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  • Cuban Link

    First good track

  • Cuban Link

    i like all these tracks u keep putting YN, muchas gracious

  • Nacho

    man, youre ill with all this posts,thanx for givin hipeducatihop for the youngsters, including me, I’m spanish, but this shit’s hot
    holla back

  • Nacho

    man, this shit is hot, thanx for all the posts with that music and the one withh ll cool j
    holla back


    Damn YN, you trying to make up for all those days you didnt post a peep, or are you going thru a mid life crisis?

  • Purple Hulk


  • natasha

    It would be a great idea to post archives of old school radio shows if anyone has them to get a greater perspective how things were back in the day for the young cats like ourselves who weren’t born then.

  • Roc

    I know this is your mag or whatever but damn talk about cluttering up the blogs. May be decent songs but make your own section or something if this shit is gonna continue.

  • Real Talk

    ROC STFU really, who comes to someone else’s site and complains that they’re posting on there own shit too much. Hold ya head YN

    Props for the last 5 posts. I’d never heard that King T stuff. Also I’m still listening to Weezy Jefferson on my IPOD. Keep it up.

    and Piggybacking that other dude, What about a Kanye/Lupe/Common cover I mean even throw Rhymefest on there He did drop one of the Best albums last year.

  • Bmore


  • Josh

    Close prediction – Niners won 20-16

  • Back Once Again

    Go peep the internets celebrity video if you wanna see the real Billy Sunday.

    Fat Hypocrite.

  • Bbrolic

    None of yall little clowns will ever understand the true significance of “World Premiere”! It was a lot more powerful than “East New Yawk!” Keep schooling them YN!

  • Cuban Link

    thatd be hot though, like a Flash Back Banger column, so u could put all new shitty songs on Bangers and Old School songs under that

    Or like a Under the Radar section, with underground rap.Thatd be sick too

  • rec

    wow actual cuts and mixes on a mix show! do the knowledge. good lookin out YN!

  • Pancho

    so…when is the 24 blogs in 24 hours gonna come? the masses DEMAND an answer!

    lol…nodded my head to this whole time I listened to this.