Livin’ Proof

His name is Paul. He had a group and made a classic. Then he went solo. Signed a big deal but the powers-that-be wouldn’t let him be. So here’s some of The LP. A damn shame it was never officially released.



“Queens Lounge”

“For My People”

“For My People Pt. 2”

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  • nation

    this shit can match Funkmaster Flex’s five hour set

  • G.M.P.


  • Tmontana171

    Can anyone get me more info about this dude it sounds classic

    VERY NYC classic sound

    Nothing more to say just listen to the music

  • Carlo12

    Can anyone get me more info about this dude

    Sounds like classic NYC viben music

  • Robbie

    “Queens Lounge” = best LP song never to drop.

  • Joey

    “Queens Lounge” Damn thats a crazy song. For real!

    anymore information on this dude?

  • rafi

    commenters 3 and 5….

    it’s large professor and the group is main source.

    get familiar.

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso

    i’m at work so i cant listen, but are you talkin bout Large Pro?

  • DANJA29

    I was kinda mad for a minute w/ Paul. First, I get all amped for the Main Source ‘Science’ album… they break up. Then that ‘LP’ took forever to even have a single, then it didn’t come out.

    But I was a kid… that dude just caught some bad breaks. But yeah, that Paul guy was doin’ his thing.

  • Purple Hulk


  • Eman

    Why dont you do more storys on real hip hop man. WHAts next The almighty RSo LOL! I dont know where the game went wrong oh yeah now I do down south crunk music.

  • Eman

    I aint dissing this Im just dont understand why xxl cant promote more real hip hop and why ti vs tip has been the fuckin background for what seems like forever.

  • Purple Hulk


  • Cuban Link

    YN, u wanna do something great that nearly noone knows about on here?Throw up some tracks off Project Blowed by Freestyle Fellowship.Thats prolly the greatest album that was ever screwed.I mean it came out, but noone heard it.

  • Hannah Smith

    Um, again, this was released – and as a free giveaway from a rap mail order website a few years back, and in a much better quality form than this.

  • havoc

    sounds like jay and rza. good though.

  • KingJafee

    Thats why LP just sits at home on the computer all day…cuz cats don’t give legends like him any props….dont cop these classic beats he still is banging out…and generally perpetrate the fack…KEEP THE REALL HIP HOP ALIVE BUY A BEAT FROM LARGE PRO!!!

  • Carlo12

    Yo this just takes it back to the Illmatic days

    It ain’t XXL’s fault that this stuff doesn’t get played or promoted

    LOOK AT the cycle

    Whatever sold the most
    Is what Record Companies want

    Think about it

    Does anyone in the record company want more money or real hip hop?

    It’s a no brainer

    And look at the market that record companies go after

    The same as beer, liquor, and cigarettes

    So if the YOUTH are dumb enough to buy it

    Then thats what every record company wants out there on the roster

    It’s just the way the fans can get there music at THEIR CONVENIENCE

    Hip Hop has changed but no record company is willing to put an artist like this on a LARGE scale

    Look what happened to Lupe Fiasco?


    It’s the fan’s that aren’t doing anything except making comments like this

  • Ryan

    I spit out my water laughing at the Almighty RSO comment, Benzino has never done anything worthwhile.

  • Josh

    I don’t want to ill, I just want to chill.

    And keep my hand around a $100 bill.

  • Hip Hop since 79′

    Keep doing your thing… your last five posts have been MAJOR.

    Large Pro, was the one. Would of loved to hear him and Guru; on some joints.

  • Maseo

    This and INI – Center of Attention the best albums that never came out.

  • The Real Matt Herbz

    Damn straight–this shit has soul. That soul that’s missing in today’s sound.