It’s time for another list from the twisted mind of your new favorite blogger. What is more Hip-Hop than having your dinner at 1a.m.? That is the most Hip-Hop time of the day to eat a meal. You are going against the grain totally. It’s too early for breakfast and it’s too late for lunch. It’s just bananas. So the question that you are asking me is, “Dr. Billy X. Sunday, what should we eat after midnight to keep our shit Hip-Hop?” I’m glad you came to me to find out the truth. You know I keeps it 100 with y’all all day every day. Peep the technique…

Eggs, grits and corned beef hash – I love corned beef hash even though it comes out of the can looking like dog food. Put some Tabasco on your grits and eggs because it aids the digestion.

A big ass salad bowl of cerealKing Vitamin, FrankenBerry or Lucky Charms are all my favorites but whatever cereal you have just dump the whole box in your bowl. Don’t fucks with whole milk anymore though. They got this shit at the supermarket called Silk soy milk and Silk has a vanilla flavored joint. It’s like pouring liquid sugar on your cereal.

Chicken fingers and creamed corn – I had a can of creak corn the other night and I swallowed at least half the kernels whole so I could see them appear in my dookey. This way I get to see what my bio-timing is. Chicken fingers are good too with Tabasco or ketchup or whatever shit you have left in the cabinet because you are broke and you are waiting for your check to come in the mail.

Tunafish in the can – Why waste dishes when tuna fish already comes in it’s own handy container. Just get yourself a can opener and then you can sit in front of your computer downloading music files and pr0n.

A wish sandwich – I wish my fucking check would get sent to me so I could buy some cold cuts to put on my bread.

There you have the five most Hip-Hop dinner choices for all of you aspiring rappers and writers. Remember to drink lots of water and keep a bottle of hot sauce on the ready and you too can be Hip-Hop in no time at all.