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I’ve been giving it some thought. And here it is:

Mobb Deep > EPMD.

I’m sorry. That’s all that I can say.

“Thrill Me”

“Fuck That Bitch” (Murda Muzik disclaimer included)

P.S. MOBB’s catalogue is so extensive it gives me a headache. And if locked in the stu with ALC and JBTV they could still knock out another classic in the ’07. Can’t say the same for Erick and Parrish.

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  • CL81

    Europe stand up!!!

  • Masta P

    Please compare things that are comparable.
    EPMD started in the 80s. And Mobb are 90 kids. Next time post a comparison between Melle Mel and B.I.G.

  • yo yo

    1st.. mobb deep suks. Terror Squad for Life

  • CL81

    Still no other.
    Mobb Deep = EPMD
    in their prime….
    Would Mobb Deep please do another Infamous Album!

    • chris

      you kno, their new album “the infamous archives” isnt as good as there really old work, but its one hell of a comeback, its definetly better than any of their albums from “infamy”-”blood money”


    Mobb Deep>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the south

  • che

    seriously has Eskay been fired or what??

  • che

    damn, i was hoping for some new nas.

  • clarknova

    Mobb Deep= 1 certified classic, 1 good album, then boring, boring, boring for a decade or more (and fuck a Prodigy solo record).
    EPMD= 4 certified classics, two good albums, and boring, boring boring for at least.. five years?
    I’m thinking
    EPMD>Mobb Deep.
    And hey, Phoenixxx: right now?
    The South/any other region/>>>>>>>>>>NY.
    Truth hurts.

  • http://LOLLOL.COM LOL





  • Rizz

    America’s nightmare was VERY slept on. They killed it. Murda Musik= classic….Infamous…..classic. Hell on earth wasnt that bad either. On infamy, dudes hated for that song with 112, but it wasnt garbage.

  • Rizz

    And the south only has ONE legendary group…outkast. You cant count anyone from houston that aint just the south if you look at a map its the midwest. Ludacris aint it yet. So please list one group/solo other than outkast with three classic albums….

  • Boner Jams ’03

    thats a tuff one…EPMD is one of the greatest most underrated groups ever..they definetely had bigger singles than mobb deep…the mobb never put out a hit that was as big as “you gots to chill” ..but the mobb has definetely had a better string of albums..thats tough..but i’d think ii’d have to agree with yn….

  • IT IS I

    I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to disagree with you on this one. EPMD is one of the greatest groups in hip-hop. Now don’t get me wrong, Mobb Deep is ill, but their lyrical content stays the same on damn near every joint. EPMD always been more original. Check the line-up:Gold Digger(the original one), You had too much to drink, Mr. Bozack, Crossover, Rap is outta control, and the list goes on. On top of that, they’re responsible for bringing some the illest emcees to the game(Redman, K-Solo, Keith Murray). Again, I’m not putting down Mobb Deep, but EPMD got too much history that cannot be touched.

  • Hannah Smith

    Like the dude says, when it comes to classics EPMD wipe the floor with those midgets. I guess they get the benefit of the doubt round these parts ‘cos they roll with the G-Unit machine though – you know how little Elliot likes his real black men oiled up and mugging for the camera.

  • http://www.richarte.blogspot.com Rich Arte

    Return of the Mac >>> Mobb Deep

  • http://whythinkletmedothat.blogspot.com The Only Opinion

    just blaze said mobb deep over epmd a couple of days ago…

  • Ghost Deini

    TRUTH !

  • Tyler

    Stop smoking Crack bro. It’s EPMD, all day yo and I love MoB Deep ya’ dig. And ‘dats coming from the bottom down south yo.
    SolutionsGlobalMedia.com aka SGM7.com
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • clarknova

    LOL: STOP WITH THE FUCKING ALL CAPS, RETARD. I don’t CARE about them on G-Unit. Who does???
    I wasn’t hating on Mobb Deep at all, I said they made one legit classic and one good album. Shit that’s a great track record! But they are NO EPMD… One could argue that Mobb Deep’s impact was bigger stylistically, but as other posters have noted EPMD has been deep in the game forever and put lots of people on…
    And I said: “the south > NY”, RIGHT NOW… not for all time. Don’t be so literal, sheeit….

  • rap snacks

    And if locked in the stu with ALC and JBTV they could still knock out another classic in the ‘07. Can’t say the same for Erick and Parrish.

    ^so? epmd came out in EIGHTY-SEVEN.
    see mobb deep release something in 2014.

  • rap snacks

    and how many jay-z lines are actually from erick sermon?????

  • rap snacks

    Rizz saying the south has only ONE legendary group *smh*
    you dumb bastard

    your mind’s playin tricks on you

  • DANJA29

    It’s not like this is an unrealistic comparison though.

    Both duos, both self-produced, both in the forefront of their era, both have classics.

    And I tend to forget how many memorable records both of ‘em have. It goes deeper than just the singles with both of them.

    I call a draw.

  • clarknova

    ’87, so what? Yeah Mobb Deep will be putting out the exact same, boring ass record in 2014…that’s all it’s about? By that standard LL Cool J will forever be the GOAT. Moron.

  • Tray

    I agree… where do you find all this unreleased shit though? I have the J-Love 2-disc mixtape with some of it but that’s it.


    @ rizz.

    If you go to Texas, they claim the south all day. They speak that southern slang, and geographically speaking, Texas is in THE SOUTH.
    When a person from Texas goes to a nothern state, they say that he/she is a southener. Big name artists from Texas say they are from the south! You cant agrue with geography, the people or the truth.
    o yea… one more thing

    1. goodie mob
    2. arrested development
    3. geto boyz
    4. three 6 mafia
    (naw, i take that one back.)
    5.8ball mjg
    (if you count them as a group)
    6. trick
    (www.thug.com, book of thugs: chapter ak verse 47, and thugs r us)

    and i saw something about g-unit on here!! them muthafukas aint have no damn classics!!! you cant compare them to EMPD and Mobb Deep!! what the fuck?!!


    o yeah i forgot about the hot boyz!!

  • ThingAlec

    Gotta dissagree.

  • ThingAlec


    WRONG! EPMD have 4 classics. Mobb Deep has 1 or 2.

  • Cuban Link

    co-sign, Mobb Deep>EPMD.EPMD were fire, but Shook Ones Pt II is arguably the greatest song ever.

  • clarknova

    ^ that’s it right there. That’s what everyone is thinking of when they say MObb Deep. EPMD. EPMD doesn’t have a song that defines them like “Shook Ones Pt. II” did for Mobb Deep. And after 8 Mile, young’ns know that track, where they might not know EPMD’s stuff. Leads to a lot of crazy thinkin’!

  • Cuban Link

    ^That is a good point, but Shook Ones Pt II and Mobb Deep didnt just blow up after 8 Mile.

    I was 5 i think when that song dropped, and I can still remember hea ring it where ever I went in Queens.That song took over, and Mobb Deep were already famous before it was in 8 Mile.

  • clarknova

    I wasn’t trying to say it was made famous by 8 Mile, just that 8 Mile kept the song alive in the minds of younger heads. Not at all shitting on the song, it is a stone cold classic.

  • Rizzop2003

    Please list the GROUP with more than three classic albumsm is what i said. Please tell me the 3 goodie mob had????? While they are the shit, they didnt have that many. I really cant count texas as just being the south (geographically speaking of course) It isnt just the south its more south/midwest but ill give you that, and only UGK is fucking with it like that. But my whole point was to give the mobb their props

  • rap snacks

    hell on earth was boring, except for “drop a gem on em”

  • Cuban Link

    True, but I think without 8 Mile it still would be just as appealing as it is today

    and btw, u said they had one classic, whihc is obviously The Infamous, and one good CD.Which is that one CD?I thought Hell on Earth and Juvenile Hell were sick, and, most wont think so but w/e, I thought Amerikaz Nightmare was hot too.Even Infamy was iight it only had a few real good tracks thou