My lifestyle editor Branden Peters warned me. "You ain't heard that shit, yet?" he said, stepping into my office as my ITunes landed on the latest Three 6 Mafia song that might be on their next album. Yeah right! Seriously, these dudes have had more pushbacks than UGK. Even a TV show couldn’t get ‘em a real buzz. It’s been a minute since that Oscar know what I mean?

This song’s called "We Got Da Club" and it ain't half bad. Riding a keyboard replay from the Rolling Stones’ "Miss You" (Let's see 'em clear that one. King Tee, I see you!), the song thumps along cool enough until the bottom falls out at the 3:05 mark.

Here one of the nation's top spinners, Power 106's DJ Felli Fel attempts to prove he can weave lyrics together like a true MC, but he's more scattered than Lil Wayne without the poetic pizzazz.

"I'm like wait/Hold up/I got too much sip in my cup/(Say what) Wait/Hold up/I got too much sip in my cup/I'm gonna tear the club up, I'm the DJ/Man, when I'm in the zone you know what I play/Got 'em with their hands in the air like 'Ay'/Understand, man, this boy don't play/I got the candy paint drippin' man like a rain drop/I'm gonna come through the club and I'm gon' hop/I got 16 switches and 16 bitches/Prolly in the club about 16 snitches/I don't give a damn man I don't give a what/I'm a ball out man I'ma come up/Hey, I'ma come through and buzz with my crew/I'm a Heavy Hitter, man, whatcha gonna do?"

What I'm doin' is fading out the record before that wack verse comes on and I suggest you other Serato scratchers do the same. Sorry papi, I respect your hustle but get a good ghostwriter next time (who penned this shit for ya, Computer?) or just stick to what pays them bills. Now my guess is dude produced it so he felt he should get his shine on. Next time, show a lil’ self-restraint.

This Heavy Hitter is no rhyme spitter and here’s the proof:

P.S. Speaking of ruining tunes in the end, I’m also not really feeling brother Malice on that otherwise formidable Famlay “No Time For No’s” song. “I just wanna have relationnnnnssss. Without complicationnnnssss.” Ugh. No wonder, the streets are saying, Pusha’s goin’ dolo. And where's my shout-out, niggas?