What is this phony faggoty bloodlust that we share for our entertainers? Tony Soprano doesn’t get merc’ked during the series finale of the Sopranos and everyone is up in arms. A weedcarrier to the weedcarriers of Dipset’s capo has his wig pushed back and everyone’s upset again. I think some people just can’t get no satisfaction © Otis Redding. This is why I have decided to take on the case of the murder of Stack Bundles. I want this to be the first case of a rapper’s murder being solved. The method I will use to solve the case will be the same method that NBC has been winning with for the last ten years that ‘Law & Order’ has been broadcast. Think about it… These niggas solve a murder week in week out, get an indictment and even a conviction all within one hour. How many cases have they broken since Biggie was killed and we still ain’t an inch closer to solving that B.I.G. case.

I will be the Jesse Martin character except in real life I won’t be teh ghey. I’ll go after al the suspects who might have a likely cause to want Stack put down in the worst way and his death was totally inglorious. There is nothing heroic about the piss stained lobbies of the Edgemere housing development. New york City created this development specifically for Black people. It’s located on the edge of the city on peninsula called Far Rockaway. Trust me that shit is far. There is a single bridge that you have to take to get to the area. Pray that your car doesn’t break down in the neighborhood before the bridge. That shit is called Howard Beach and they use their cars to run over niggars. Inside the housing development it’s the same song of poverty and depression. The cycle of life has young men sell drugs to the people that were formerly their babysitters and the same young men occasionally rob each other. Rinse, wash and repeat for several generations. This is the ‘hood that Stack Bundles dreamt of escaping.

When Stacks life was abruptly ended that morning he was also robbed of his jewelry, but his cash and identification remained on his person. This seems to describe that the murder was pre-meditated since the assailant didn’t appear interested in Stacks possessions other than his necklace. In all impoverished communities there is a premium value placed in one’s “chains”. You might find an irony in the fact that the chains and shackles of slavery have been replaced by chains and bracelets, purchased by young men, that retain such low value they would be better off being made of steel. Who would want to retain the necklace that Stacks was wearing? Why? Is it for a private collection? Ghetto bragging rights? Or is it possible that the necklace was still not fully recouped because the artist wearing it had not been promoted from his status within the hierarchy that he was employed at? Let’s go after the suspects…

Fifty Cent – A Queens New York boss in his own right. Fifty is well known and respected in the Queens neighborhood that Stack lived. Could this hit be retaliation for the poor buzz that his recent singles have received? Fifty is what is considered a ‘Big Dog’ in New York City rap circles. He wouldn’t get his hands dirty on this case. He’d have his shooters handle this…

Tony Yayo – Everyone knows that he is Fifty’s number one nigga on the trigger and he is not above spilling the blood of weedcarriers (R.I.P. Israel Ramirez) but does Yayo need the heat for this body right now? Whoever hit Stacks knew where he lived and when to find him there.

Tru Life – Cross him off the board early even though he has a problem with Dipset capo Jim Jones, the dude that Stacks carried for. Tru Life isn’t a murderer. This murder was in cold blood and it was ruthless. Whoever did this shit had to be a killer for real.

Cam’Ron – He didn’t get the nickname Killa for nothing. This murder would send chilling ripples throughout the DipSet crew and would serve as a notice to some of the members that were getting a little antsy about royalty payments and the such. Will Jim Jones keep talking to the press about Cam’Ron stealing money from the DipSet movement? I hope not. When you get your Dipset chain repossessed you pay a hefty price.

Random Jealous Negro – This is usually the case inside of the projects. Someone saw Stacks slipping and decided to take advantage. Too bad for Stacks’ family too since he had a promising career cut short. The ghetto continues to spit out these stories and we continue to buy them until one day there isn’t none of us to even listen to the story.