Cheesy Rat Blues

Be clear, we originated all that brick shit. Rap albums today don’t sell what they used to shit. The proof is the pudding. XXL Raps Vol. 1. Released November 15, 2005. Thirty three thousand seven hundred and eighty six rap fans can’t be wrong. Truth be told, I’m still tight about this. Y’all cheap bastards let me down. Hex on you and all your ancestors.

Funk Flex’s promo push was still top notch though.

P.S. You ever noticed that that old LL song is almost a blueprint for 50’s “How To Rob.” The chorus goes “Just throw your hands in the air. And wave ‘em like you just don’t care. Keep ‘em there. You, run the jewels, run the jewels, run the jewels.” Damn, down and out Queens niggas get real sticky fingers when they’re poor, broke and lonely.

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  • Hokus

    Rap fans buy records, posers buy compilations. You want my money, c’mon and get it!

  • Rosa

    Why are you so down on real hip-hop?

  • The Real Matt Herbz

    Man, you done F’d up with that new cover. Not only is that just a damn homo cover, that is the most homo cover in all your 10 year history. Even the Source (R.I.P.) wouldn’t have put that homo shit on the stands. Get ready for the backlash, my nigga.

  • yaboy

    Please stop blogging fella. Its annoying to have to skip over your blogs to get to billy and bol’s. Thanks.

  • Crimson

    That’s what you get for putting 5 G-Unit album cuts in a row to start out the cd, bitch!

  • ThingAlec

    Hopefully there’s gonna be an XXL Raps Vol. 2

  • M@

    we invented the flop vol.1

  • Dr Flav

    “pocket a raw steak. I need beer, Im’a catch a Miller truck out there!” Thats that Uncle L for real, the sample use before Tribe’s, “The Scenario” remix, proves Marly Marl was that dude.

  • Smokey McPot

    Worse mag cover eva.

  • RJ

    people don’t buy compilations anymore… cmon yn!

  • RJ

    people don’t buy compilations anymore… cmon yn!

  • twqet

    lol @ the greatest hiphop compilation of alltime.