The homie behind these Lil Wayne parodies hit yours truly with an exclusive copy of his upcoming mixtape. Soon to be available on, here’s some rap foolery at its finest. Like I’ve said before, if you can’t make fun of hip-hop, what can you make fun of? Have a laugh or two, my niggas. We means no disrespect.

Weezy Jefferson
Drought 4: I Am On Everything
Your Mama Records

Throw A Kiss

Best Rapper Alive (Let The Children Sing)

Weezy's Better

Mmmm Kissin

Weezy Shit Poppin

Buy Out The Bar

T-Pain Is Pissed

Weezy Or Not

I Still Miss My Dawgs

Baby Was A Mile Away

I Need Baby

Worst Of Dread World

Lil Wayne Is Pissed

I Am On Everything (Title Track)

Weezy B.A.B.Y.

Get 'Em Weezy

I'm The Best Period

We We We Weezy F.

Because of Baby

Dipset Foreva Eva Eva Eva

'Til The Money Stop

Lil Wayne Vs. Weezy F. Baby