Hip-Hop just got a lot more teh ghey

Hip-Hop is often criticized by the mainstream media for being overly homophobic, but I wonder: would it be homophobic of me to suggest, as I have before, that hip-hop is the straightest genre of music evar? After all, hip-hop has been around for like 30 years now, and there’s yet to be a very popular teh ghey rapper.

The thing is, as I’ve also pointed out here before, there probably have been a few secretly teh ghey rappers over the years, who just did a really good job of hiding it. I’m not sure if Beanie Sigel reads this site or not (or whether he can read at all, for that matter), but he recently expanded on this theory in an interview for one of these ghetto DVDs.

According to Beanie Sigel, rappers like Kanye West and Pharrell are teh ghey because they wear shit like silk button down shirts with the chest hair hanging out and Louis Vuitton driving shoes, and that’s just plain not how people dress in the ghetto. As far as Beanie Sigel is concerned, they’re already halfway out of the closet as it is; they might as well just come all the way out.

Nullus on this whole post, by the way.

As it turns out though, Beanie Sigel is hardly free from suspicion himself. Not too long after the video of Beanie Sigel talking shit about Kanye and Pharrell surfaced, some enterprising teh ghey person, who must also be a big fan of State Property, produced a video which suggests that Sigel himself might have a teh ghey streak.

In the clip, an obviously high out of his mind Beanie Sigel gets way too close to Peedi Crakk for comfort while Crakk is trying to kick a freestyle. For a minute there, it even looks like he’s about to give him a kiss, and he’s got this look in his eyes like, “Boy, I can’t wait to fuck you in the ass.” In fact, watching it, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Eddie Murphy’s old bit about if Mr. T was teh ghey.

“C’mere, boy. Let me fuck ya in the ass!”

Not to be outdone, I’m sure you bags ‘have heard about the interview in which T-Pain congratulates Brandy’s little brother Ray J on the size of his unit.

And I quote:

“Not too many guys can go after Ray J. The man got a huge meat, ok. He’s short, the man is packing. He’s got length on him. I got the width. Shit is wide. He got a foot on him. Man have a foot on him. Much respect to Ray. Man to man. No homo. Ya’ll seen that shit. Ya’ll know the man’s swanging.”

Granted he added in the no homo (because otherwise I’d be certain he was teh ghey), but still. I’ve seen that Ray J sex tape before (I even did a story on it for this site), but I couldn’t tell you what Ray J’s unit looks like. T-Pain, apparently, could write a whole paper on that shit.

Capitalizing on the publicity generated by his sex tape, not to mention (let’s face it) his sister killing that poor African woman, Ray J recently signed a deal with Trojan to promote their brand of rubbers, which also struck me as rather teh ghey.

I mean, if I’m in the market for a jimmy hat, I’m not gonna be standing there at the counter like, Well, Ray J wears Trojans, and his unit is like a foot long, so that’s what I’m gonna get. In fact, Ray J is pretty much the last thing I want to think about when I’m about to score with a broad.

Indeed, it’s rather unfortunate that I should ever have had to think about Ray J’s unit in the first place. What’s with hip-hop these days, anyway? After something like 30 years of being inarguably the straightest genre in music, hip-hop in 2007 is as teh ghey as it’s ever been. Is it any wonder that it’s also reaching an artistic nadir?

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  • Vee


  • green eyes

    artistic nadir… nice word usage there bol.

    this post does feel like a few more disclaimers are necessary though.

  • Jim


  • http://www.myglobaloutlet.com Severe

    all i know is.. if u checkin out and complimenting another dude on his package, u gay. period. as far as hip hop, there probably some undercover gay rappers, but it will be a while before theres an openly accepted gay rapper. but then again..50 cent look gay as hell, dancin wit no clothes on in that amusement park video. i lost all respect for that nigga when i saw that shit.

    • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

      yo nigga i agree with you fully that amusement park shit was Elton-John-gay

  • imac

    Bol I think your teh ghey…when are you comin out???

  • John Brown


    Since when is T-PAIN “hip-hop”?

  • $NoWmAn

    lol something wrong wit yall americans dread. everyting gay or homo 2 yall on a real. if yall dnt like sumtin, its ‘gay’ or ‘homo’. not only does it not make a drop of sense, it ANNOYIN AS FUCK. n dis new fuckin sayin ‘teh ghey’ sound retarded as fuck. fuckin remedial. n bol if u cud dedicate ya time n write a whole artical about how gay hip hop iz, den sumtin mite b rong wit u. n dere iz no ‘teh ghey’ rappers cause gay ppl got sumtin rong in they head. bein gay aint natural, therefore they have some unresolved issues or problems, and if that aint a writers block i aint kno what iz. n even if dey had some good enuff 2 make it, simply cuz of the fact they gay they wouldnt make it cuz of how much society hates on gay ppl. n if by chance some of em are actually gay they would be hidin it. n ain no way kanye west iz gay. he one of da only rappers out wit lil bit of sense n yall call him gay cuz of da way he dresses dread. i aint kno bout beanie sigel, and i dnt see how advertisin rubbers makes u gay. pharell and lil cease are probably da 2 closest. for those of you who dnt kno why i say lil cease, its cuz da nigga iz a fuckin stripper.

  • http://www.first.com First

    You left out the rumor that Jeezy was leaving the Khaled album release party “pinky in pinky” with another dude. And what about Mase cruising for transvestites? This is already on top of the Wayne/Baby crap. This shit gives me the creeps . . . ugh.

  • http://www.first.com First

    This is the worst comments section EVER, by the way. It takes an hour for comments to appear, and half the time the fields are already filled in with somebody else’s name, email address, etc. What the fuck? Whoever designed this website is a blithering imbecile.

  • J Millz

    I’m sorry to the Sigel fans but him sayin all that is mad homo…”That man got huge meat”…thats pretty fruity in my book…

  • Beav

    lol shits boss!!! good read bol!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.first.com icey SFD

    that shit t pain said was the most homo thing i’ve ever heard a man say…

    what guy seriously talks about another guys dong like that…

  • http://www.first.com icey SFD

    that shit t pain said was the most homo thing i’ve ever heard a man say…

    what guy seriously talks about another guys dong like that…

  • John Brown

    Cease and Game should be a stripper team and call them self “CHIP-N-DALE”…lol

  • t.diddy17

    I dont know who is and who isnt gay in the hip hop world, but i know one thing: its not cool for some to be gay period. for one, God made adam and eve, not adam and steve or eve and amber. Im not saying to hate every gay person you see, but dont support gay rights.

  • John Brown

    mean, if I’m in the market for a jimmy hat, I’m not gonna be standing there at the counter like, Well, Ray J wears Trojans, and his unit is like a foot long, so that’s what I’m gonna get. In fact, Ray J is pretty much the last thing I want to think about when I’m about to score with a broad.

    Why would you even think about thinking of Ray J package? And second you acoring with a broad? HA HA HA..you need a room for that Bol and I dont think that tranvestite-hooker will go to your mom’s basement…even if you pay her double…

  • lil canuck

    Personally, I cannot wait for someone to come out of the closet. Then we will really see who is a fan of the “music” or the “lyricists”. I mean, if someone great/classic MC was found out to be gay, would he be abandonded (or shot) regardless of the work he has put in? It’s between country and hip-hop as to which is the most homophobic (or intolerant, or biggoted, ignorant….)

  • dez

    bol>>>>teh gay

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    good post bol. funny at least and as always, highly informative.

  • http://www.myfreepaysite.com EReal


    I commented yesterday about that Jeezy homo shit.
    Plus that HUGE MEAT shit has been overly discussed on SOHH, LOL.

    Seriously tho, lately there has been madd homo shit going on. Look at that Cam’ron shit in his boxers n shit talkin about another man. To quote spider loc:
    “The only time Ive ever heard someone say a mans name that many times and like that was when it was a bitch fittin to bust a nut”

  • Tyler

    Mark Karr on this post bro. . wit’ a dash of Diddy sealed wit’ a Lil’ Wayne Baby kiss.
    Yea’ I ain’t go nothing against a gay n word but all this playin’ hard then being in the closet shit is what is wack yo so what up wit’ it Bol?
    Lose Yo Mind at:


    lmao. classic column. not to mention that today’s top xxl news story beautifully supports your point.

  • Incilin

    If anyones gay in the rap game, its prolly the most gangsta rappers who have actually served time. Hip hop and prison culture have been intertwined for years now. And we all know what happens in prisons.

  • http://deeznuts.net TruWanksta

    i know when i was locked up… niggas with time did’nt think twice about getting head or fuckin another dude. i guess thats what real gangstas do… hook up with dudes. rappers need to start fuckin each other in videos to prove how gangsta they is. or maybe blacks have a secret fag side thats always in hiding. don’t believe me, better ask somebody

  • Latino Thug

    this was a funny one, i wonder what beanie would say when he read this.

  • KeNYC

    This teh ghey sh*t is really stupid. And of course there are gay rappers. Who d f cares?

  • smog

    Damn how much does it say that people gotta be reafirming how much they aint gay. Heres the real question though when was the last post bol did about rap music? Six posts ago. And in that post he said that he thought “dont tell me nothin” was a “shit sandwhich” whatever that means. please wright about rap music, instead of some old soap oprea, ignorant, my take on life, name dropping bullshit

  • http://rapblog.wordpress.com/ B.

    Good (and funny) article.

    Let me open with a few things:

    -Wayne is a homo. Classic case of the public getting shit fucked up because dude is on TV here. Fuck what you heard, he doesn’t get a pass. If one of your homeboys rolled up on another cat you know and kissed him on the mouth, would you consider that shit ‘cool’? If you answered ‘yes’ you are gay.

    -Cease is a homo. You CANT justify exposing yourself, and pop-lock-n-droppin’ in FRONT of other men PERIOD.

    -And T-Pain easily takes home the ‘homo of the year’ award. To comment on another man’s johnson is grounds to be immediately labeled a butt-pirate. I can’t even put into words how gay it is to provide such detail on top that.

    …But to each their own.

    Moving on, I been hearing a lot of cats droppin suspect lyrics lately,….there’s mad bars out there that I think people just don’t catch. They’re too wrapped up in the beat or whatever.

    Anyway, that bar by Ali in that song ‘Grillz’ comes to mind:

    “You can spot em’ on the top and the bottom/Got a Bill in my mouth like I’m Hillary Rodham”


  • fred

    t pain expressed a twisted fascination with ray j
    and dude needs to do some soul searching about his sexuality after that comment!no real man gonna say that about another man cuz a real man too worried about da chics and who to smash next

  • Yoda

    LMAO @ this post, I can’t front on this…

  • ABC

    T-Pain = Ghey

  • Cuban Link

    aha good post.No homo

  • Cuban Link

    I dont think anyone thought T-Pain was straight anyway


    W/DRE3000 take n a pause from flow n (although he was/is a great wordsmith) to expand & grow musicaly (some may say lose his mind,but i disagree) only to come back & bless hiphop/music/us w/ classic verse after classic verse, it got me to wondering.If he had never desided to explore a different side of his musical talents would we still appreciate his GREAT talents (which r a breathe of fresh air no homo)or just shit on them? (no Ali)
    WHAT DO YOU GUYS SAY???????????

  • HNIC

    A heterosexual man should never… ever, ever, ever comment on another man’s Johnson. The way that T-Pain loving described that man’s junk was simply disgusting. He sounded like he was ready to tenderly caress it (shudders at the thought, while trying to keep from vomiting in mouth). His statements were quite suspect, to say the least. I am of the opinion that there should be a one Johnson maximum on a man’s mind at any given time… their own.

    As for Beanie Sigel, he probably stated the obvious, because he couldn’t get any beats from either Pharrell or Kanye. Simply put, he’s a hater! And if what you say is true about the interaction between him and Peedi Crakk; I think that he has more than enough to worry about then the pastel wearing Skateboard P and/or the Louis Vuitton Don. He should look at the man in the mirror first, before he starts to point fingers, so to speak.

    And finally, Ray J., I’m certain had his hand in leaking his own sex tape. Because frankly, the only bad publicity is no publicity in the showbiz industry. So, why not? He probably wanted to distance himself from the “Teenybopper” pigeon-hold and step beyond the shadows of his sister’s celebrity. I mean, what else did he have to lose… besides his dignity, of course. It could’ve been worse… he could’ve had a “Lil’ Cease” or “Mase” moment, instead. (Not that I’ve witnessed any of the alleged videotapes, nor do I care to ever have that misfortune.)

  • http://www.myspace.com/creaseburn commentzzz

    bol – the last time you scored with a broad was during a sports lesson at high school.


  • yaboy

    LMAO @ First’s comments at 11:57.

    $nowman – you are a fucking idiot. it hurt my brain to try to decipher your butchering of the english language and your even less skillful manipulation of the keyboard.

    snowman, eat shit and kill yourself


  • Chad Biggz


    What’s up wit TRUWANKSTA comment???

    Now that was….

  • Dr Flav

    Its my assertion, that any man overly concerned about another man’s bedroom exploits is perhaps leaning toward the edge of homosexuality. Beans did have that look in his eye shared by many gay males, the “how you doin” glare, if you will. Dude was probably on that ex pill shit. Fools need to learn to give it to ladies only, I seen a few broads get turned out on some broad on broad action… ah good times, good times.

  • ABC

    fred Says:

    June 6th, 2007 at 1:52 pm
    t pain expressed a twisted fascination with ray j
    and dude needs to do some soul searching about his sexuality after that comment!no real man gonna say that about another man cuz a real man too worried about da chics and who to smash next


    think he read ur site, got an idea, made a release date before the album, see if kanye responds, an enjoy not being in jail again

    is it me or does billy kid got the same swagger as bol? im just posting to help u keep ur job..

  • Dr Flav

    Lol @ Chad Biggs, dude was sounding like he was passin out samples in the cell.

  • mainman 2000

    Have you heard “C.O.L.O.U.R.S.” on Kanye’s new mixtape. It is the official coming out anthem we have been waiting for. This is the soundtrack of the upcoming teh ghey rap movement that will be assaulting our eardrums in the nexyt 5 years.

  • Mad Man

    Hip-hop is only the second straightest music genre, and this is because it is an indirect offspring of the #1 most straight music on the planet: dancehall reggae. Do some research, and you’ll see.

  • Mr. Whats beef

    JOHN BROWN says:

    Cease and Game should be a stripper team and call them self “CHIP-N-DALE”…lol


    lol funny shit, and for bol, damn son why u put t-nuts on blast, i guess he was askin for it, bol for president lol

  • Mr. Whats beef

    oh yeah and that nigga a bunch of comments ahead of me, TRUWANKSTA is on some other shit real talk lol. that boy B. aired some shit out though. like jadakiss said ” a real man shouldn’t have to say No Homo”

  • myddleMan

    ROFLMAO, at this whole post!!! Bol U a damn fool!!


    That fool TRUWANKSTA – WTF? READ his comment. WHAT?

    You better ask somebody…Just don’t feel somebody…LMAO. HAHAHAHA

  • havoc

    lil wayne+baby= teh ghey

  • Grassisgreener

    Oh Shit, B!
    Bol, you must’ve read my mind on this one. A considerable number of these current rap and R&B niggas in the game are extremely suspect. Their mom dukes’ should have gone out and got them some good male role models when they were kids; maybe they would have learned what type of behavior and conversation suits a real man. But nooooooo! These clowns are kissin’ men on the lips and calling them Daddy, cruising the city in search of tucked scrotum, rubbin’ their homeys ever-so-tenderly during a freestyle and raving about the next man’s package. This is some bullshit! When I was a young buck, we used to laugh at how effeminate White boys seemed in comparison to us. We weren’t going to allow ourselves to be shamed into accepting homosexuality as a norm. Remember when Buju recorded “Murder Dem”? The mainstream media had a fit, and tried to shit on my man, but the hip-hop nation wasn’t falling for that shit! We just banged the song even more, and didn’t give a damn what anyone else thought about our liking it. Fast forward to 2007 and we see these so-called hardcore artists conducting themselves like some bona fide hookaz! These niggas is arguing and feuding over each other’s fashion choices, girlfriends, jewelry & lack or abundance of money. Sound like bitches to me.

  • DirtDoggy

    tru wanker ? but you’d be the one doing the sucking and taking the sausauge, all you faggots are fucked up,period.

    Kanye ? maybe, I mean when you think about it, he talks about gucci and prada all the time,so he supports faggots and that goes for all you dudes talkin bout these designer fags in your bars.

    You do know those designers are gay right ? but you wear their clothes, so you are a little gay.

  • IceD-MKY

    i just wanna cum all over bol’s face..

  • jeff

    I wonder how Ray-J feels about guy publicly coming out about his wang before a chick does. That has got to suck. Anyway, them statements T-Pain made were very homo. D-grade celebrity or not…Kim K is such a bad bitch, I forgot Ray J was even on the tape. T-Pain is just obviously just insecure about the size of his wang, so he got all vocal about it before some girl who has seen it (or guy) came out and told the world how small it was. That’s why he makes all of them songs about tricking. He knows he doesn’t have the size to be secure about just straight macking a broad down.

  • Looms

    I thought the Ruff Ryders were the first gay rappers…

  • Cuban Link

    @ Jeff, if your famous and make that kinda ringtone money, youll get fucked regardless of your size.No this whole post and every comment in it.Even mine

  • 3iduck

    Some of these rappers get on stage, with a bunch of their homeboys, all with there shirts off, pants falling off, and scream into microphones about how they dont love a bitch and die for their homies. Now thats some gay shit. Thats some ancient greece shit. Dont look towards Kanye and Pharrel for homosexual tendacies. Look towards the hyper-masculine alpha male rappers.

  • jeff

    is there really a gay battle rapper named kawshen or some shit like that? This chick I know told me that he was discovered by Kimora Lee and got signed onto Def Jam and he wears a pink fatigue headband or some shit. I didn’t even want to bother to do a search for him and run the risk of one of my hoes coming over here using my laptop and checking my search engine and seeing his name and photo (if this character is indeed fictitious). I really hope he doesn’t exist.

  • jeff

    i feel you cuban link, but he was all talking about how he wouldnt make no sex tape or screw behind ray j because his thing is supposedly so gigantic. If Kim K was offering me some pussy, I would take it without thinking about ray j. I done fucked a gang of hoes in my day and made several tapes but I was NEVER concerned or worried about whether or not the chicks I poked fucked a guy with a bigger dick than mine. The way these chicks get down nowadays, I am pretty sure they have seen many dicks bigger and smaller.

  • Cuban Link

    aha lol very true, after all if Im having as much fun as Ray-J, I could give a fuck if she had more fun last time.And the same thing works in any case with a girl like that.

  • stoneyisland

    T-pain, if he said that gay shit about Ray-J’s foot longer:) should be locked the fucked up so he can get a steady dose of dick up in Rikers. That was some of the most gayest shit any stright dude has ever said, which leads me to believe T-pan cant be straight. I cant ever recall any convo where me I or any other real brother gave another dude props because of his dick size:) I mean damn but Bol, you seem to be in love with hating on Jigga, could it be because he use to corn hole that ass? I mean is what they say true Bol? is Jigga packing:) LOL, LOL excuse me while I go vomit. Holla

  • Cuban Link

    also, @ Dirtdoggy, most designers are homo, but Marc Ecko is straight.And he makes 99% hip hop clothes (Ecko, G-Unit, and helps at Enyce, LRG, and Coogi)

  • srh

    what the fuck does “teh ghey” mean anyway you fag. just call a spade a spade and a fag a fag

  • DirtDoggy

    ^^ tru Cuban, obviously they aint all gay, but these rappers are sporting and promoting gay designers all day every day,I’m talking bout the run way fairy desingers from Paris that wear scarfs and paint there fingernails, na mean, specially kanyesie to-da always rocks and promotes their faggot shit. He is a nice MC but really suspect now that I think bout it.

  • Crumbs

    “All ya’ll ass, and im about to get raw in it” – Beanie (on Long kiss goodnight mix). And ya’ll gotta respect DMX for making it clear bout Ja Rule on Funk Flex’s show bout how Rule’s stylist f*ckd him

  • http://www.myspace.com/mworld33 mannyworld33


  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    Barney and the Teletubbies fucked up the kids minds.

  • J Millz

    I seriously think theres rappers tryin to subliminally tull us that they on the DL…like dmx…I’m convinced he’s gay…Jumpin around in jail with 50 niggas with they pants hangin of thier ass…all these rappers sayin how they dont fuck with ho’s or bitches, only real niggas…i fucks with bitches, I chill with my homies…LOL

  • Chevyboy

    man, niggas is funny. I rep all the niggas that posted on this site. Cus you came out with some original shit – -

    Butt Pirate
    Dose of Dick up
    Taking the sausage

    Funny shit man. But seriously tho, these rappers bin doin some gay shit man.



  • No Homo

    any discussion of hip-hop gheyness has to begin and end with the Gym Class Heroes.

  • dreadklove

    Shamefull boiz talkin’ about sissies…wait till da gurlz read this shyt….betta than the young an restless..lol

  • 4 ya momma

    i was in new york and couldnt even buy shit cause everything fucking pink, homos

  • lilmama

    i think lilwayne ,baby,cameron,mase,game,and a whole alot of rappers are gay.niggas with butterfly tats,wearing pink ,kissing grown ass men in the mouth and just looking gay.fucking fudge packers

  • doctor69

    this blog left out the gayiest group of rap the dipset jim confessed his love for cam and cam once anlyzed jim saying I’ll beat you till white stuff comes out then you forgot puffy.man/slave mr bentley and mase once said in the source he has a gay best friend who has a crush on him the dl dudes are there just pay attention look at baby and wayne and tpain is bigger homo then sisco

  • getbusy07

    i think t= pain should have said no homo before and after his comment

  • getbusy07

    t- paon should have sid no homo before and after his ray j big dick comment

  • doctor69

    only dl men say no homo

  • DisNotoriousOne


  • DisNotoriousOne

    the same people callin’ other people gay are the ones sayin shit like no homo….and u all know what that means

  • http://www.upcloseent.netorwww.myspace.com/outtherebad j dinero

    I am in the music business, and it never ceases to amaze me at how much garbage is out there. eeeevvvvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyybbbbbbbbbooooooooooddddddyyyyyyyyy wanna rap, but dont nobody wanna be a real rapper. And because you dont pay attention to what is being said, everyone just copies(bites, which was the cardinal sin in rap) what the last dude did. it seems to me that the last dude was gay. These rappers are undercover. Grown ass men in the club doin the lean wit it rock with it. That aint nohing but the sissy poo from the n.o. bounce song. Since when was it cool to wanna show off to other dudes. Thats a female trait. now guys want other guys to look at there car and mouth. Has a man become so damn lazy that all he do to get a woman is fix up an 88 coupe deville. READ THIS. ITS NOT A CLASSIC UNLESS ITS OVER 25 YEARS OLD. AND SINCE WOMEN ARENT FALLIN FOR IT, YOU TURN TO PLEASING THE DUDES AROUND YOU. you can tell by the songs. Pick anyone. no sense being made and its all for the other dudes. Chain hang low. You got the music from the mr sof-t-ice cream truck. WHAT KINDA BULLSHIT IS THAT. you askin how many inches does another dude chain hang. i can see it now, ur verse says my chain hang to my nuts. your dude gone say thats a nice piece you got there(already startin off wrong). So he reach out and grabs your chain, and grazes your nuts(since its right there, and you did tell every dude to check your low hangin chain out) now because so many dudes done reached and grazed your “piece” it has become apparent (to your barely hangin on woman) that you seem to be enjoying this alot. So as you diss your woman for wanting you to chill with her, you would rather go chill with ur mans and them(boys) and floss in ur candy painted ride wit ur grill, jordans(that u got cuz all the other dudes think they fresh) and crisp white tee that got a picture of ur dead homey(not ur past away mom, or grandmother, or other true figure in your world) on it. Yall roll up and smoke on some kush that yall pass amongst each other(but you wont drink behind your woman) . then you begin to talk about your piece, not the chain, but your actual piece, to all the guys you already had grazing it. next thing you know, you spill your cup of lean that you rapped about, but its funny to you cuz u are x`ed out, and your boy feels like yall close enough because you chose him over your girl, and he`s already grazed your nuts, so he begins to help you wipe it up…… next thing you know……… you are fuckin your man….. yall rappers are gay


    “when I’m about to score with a broad” bol your not getting pussy unless you are paying for it

  • ManMythLegend

    Dude…someone needs to revoke your writing privileges.

    i understand that 1337speak is blowing up but come on! did you really have to write ‘evar’ and use ‘teh ghey’ EVERYTIME in your post? come on!

    hopefully you got this job because you have some writing skills; please use them!

    keep the net slang in 4chan.