A few months ago you would have said that Fisty Scent was a lock to have the most popular song for the summer. His album was scheduled to drop in June and you already know that the Interscope machine ain’t nothing to fuck with when it comes to placing their music on Clear Channel and Emmis Broadcasting affiliates. But then a funny thing happened on the way to the Billboard music charts. Jay-Z probably did the smartest thing yet during his tenure at Def Jam’s corner office. He engineered some Fabolous verses on a NeYo track and all of a sudden we have the runaway hit song of the summer.

Who was really checking for Fab before this joint? His last single being floated on the ‘nets was putting everyone to sleep. Fabolous needed better press than beating a gun charge could provide. He needed a hit fuckin’ song. Where the hell was Lil’ Mo at? In lieu of Lil’ Mo, he got a pick me up from the next best thing. NeYo’s song was already a lock for being a hit with the ladies, but the Fabolous verses laid over that sugary sweet beat created a crossover smash hit. Fifty is going to have pull out something more than that rehashed Audio Two sample if he wants to pwn the radio and car stereos this summer. ‘I Get Money’ has that boom bap swagger that true school jams are known for but it doesn’t have anything for the ladies.

I don’t care what any of you dudes say because I know that the summer is all about that one song that rides out from the end of May until late August. ‘Make Me Better’ came out at the perfect time to be the Memorial Day jumpoff. Fisty had a couple of songs floating, but none of them stuck like the Fab joint. I actually feel ‘Amusement Park’, but not enough to push ‘Make Me Better’ out of the rotation. This is a case for Dr. Dre to come to the rescue. Fisty needs to do a collabo with Eve and Dre needs to make the beat. That’s the only way he can take the top spot right now.

As it is I expect there to be some fire joints coming down the pike from Kanghey Tudda and you already know Lil’ Wang has at least another mixtape coming out before his next album flops, er, drops. If Fisty wants to make some noise louder than all of his peers it’s gonna take one major concerted effort from Interscope to keep him at the top of the rap food chain. What do you think he’ll do for the follow up to ‘I Get Money’? You think he’ll make a song for the ringtone crowd? Some shit to play out on your iPhone prah’lee. The stakes are high. The one thing I know is that Interscope hasn’t lost yet with their prize thoroughbred.