When I heard on the radio the other day about a four-man terror cell in New York which was plotting to blow John up F Kennedy International Airport (as if poor JFK hasn't had a hard enough time already), I prayed to god (Allah) it wasn't a buncha black dudes.

So when I got home, I cranked up the Internets to do a little research, and, alas, the first thing I came across was the mugshot of the alleged mastermind Russell Defreitas where he looks like a cross between Uncle Ben and Osama bin Laden.

Damn. And only a mere matter of days after I published a post here wondering whether or not black Muslims were with the terrorists. You 'bags know I'm not the kind of guy to toot my own horn (nullus?), but toot-toot, motherfuckers!

In retrospect, I suppose my first clue that this was yet another terror plot by black Muslims should have been the fact that it never proggressed very far past the "standing around and talking shit about what I would do" stage, just like all of the other terror plots by black Muslims so far. You almost wish they did have a bomb or something for the sake of our collective self esteem.

Indeed when I heard about the JFK plot the other day, albeit on the right wing talk station I sometimes listen to in my car, the most chilling detail they could produce re: Russell Defreitas was that he had worked at the airport for over 20 years and hence knew the place inside-out. Which I of course took to mean that the Feds looked, and all they could find was phone records of him talking about blowing shit up.

They're also attempting to paint Defreitas as a rather hardcore anti-semite. Supposedly, he was inspired to become a terrorist when he saw crates of missiles the US was shipping to Israel at the airport. And there's some other quote of him today talking about how the Jews run the media. Would it be racist of me to suggest that this is about par for the course as far as black Muslims are concerned?

I'm just saying...

So this d-bag Defreitas probably never did pose much of a threat. Still, this can't possibly bode well for black people in general and black Muslims in particular. One week, Osama bin Laden has got a new tape out trying to recruit in the ghetto as if he was the US Army, and the next thing you know, the FBI is announcing the bust of yet another black would-be terrorist cell.

Admittedly, this all sounds almost a bit too convenient, as if the government put out the bin Laden tape itself and then busted these dipshits a few weeks later just to lend it a certain degree of credence. Either way, you're probably not going to catch your boy at very many black Muslim events in the coming days and weeks.