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  • dre


  • smog

    hell no, i fux with that song they decided to fux with each other on though,

  • F U

    niggaz should have put Saigon & just blaze or Common & Kayne west

  • ThingAlec

    This cover > 10th anniversary XXL cover (though it aint saying much)

  • Bol

    Can we call a moratorium on covers with two guys on them, at least for a while?

  • Worley

    This is pretty much the end for TI. Messing with Wyclef is the kiss of death. Everyone he worked with is finished.

  • Mr Hunter 808

    Scratch used to be the bible! Shit fell the fuck off! Real niggas that make beats dont give a fuck about the goofball ass niggas. WYCLEF??? Come on man. While he is talented hes hasnt done shit to change the game technique-wise. I know yall need the covers too sell but this shit is stupid. DJ Khaled??? The Runners??? Them niggas are dope but they only got 1 style. Definately not cover worthy. ALSO, Can someone see to it that Kurtis Mantronik gets a feature please. Real niggas know that the South would not exist right if it wasnt for that nigga. No Timbo. No Mannie Fresh. No Lil Jon. Do the knowledge!!!

  • Crimson

    im just coppin it for the saigon story

  • around and around

    Worley Says:

    July 17th, 2007 at 2:25 pm
    This is pretty much the end for TI. Messing with Wyclef is the kiss of death. Everyone he worked with is finished.
    You promise?

  • Hokus

    Apparently XXL and Scratch have become the new Gay Urban Male publications. (jokes) Nah , y’all right, but you make it sooo easy!

  • that guy

    10th anniversary cover > Scratch cover

  • slim

    Elliot what the fuck? those TI and wyclef colabos were awful and you know it. Mannie and Juvie or Kanye and Common would have been alot better

  • ri067953

    Ya’ll should have put The Fixxers on the cover of last or this months cover. Quik is one of the tightest producers and he engineers his own shit. Wyclef and TI? Come on man, you gotta be kidding? Most of your interviews give an insight into the real production side of things.

  • Cuban Link

    so are you just gonna ignore how everyones going crazy over theat homo 10th anniversary cover?

  • b-ease

    looks dope…

  • b-ease

    that guy Says:

    July 17th, 2007 at 2:49 pm
    10th anniversary cover > Scratch cover

    Gayest comment on EVER?????

  • diggsy

    Scratch cover #2 for the KING

  • ronburgandy

    LOL. worst. photoshop. ever.

  • Donny Goines


    If you could understand why sometimes Im frus-trated
    I truly love Hip Hop, these rappers just date it
    Walking thin lines, please tell me whats sacred
    Commercial artists build careers, Me- just patience

    Meanwhile my catalog grows, full of substance
    While empty metaphors and similies fool da public
    Dazzled by the limelights, record pools of dumb shit
    Drowning in this game, I wonder how you could want this

    Read close- you can see the message in my bars
    Not political- but I teach lessons in my songs
    Watch the videos, most of em impressing you wit cars
    -Are just paid endorsers, its checks in da garage

    Ands not that im aganist all the money and fame
    Cause I been getting fly, blew money on chains
    Fucked a whole lotta women, fly honeys and dames
    Called em Dawn of the Dead, they were hungry for brains

    But my punch-lines, not con-fined, ta young guys, with dumb minds
    I touch lives, with such pride, no sur-prise, Im just wise
    Saw rough times, too much crimes, enough lies, the tough die
    I was high, from stuffed dimes, and drunk wine, so much I

    -Was sent ta A-A, my family they prayed
    I wouldnt be a Lil John O-K-K-K-AY
    See thats my real father, he doing 8 years
    State tier, so theres one thing I gotta make clear

    These devils plauge my mind- so when I say my lines
    -You can see my soul, deep within Satan’s eyes
    So in my greatest rhymes, you can tell I bare all
    There raw, just so I can show em what I stand for

    Respect and honor, much respect to Donna
    My momma taught me do wrong, you can expect the karma
    Music ll kill ya — just check Nirvana
    And Disco D, lord the Shit so deep

    But these fuckers wanna talk about parties and rockstars
    Only problem with that- Donny is not ya’ll
    Plus Im not fix-ated, on this hatred
    I laugh behind they back cuase they shit’s a bit basic

    And mines too advance, now you guys blew ya chance
    Fuckin one hit wonders wonder why, do ya dance
    But me Im consistant, so when I use my chance
    I’ma Crack in ya hood like I supplied you wit grams (Motherfucker)

  • http://XXLMAG.COM L.B

    Worley Says:

    July 17th, 2007 at 2:25 pm
    This is pretty much the end for TI. Messing with Wyclef is the kiss of death. Everyone he worked with is finished. ARE U FUCKIN STUPID U MUST B SLOW

  • Double “H” Da Haitian Hustla

    Mr Hunter 808,
    Know what the fuck you say before you say it! If you knew what the fuck you was talking about you’d know that the Runners have more than one still they’re doin’ more than just hiphop tracks, they got pop & R&B, also nigga. “Do the knowledge”!!!? Nigga do your homework. The reason they doin that street shit so much is because that’s what the artist that come to them want… step yo’ game up bra.

    -Florida Stand Up!!! 305 & 407 till I die!

  • illest

    scratch is fucking garbage.