Got inspired by nigga King Just’s audio-uploading escapade this morning and went diggin’ for my favorite unreleased LL Cool J song. That’s right kids I’m still on my LL shit—don’t ask me why.

Anyway, it’s called “Mr. Controversy.” I had a tape of it back in the days and lost it. Thankfully, some dude on the soulstrut forums has a zshare of it (hint, hint) and even though the intro and outro are cut it's still bangin'.

I love this joint because dude goes after people just like me, the scum of the earth—music journalists! To quote that brother Chucky D—“Learn the words you might sing this.”

“Give me a lighter, I’m headed for the newsstand
And negative articles get turned to particles
Romped and stomped and treated bad like roaches
The world is like a game full of players and coaches
Smile and smirk about a style that’s new
Write it up, type it up, hype it up and sell it to
Middle America, mainly inner city
What I say will make waves so funky nitty gritty
Exploitation of the young mind
Use him to sell and to say what the hell
Let’s find a new duck
Get paid off his good luck
Gimme a break
Don’t even think about a handshake
Get me my pen
I’ma get funky again and again and again
And it’ll never end
‘Cause real men don’t bend or fold
Ice cold, I never did play the role
They made the rules
I pulled out my tools
CD against paper, I’m gonna crush the fool.”

“Mr. Controversy (produced by Marley Marl?)”

Bonus: Blowticious, Baby!

“Bring On The Mo’s & Ho’s”