremely hardbody for perjuring herself in order to maintain the ‘G’ code. After her we have Paris Hilton, who wasn’t as hardbody as Kim when it came to serving her bid, but nonetheless she put the ‘H’ on her back and handled her business. Lastly, is Foxy Brown who kicks the ass out of nail salon techs, but gets beat up herself by prostitutes.

No one really gives a shit about female rappers despite the fact that there are women that still listen to rap music. I guess most women prefer their misogyny from male performers. I can’t blame the ladies either because no one sounds better than Lil’ Wayne when he uses the word bitch. The popularity of a rapper with a vagina using the ‘B’word? Not so much.

Being the cynic that I am this whole case looks like a horrible publicity stunt. I mean, if Remy Ma wanted to kill this girl so badly she could have just shot her in the face. Remy was smart enough to shoot her in the fatty part of her stomach and she missed all the vital organs especially the uterus. That looks staged if you ask me. In August, Remy Ma is releasing her next solo project called ‘The B.X. Files’ on some ridiculously named independent label. When questioned about the shooting the label owner said that he hadn’t even heard the news. Ha! A likely story. I’ve never met the T.I. that didn’t watch his money machine even when he was asleep

The bigger story is who the fuck even cares about a new Remy Ma album. With no crew to support her and draw some interest I expect the new Remy Ma record to sell as many copies as a new Amil album would, but then again, what do I know? ‘T.I. vs. TIP’ went gold so fast it was like the second coming of Young MC. So who knows, maybe the kids are actually checking for Remy Ma. One thing is for sure, if you selected Remy Ma for your cRap Music Fantasy League roster then you just scored a cool 650 points this weekend. The overall points winner nets a pair of custom Nike Dunk shoes courtesy of DP Dot Com.

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  • May

    billy, i don’t think this is a “horrible publicity stunt”, i think it’s a case of “when keepin’ it real goes wrong”…when it’s all said and done, remy got out of character and (allegedly) shot a b*tch over bullsh*t…

  • Will The Thrill

    Stupid decision. Why the fuck do you need to shoot someone over an argument?

  • beeyo

    haha. that is all.

  • Will The Thrill

    Stupid decision. Why do people shoot people over arguments?

  • Will The Thrill


  • Incilin

    Dam, I aint pick no Remy. I was hoping Fox would carry on wit all tha crazy shit. I am yet to pick out a big winner for a week.

  • smog

    o no, i know no one is playin on my phone! i hate people playin on my phone!

  • buck jones pony

    it was the wrong #

  • reddillionaire

    I picked her…I felt bad about being geeked up that she caught a case though.pretty dollar entertainment still on top

  • IT IS I

    you are an absolute idiot – i hope you never have anyone in your family shot – maybe then you wouldn’t talk such destructive rubbish

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    You’re definitely right about one thing … as soon as I heard the news, I knew this ‘hardbody’ post was coming …

    What’s funny to me is that when Remy released that latest video for “Weatherman” on the internets, she talked about shootin’ up gats n shit on the song, and more than half of the 100 or so comments on it where like “Remy better stop frontin’, she ain’t poppin’ off like that”.

    I guess that bitch proved all of them wrong. All I know is that Remy better get on her remix and mixtape grind quick “Lil’ Wayne style” if she expects to have enough money to pay one her henchmen to eat the charges for her and the chick she bucked to say it wasn’t her.

    Justice ain’t blind … and it ain’t cheap either.

  • Tyler

    Ain’t nothing hardbody bout gettin’ shot. Ain’t nothing hardbody about shooting and not killin’ something either. aka
    Love it or Hate it Tell a Friend.

  • Your God



    I red she was missing $2,000 out her purse and the friend was suppose to be holding the purse.

  • HNIC

    Co-sign My Effin’ Opinion,

    Not only that, but she’s gonna need to stack her commissary money up, if in fact, she did it and she just so happens to get convicted. She’s gonna need to keep those dike broads so paid that they’ll keep their minds off of her Cootie Cat. It’d be a shame for her to get turned out like that.

    HBO should consider doing a female version of “Oz”… now that would be must see TV, no doubt.


    man,this shit is fucked up man.what tha fuck was she thinking about,mane?

  • John Brown

    Remy Ma is the BIG WORM of this rap shit.

    You dont wanna fuck with her money or else she will fuck you up.

  • Reddillionaire

    hmmm if yall suspected someone of stealin 2stacks from you would you let it ride????(not sayin poppin her in the tummy was right)

  • big stacks

    this bitch ain’t hardbody gloria velez knocked her out in the club. she tried to run up on her and got decked, she lost her terror squad chain in the melee. brandy and lil kim are the only hardbody bitches in the game .

  • GT_Massive

    PLEEEEEEEEEZE stop with these “hardbody” posts, they are so childish.

  • Worley

    REMY is the truth.

  • yacksippa

    she has a sexy body damn

  • Cuban Link

    Ive been waiting for this post since I heard the news, lol.


    X Sunday or whatever his name is just wrote this to be inflammatory. I can’t believe any intelligent person with half the intelligence of a monkey would believe that Brandy intentionally killed someone. Oh yea homie like someone said above these hardbody posts are childish, aren’t you to old to be saying hardbody anyway.