Yeah I've killed a mag or two in my day, but contrary to popular belief, YN does get sad sometimes when a publication bites the dust. It was announced today that Jane magazine is no more. The young ladies publication had quite a run but now Conde Nast is shuttin' 'em down like Chuck D on a Pete Rock remix.

What does any of this have to do with hip-hop? Nothing really but I'm gonna pay rap music homage anyhow. Peace to Jane Pratt. They never filled your shoes, boo.

EPMD “Jane”

EPMD “Jane 2”

EPMD “Jane 3”

EPMD “Who killed Jane”

EPMD “Jane 5”

EPMD “Jane 6”

BONUS: One of my favorites. Possible inspiration?
Sly & The Family Stone “Jane is a Groupie”