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  • Alarma

    Nice! Makes some great points. I love how you respectfully & succintly “broke it all down.”

    I love the idea of “Don’t Read Scripture” & “Don’t Listen to Talib, Dead Prez (The Coup, Immortal Technique, Pettidee, Corey Red…)billboards.

    I’ve actually told kids it was probably better for them not to read the Old Testament because of all the sex & violence and of course, it got them all interested in it!

  • Holla

    I just wanna say i really enjoy your blogs. Its a shame these animals on this site will probably hate on you for making intelligent videos. These kids only wanna make fun of Lil Wayne and 50 Cent all day, not hear about anything else. But keep up the good work and fuck these lil kids.

  • Incilin

    He does it again! Yet another brillant post. You’ve quickly become the best blogger on this site and have blown everyone else out of the water. I liked everyone point here, but I don’t think the chruch likes dead prez, well at least they shouldn’t. Since dead prez are only atheist. The Apple marketing idea was funny too.

  • Incilin

    Great post, you’ve quickly become the best blogger on this site. Sunday might make a comeback, but he’s too busy making up “the most hip hop things to eat for brunch” But I must say, the church shouldnt approve of dead prez since their openly atheist. The IRap idea is pretty funny too.

  • Jew-Z

    All hail the mighty Jay Smooth! A true breath of fresh-to-def air!

  • Latino Thug

    this video post was excelent.

  • R

    another great post. The comment about putting up a billboard warning kids against the Bible is absolutely brilliant . . . and hilarious. The last point is poignant and correct. What has the church done for these kids lately? I’m saying this as a Christian. My Barber asked me not that long ago why I think the church has lost so much sway in the black community. I didn’t have a great answer for him, but it’s kind of like the U.S. in Iraq. When it comes to winning the hearts and minds we’re not even really in the fight.

  • around and around

    Great drop, best ish on the site right here. Keep addressing the real issues.

  • these posts are racist

    Nice post.

  • 401K

    keep speaking the truth

  • Kobler

    So no one is going to call jay smooth (aka just blaze’s mr bently) on that ugly piece of pubes on his lower lip ( sole patch?)

  • Jay Smooth

    big thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated..

  • NUJerz

    You Jay Smooth Ive been a big fan of the Underground Railroad WBAI 99.5FM for a while, its cool that ur finally dropping gems on a national level keep up the great work. IF i wasnt so broke rite now I would pledge this week for the station.

  • VLsteve

    nice post – just slow it down a bit

  • anonymous


  • anonymous


  • these posts are racist

    Jay Smooth,

    Which book by Prof. Dyson are you reading? The new one with Jay and Nas?

    He’s an amazing dude…smart and breaks things down in a language that’s very clear and not condesending.

  • X’ Prime

    As long as Church doesn’t get commercial like rappers do to some stuff I say Ok!
    peace on all

  • dub

    wow. it’s the only hiphop blogger with an opinion that’s really worth listening to.

  • Purple Hulk