Memory Lane

Presenting a shook young writer trying to make a name for himself. A legendary rapper hoping for a comeback that would revitalize his career. YN interviews Big Daddy Kane in 1993. Looks like a job for… a more experienced journalist.

Part 1

YN steps to Kane about falling off and he goes on a rant about “hardcore” rap.

Part 2

Posing in Playgirl. Madonna’s sex book. YN asks Kane what’s the deal? Warning: Plenty of “pause” moments.

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  • Purple Hulk


  • 731

    yo, this is pretty kool…kane is a funny guy!!
    “walked around in front of the hotel ass-naked..singing songs, i do this shit all the time” that was priceless lol

  • crack


    Its good to see that ur blogging again but u have become the lil wayne of blogging as of late.

    Take a day off

  • Billy X. Sunday


  • Tyler

    When tha’ tape stop ‘dat when Kane whip out his dick and bounced it off dudes forhead. . This shit was the weirdest shit I eva’ heard yo. How U gonna ask him about ‘dat Madonna shit but not get into the details of if Kane fuck’d M-Dawg and Namio? U were more concern wit’ him running about joint exposed? Wow

  • Expo

    whoa. that’s a classic post. it only the sound was better. but it’s good enough. Nas really had the respect from way back

  • Back Once Again

    Billy X. Sunday Says:

    July 10th, 2007 at 11:47 pm
    Heeee-HAW ya fat jackass!

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