Battle Of The 2007 Summer Jams…

A few months ago you would have said that Fisty Scent was a lock to have the most popular song for the summer. His album was scheduled to drop in June and you already know that the Interscope machine ain’t nothing to fuck with when it comes to placing their music on Clear Channel and Emmis Broadcasting affiliates. But then a funny thing happened on the way to the Billboard music charts. Jay-Z probably did the smartest thing yet during his tenure at Def Jam’s corner office. He engineered some Fabolous verses on a NeYo track and all of a sudden we have the runaway hit song of the summer.

Who was really checking for Fab before this joint? His last single being floated on the ‘nets was putting everyone to sleep. Fabolous needed better press than beating a gun charge could provide. He needed a hit fuckin’ song. Where the hell was Lil’ Mo at? In lieu of Lil’ Mo, he got a pick me up from the next best thing. NeYo’s song was already a lock for being a hit with the ladies, but the Fabolous verses laid over that sugary sweet beat created a crossover smash hit. Fifty is going to have pull out something more than that rehashed Audio Two sample if he wants to pwn the radio and car stereos this summer. ‘I Get Money’ has that boom bap swagger that true school jams are known for but it doesn’t have anything for the ladies.

I don’t care what any of you dudes say because I know that the summer is all about that one song that rides out from the end of May until late August. ‘Make Me Better’ came out at the perfect time to be the Memorial Day jumpoff. Fisty had a couple of songs floating, but none of them stuck like the Fab joint. I actually feel ‘Amusement Park’, but not enough to push ‘Make Me Better’ out of the rotation. This is a case for Dr. Dre to come to the rescue. Fisty needs to do a collabo with Eve and Dre needs to make the beat. That’s the only way he can take the top spot right now.

As it is I expect there to be some fire joints coming down the pike from Kanghey Tudda and you already know Lil’ Wang has at least another mixtape coming out before his next album flops, er, drops. If Fisty wants to make some noise louder than all of his peers it’s gonna take one major concerted effort from Interscope to keep him at the top of the rap food chain. What do you think he’ll do for the follow up to ‘I Get Money’? You think he’ll make a song for the ringtone crowd? Some shit to play out on your iPhone prah’lee. The stakes are high. The one thing I know is that Interscope hasn’t lost yet with their prize thoroughbred.

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  • vallieboyz

    i think 50 gona run this shit when his albulm drops.. CERTIFIED DIAMOND

  • jimmy

    i’ve been fucking with for a minute now, nodding my head along most of the shit you say, so you know i feel you (nh) on the state of cRap music right now – but goddamnit, ‘i get money’ is fucking fire.

  • Chuck

    I’m convinced curtis is gonna flop no matter what, that legendary 50 buzz is gone, he doesnt seem like the iron man anymore (pause…)

    I bet he’s gonna pull some of that “rap is boring anyways, I’m a businessman now, im doing movies” shit.

    Anybody else find it funny that Ja Rule is making his big comeback just as 50 cents music career seems to be in trouble, this could be a funny turn of events.

  • Jerz!

    Lol was listening to Weekend Girl by Cam, decided to check this shit before I went to sleep, and saw that oddly coveted first spot. I’m drowning in shame for doing this, but, ‘First’.

    “Forget your man, extra clip, extra pump,
    Don’t mean to be extra, but ma, extra stunt
    extra money, extra piff, extra blunts,
    Extra Extra, really some neck I want.”

    I know it’s not amazing, lol but someone listen to this dumb this and feel me.

  • these posts are racist

    50 cent’s album will sell. I don’t think he’ll come out with something along the lines of “In da Club”, but I wouldn’t sleep on him. Moreover, I think Amusement Park will be a bigger hit for the ladies as the weeks go by…it takes people some time to catch on. 50 will sell over 5 million records when his record drops.

    Lil Wayne is hot right now, and has been for a minute. Give credit and props where its due…not only has Wayne been dropping mad amounts of work, but most of his versus are hot, period.

  • Jerz!


  • DJ Main Event

    that ‘i get money’ has ringtone potential.

  • god


  • Ali

    its make ME better…………i get money is tha bets song so far off curtis but it still doesnt compare 2 his flow from his 1st album…… not impressed yet man i think its over he lost his hunger

  • K geezy

    weekend girl is fire…get it killa

  • brebre

    Chuck Says:

    July 3rd, 2007 at 12:33 am

    I’m convinced curtis is gonna flop no matter what, that legendary 50 buzz is gone, he doesnt seem like the iron man anymore (pause…)

    I bet he’s gonna pull some of that “rap is boring anyways, I’m a businessman now, im doing movies” shit.

    Anybody else find it funny that Ja Rule is making his big comeback just as 50 cents music career seems to be in trouble, this could be a funny turn of events.

    okay, 50′s singles doing so-so but Ja Rule’s big come back? plz.

  • Stack$

    why u hatin on lil wayne, u stupid fuck! u just cant handle seein him shine like he doin ryte now eh? get a grip

  • Reddillionaire

    50 will sell…..Ja will never make a come back 50 stuck a fork in him.and….50 will sell..

  • Reddillionaire

    50 will sell….Ja make a come back??? idk but 50 will sell…..

  • nowayne


  • che

    when i first heard make me better i had it on repeat for like an hour. fifty? not so much.

  • NoMamesBuey

    Why care about these douches like 50 or Weezy Homo Fa-go Baby?

    The Rule of Law is being shat on as we speak. Dubbz pardoned Libby. And our bitchmade Democratic “leaders”, with the exception of Kucinich & maybe a few others, ain’t doin shit about it.

    Yeah, I said it, Hillary & Obama are completely BITCHMADE on this issue. They’re current US Senators, they could do something, but they’re shook (c) Mobb Deep.

    If MLK Jr was alive he would be disgusted (like I am) with the shitting of the Rule of Law & infringment of Civil Rights that the ReThugs are doing & the Dems are letting happen.

    Fockin disgusting B!

  • Rizzop2003

    I tell chicks to move them panties to the side all the time……People are hating on dude lately, and im not his biggest fan either ,but he gets good production. That dre beat (straight to the bank)And should eventually kill the club He just aint kill it like other folks would’ve.

  • roc


  • harris

    mann 50 stole that beat for I get money AGAIN people ain’t puttin copyrights on their shit and the homo is goin around swagger jacking EVERYONE i seriously have no respect for him anymore

  • 1,21,2..anditdon’tstop81

    some inside sources say 50cent,Mary J.blige and The game suppose to drop a bomb on y’all niggas real soon! i dunno jus’ hearsay…….

  • The Real Boy Wonder

    Filthy rich niggas (worth $7 million and up) shouldn’t be allowed to rap

  • Billy X. Sunday

    ‘I Get Money’ is hot shit, but it doesn’t have that crossover appeal to all markets. I see EVERYBODY getting turned on by ‘Make Me Better’. The same motherfuckers that just left a Fisty Scent protest march are bumping the Fab joint.

    True, my bad, I fixed it.

  • beeyo

    If ja rule starts coming bakk, fif needs to shut him down. Do what he did from the beginning.or at least try. Hopefully it doesn’t werk the other way around, cuz I can’t stand ja rule.
    Is it just me, or does everything fif does seem like a promotional tool? Like, beyond beef. Fucking up his performance? Using 2 beats for singles that have already been used? Firing G Unit? Yo, this nigga did everything on purpose, just so we could talk about it. Either that or I’m just assuming that becuz he is 50 cent.
    Wang is bullshit, but I don’t think he’s gonna flop. Oh well.
    Yayo wrote str8 to the bank!! At least the 1st verse. It aint hard to tell.
    Amusement park is aight, but its not really catchy.
    Why do I keep typing?!! Oh yeah, I’m drunk.
    10 o klok in the morning bitches happy 4th of july!! Tell my wife ill be home by friday!!

  • Wezzy F’s Baby????

    I always wondered what weezy F Baby meant (Sigh) ah well…. but FIDDY as he is known in the “pop” world is done for and he knows it, he’s not going diamond or nothing like that, i’d be surprised if he breaks platinum….


    Ja Rule is DONE, he should just wrap it up and put his career under the tree!!

  • Tyler

    I like the 50 new joint but it ain’t no summer monster which neither is the Fab/Ne-Yo joint either. U are only talkin’ about them songs cause they are New York dudes. The summer smash is and will be. . . “Party Like A RockStar” bro. So stop frontin’ on the South.
    Peep the musical heat and vibes ‘dat Rolling Stone says, “Is Great 4 Friction dancing and can make U lose weight.” aka
    Love it or hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    The official 2007 summer jam is a song that EVERYBODY will be singing. Not just the children. ‘Party Like A Rockstar’ is dumb fun, but ‘Make Me Better’ is some shit your grandma will be bumping. PLAR? Not so much.

  • RY

    Good song,hopefully it will help Fab out sales wise.50 is done for,people realize he just as fake as most these rappers these days.

  • DocZeus

    I’m kind of annoyed that Make Me Better uses the Rainy Dayz beat and manages to pussy it out. I’m even more annoyed with myself that I didn’t realize it was the Rainy Dayz beat until I heard the Raekwon remix.

  • Purple Hulk


  • Bedroc Oxtail

    Lil Wayne is wack. He stole jay-z whole persona and flow. Now he dont write shit down?(I wonder who he got that from). Also he dress,talk and act like dipset(Oh yeah you not a blood you fake ass nigga). He kisses other men and calls a nigga daddy thats not his daddy. As black people when did we find any of these things acceptable(biting,fronting and being gay)Until you house niggas open your eyes you’re really goin to believe he the best dumb ass niggas. I had to say this shit cuz whanever billy,bol etc talk about another nigga someone has to bring up lil wayne. Haters dont get mad jus stating facts.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Wu-Tang Won.
    Ne-Yo’s along for the ride.
    Fabolous sucks.

  • divinity

    ok im a lay it down rite now… Fab shit is hot, 50′s shit is hot, but did anyone think about beanie, common, t.i., or styles those albums jus came out or didnt even get out there yet… bet philly finest is bringin it home 4 pa cha! you people gotta realize JADAKISS is comin too come on KISS MY ASS u guys dont kno what hip hop is….
    50 n Fab are always goin 2 sell there top ten dead or alive… wayne’s situation is alil different the south got mad rappers comin out this summer nelly, ti, chamill, boys n da hood(witout jeezy) these shits could cripple wang’s sales but he has been droppin cd’s lik he drops a duce so determination always work 4 me

  • John Brown

    Fab, last real hit was Breathe. And that song was more like a Jay song. I aint gonna like shorties at the club like that joint. So if the shorties like it, I like it to.

  • John Brown

    lie not like

  • ONE50

    Make me better has a remix with Raekwon The Chef partially b/w The Rainy Dayz beat from Cuban Linx.

  • The Real Boy Wonder

    Ya’ll take things too seriously, the rap game is like the WWE, real individuals playing imaginary characters or alter egos or even taking on fictional personas. So what if 50 may be fake or Wayne may be a tad “HOMOish” these cats put out good music. Probably only 10% of the game really did or do the stuff they rap about.. But back to business, Fab does have the hottest track of the summer, 50 could have but Amusement Park, although it go hard, it doesn’t appeal to that female sense. We all know that summer songs gotta make you wanna spit to that bad ass woman you see at the club and that’s what Make Me Better does.
    By the way, hottest albums of the year will be TI vs. TIP, CURTIS, Can’t Feel My Face, *CARTER III. (*only if it were to come out this year.)

  • The Real Boy Wonder

    Oh yeah and Graduation and Finding Forever, shouts out to GOOD Music.

  • GUESS WHAT???!!!?!?!

    50s gonna sell. Dudeis huge and AP has been on 106th since it dropped. The girls love that track.

    oh, and BXS is a fatass and needs to fix his grill.

  • tsmith7791

    I’m shocked you didn’t mention that make me better has the same beat as rainy dayz. The main reason that song is hot is because of the beat so wu-tang is indirectly running the summer.

  • John Brown

    BXS is a fatass comment deletin hater who dosent want anyone to know he’s a tub’o'lardass.

  • Dexta

    if you wanna ride on the rollercoaster, baby come on and ride.

  • tsmith7791

    How could you not mention that make me better uses the same beat as raekwon’s rainy dayz? Since the beat is what makes the song so good I have to say wu tang is indirectly running the summer.

  • Mo Nages

    Fitty aint gonna go diamond. Realistically he might sell like 1.5 mil

  • Fatty X. Sucksgays

    You already know what it is with 50!!

  • duece money

    You niccas late; that 50 and ciara shit is going to be huge.

  • BigMike

    If Fab’s song is the joint of summer 07′ then wake me up when the Fall is here. That song is average at best. Hip hop ain’t dead but Rap is. Especially since radio and tv stations keep shoving that South bullshit in our face (excluding ‘Kast and UGK). Hip Hop needs Common to drop his joint…at least he does some original shit unlike everything else that’s dropped this year.

  • Jason Murk

    The runaway hit song of the summer is “International Players Anthem” by Outkast and UGK. It didn’t come from Fab, Ne-yo, or 50 cent. Why don’t you ever want to give south niggas any credit?

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso

    lmaooo@the comments and some of the names in here.

  • jg

    i dont know if anyone has said this but i feel like ugk featuring outkast i choose you is the summer anthem its real hip hop with real artists.

  • Dr Flav

    That LL, 50 and ect posse joint “Queens” is dope, but some of my summer jams include Gucci Mane, am I nonbiased? “Bitch I Might Be!” So who going to cop Gangstar’s Big Shug album? Oh thats right, “Hip Hop just died this mornin…” “north quit yer bitchin.” (c) Bol-lie Smalls

  • Cuban Link

    Ive been a Loso fan since day 1, and i was gonna cop his album even if Diamonds was the only single, even though that kinda sucked.But Make Me Better was my favorite song all year.

  • Cuban Link

    Fisty needs to do a collabo with Eve and Dre needs to make the beat. That’s the only way he can take the top spot right now.

    ^thats actually a great idea, id defiantly be listenin to that a lot, damn Billy, maybe u should holla @ Interscope and put the idea in.

  • Cuban Link

    oh and btw, Make Me Better must be the hottest song of ’07 being how its Tara’s myspace song {R.I.P. Tara “the Northern Touch” Henley}

  • T.R.E.Y.

    good to hear someone admittin’ that “Amusement Park” really isn’t near as wack as everyone’s been saying. then again i’ve probably been brainwashed by the video.

    i dunno ’bout Dre, dude sounds uninspired lately.

  • May

    Wait a minute billy…I’m a lady and I’m feeling “I get money”…

    just my $.02

  • Erica

    50 iza faggot ass bitch!

  • osadummy

    dude, has wayne ever not gone platinum, and even if so, it goes at least gold. get off his dick (i think this might be the 800th time ive told u that)

    u r a sad little man

  • dolo

    I’m never gonna forget summer of 95 when cuban links dropped and everyone as bangin that shyt … and rainy dayz which was like 10th dopest song on there still sound better than that fagolous shyt I hear on everyone myspace page . … ah the good ol days

  • http://xxl anthony

    5o goin win every fucking thing

  • T.R.E.Y.

    it is tough for some people to admit how much of a better producer Timbaland is than RZA, yeah.

  • dolo

    I will keep arguing with you clowns . .timbaland is pop . . You can’t compare him to rza .. And vice versa .. Timbaland never made no gully street ish ..

  • WOW!

    Cuban Link Says:

    July 3rd, 2007 at 10:16 pm
    oh and btw, Make Me Better must be the hottest song of ‘07 being how its Tara’s myspace song {R.I.P. Tara “the Northern Touch” Henley}
    Stalker Status! WOW!

    Billy is fat.