Here We Go Again

Leaning heavy on the greedy hands of Empire and Big Mike, here are some unfinished, unmixed and unmastered masterworks.

YN’s Best of Tha Carter 3 Sessions

“La La La”


“Diamonds & Girls”

“Prostitute Flange”

“Did It Before”

“Dear Lord”

“Pray To The Lord”

“Hey American”

“Pop Off”

“How You Like Me Now”

“Something You Forgot”


“World of Fantasy”

“I Know The Future”

“What He Does”


“I’m A Beast”

“3 N Morning”

“I’m Raw”

“Rude Boy”

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  • Purple Hulk


  • Jakk Crakker

    dat nigger soun layyk he tryin to be dat camel nigger jay zee

  • crack

    Thank god that shit leaked or wayne’s career really would be over.

    The beats sound like retreads from the latest fat joe debacle

  • MannyWallace

    I thought everyone had heard these..

  • maxman

    Oh man this is what im takin about, you got of all the new songs thanks man

  • yung ceasa

    this mixtape right herre when it was first put out, made me move wayne from my top 20 to my top 5 reel talk

    with “did it before” (mr. west was behind tha boards on that one)

    “dear lord” (some jus plain old cold shyt minus tha tone deaf singin shyt woulda been classic, but tha message won me over)

    “something you forgot” (think he was talkin bout nivea on this cut, but its reel spit cause erry nigga gotta d.a.c. {down ass chick} beyond tha groupies that wanna be d.a.c., i felt for this nigga on some ree shyt)

    and above all that “pray to the lord” cut (he killed it on this song, it wasnt no outlandish punchlines jus reel talk, its different ways for people different people to relate to this song and thats wat made this shyt right herre most played song on my mp3)

    with those songs alone wayne managed to make do somethin he didnt do before: make his fans relate to him on issues other than money, cars, and hoes. and that is wats missin in hip-hop: that an tha relationship between artists and their fans and tha different levels we can relate to reel shyt, we want to know that somebody goes thru tha same shyt and that they can come up out that shyt thank god somebody finally gott tha idea…..if tc3 has more songs like these listed above im coppin it, even if it takes till 08, im still coppin it

  • AK

    Some of this stuff is fire. Some of this is Wayne dicking around in the studio and isn’t even mixtape worthy.

    I’m with Ceasa on the going-past-money-and-hoes thing. He’s at a point where that stuff was just holding him back,

  • Nad

    Sick ppl need 2 stop Lil’ Wayne can u rhyme like him ?

  • dre

    “this mixtape right herre when it was first put out, made me move wayne from my top 20 to my top 5 reel talk”

    how old are you, 13-17?


    Listen to:
    Lil’ Wayne f. Rick Ross – Shot to the Heart remix&
    Lil’ Wayne f. Trina – Prostitute Flange
    those r 2 hot songs


    the carter 1 was better than the carter 2 and from these songs. the carter 2 will be better than the carter 3. i think the news that he got caught with pills and shit were true. that dying song is some trippy shit i like it though. also that 3 n morning song thats good. for that guy who said he moving weezy into his top 5 let me help you. you have jay, nas, scarface, pac, big, rakim, big pun, T.I, common, big daddy kane, and the list goes on and on as people you could put above wanye to make a top 5 list. the next two albums i am going buy is common and kanye. 50 i will wait till one of my friends buys first then see if it’s worth my money and same thing for the carter 3.

  • Sun Tzu

    that LA LA LA song was bitten from Shabazz the Disciple, beat and lyrical concepts both, the only difference is wayne’s beat is slower but he definently bit his concept

  • yung ceasa

    how old are you, 13-17?

    16 as a matter of fact. but age doesnt determine opinion cause therre’s grown mufuckas ridin wayne’s dick sayin he is tha best rapper alive and tha greatest of all-time.

    reely i was overexaggerating when i said he was in my top 5 or top 20 at that, but dude is my favorite rapper right now, i dont listen to tha bullshyt he does like prostitute flange bullshyt or that other materialistic shyt but tha more emotional shyt, i aint reely like t.i. as much as i do now until i heard “live in the sky” and thats how i felt when i heard that “pray to the lord” joint………

    he’s nowherre near tha legends of tha game but he’s tha modern day nas in terms of lyrical ability, of present-day adaptations of big, jay, and nas (t.i., jeezy, and wayne)….. i’d say he is wat nas was 10 years ago cause of tha company he’s in wit t.i. and jeezy, he’s tha most talented lyrically, and to me nas was nicer than big by tha smallest margin if we was talkin in terms of popularity he’d be b.i.g. but tha point i was tryin to get accross last time is that if he connect more wit his fans do more songs that his fans can relate to he’d be more accepted than he already is.

  • yung ceasa

    and big nat i feel you on wat you sayin but like i said i was reely overexaggeratin to try and get my opinion accross.

    face is def. in my top 5
    that also goes for jay, nas, b.i.g., and pac

    tha reason i chose pac is cause he was so gotdamn influential and when he made songs that were heartfelt and you could relate way more than most shyt todae

    and face for that geto boys joint is one of my all times favorite songs “mind playin tricks on me” and that song “smile” that face did wit pac was some shyt i loved cause of tha message in it

    but reely my favorite rapper of all-time is kanye west, every since college dropout that “spaceship” joint that “never let me down” joint wit jay-z was some shyt a nigga could relate too and feel on a deeper level than that materialistic shyt…… coppin that new kanye album like i copped late registration, and college dropout which was tha first album i ever bought at tha age of 12. but im startin to like wayne too but tha majority of songs he does or did up until wasnt some shyt you could feel wit tha possible exception of “i miss my dawgs” but that was 2 albums ago. im jus sayin dude is startin to make better music as he drops album after album, if he keeps up tha consistency one dae when somebody says he’s tha best, people who dont agree will be looked at as either dumbasses or haters, but thats only if he stays consistent and makes song people can feel.

  • larfinstr82thabank



    dis hit iz da truth im buy 1000 copies

  • grapes

    Sounds like a Bad ‘Pac.

  • KingKen

    I’ve heard these tracks a month ago & i’m from South Africa…Americans step your game up!!!!

  • LBZ

    Dope stuff rite herrre… Best Rapper Alive, ya dig?

    • Marquel Tramel

      wayne the shit

  • Johnny Jazz

    Why r u listnin to that crapy rap music ? Step yo mofokin game up and listen real shit like Jazz n’ Country ya dig?

  • Tito

    Wayne is a beast and can’t be stop