90′s, Baby!

Nice & Smooth “No Bones In Ice Cream”

Ed OG and Da Bulldogs “I Got To Have It”

Diamond D “You Can’t Front (The Shit Is Real)”

EPMD “Crossover (Trunk Remix)”

The Beatnuts “Let Off A Couple”

Pete Rock and CL Smooth “One In A Million”

Das EFX “Jussumen (Remix)”

Grand Puba “2000″

De La Soul “Big Brother Beat”

Keith Murray “What A Feelin’”

Erick Sermon “Tell ‘Em”

Mobb Deep “More Trife Life”

Capone-N-Noreaga “Parole Violators”

Jeru The Damaja “Ain’t The Devil Happy”

Brand Nubian “Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down (Remix)”

A Tribe Called Quest “Jazz (We’ve Got) (Re-Recording)”

Casual “I Didn’t Mean To (Remix)”

WC and The Madd Circle “Dress Code”

Ice-T “Bitches 2″

Big Mike “Playa Playa”

P.S. Okay, the old man is goin’ to sleep now. Don’t know what got into me. Oh yeah, that bottle of Lillet Rouge. Anway, you’re all welcome, you Plaza hotel-ass niggas. Night night.

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  • C. Rob

    stop selling out hip hop! u gotta kno in your heart of hearts that 50 is garbage! anywho back to studying……..

  • G.M.P.



    big mike was the trufe in the 90′s. i can’t believe you put that up there. what album was that on?

  • DANJA29

    Yep… lotta good shit right here.

    Didn’t listenin’ to that Flex shit give you that spirit? What a time to be a hip-hop fan, got-damn.

    And I got reminded of how crazy “Still Shinin” was. I hadn’t heard that one in a hot minute.

  • diggsy

    big mike was the trufe in the 90’s. i can’t believe you put that up there. what album was that on?
    somethin serious (1995)

  • Eman

    Cnn Paolre Violators shit is fuckin sick just put the whole war report up next time

  • dolo

    let off a couple is the greatest less than 2 minute song ever .. long live the ‘nuts .. one day it will become a single for someone a la “new york shyt”

  • dolo

    didnt bones and ice cream come out line in 89 ??

  • dolo

    lord jamar kills it in the hardly known remix .. everyone so in love wit the original .. but this is my shyt . iremember triple c killin doubles of this on his mixtape

  • http://www.myspace.com/violentbudhist KingJafee

    Nice post YN….why was I stumbling around drunk ass hell last night…Jose aint no joke…this was a good thing to wake-up to…shit i need a job YN!!! I know you know what SEO/SEM is….Help a brotha out and you can really dominate the online world…and I can stay in the music…anyways holla Im serious as all shit…


    Fucks with the XXL Mag/but niggas need to see Kanyeezy on the Cover so Bad/ that I rather have a commentary on a nigga non-G-Unit Clad/MC hurtin the Game on Social Awareness/kids like fuck they’re Parents/felony gun raps and lost Merits/I stay in the Hilton mentally, but, the worlds obsessed with Paris/fuck a G-g-g-g-g-g nigga UNot the Apparent/King Of New York/U wacker than Hammer and your Lyrical Aptitude is Too Short/so like a Pipe I will smoke u faster than a NEW PORT/This Game’s Twisted/The So-Called “Best Rapper Alive” was with his Daddy Kissin/still I rocks Hip-Hop minus the True Religion/these Genes is Hereditary/and Kanye On the Covery is VERY NECESSARY!

  • Ryan

    I can’t wait to listen to all of these when I get home.

  • tensensi

    good shit – haven’t heard that cas remix in a minute. thx!