Does it strike anyone else as ridonkulous that Fiddy Cent's baby's mother should even think that she should be entitled to a piece of the $100 million or whatever Fiddy supposedly made from Coca Cola's recent purchase of the company that makes Vitamin Water?

Er, let me get the facts straight, lest anyone accuse me of trying to confuse the issue. I guess officially, it's not so much that Fiddy's baby's mother herself feels entitled to a chunk of Fiddy's new change, but she feels that it's only right that their son should see a part of it, given the fact that he is, after all, Fiddy's son.

Um, excuse me, but since when does Fiddy needs his baby's mother to decide how much of Fiddy's money his child deserves? Maybe Fiddy would rather wait until said child reaches the age of majority, at which point Fiddy can give the kid however much money he wants and not have to worry about her spending it on some other guy - or even herself, for that matter.

I'm not sure how much of a proverbial legal leg this unscrupulous jizzjar has to stand on, because, as I'm sure many of you 'bags know, I was pre-med rather than pre-law; but if she manages to profit at all from this deal, it would obviously be a devastating miscarriage of justice.

As bad as it would be though, it's not like Fiddy Cent doesn't have enough money to raise half of the unwanted future criminals currently crowding this country's ghettos if he wanted to, not to mention the fact that he sucks now anyway, so who gives a shit?

The even worse tragedy are the millions of poor bastards in this country who get stuck for every penny they earn, not to mention branded as deadbeats (on a par, at least in the media, with child molestors), just because they fucked the wrong broad once and the rubber broke.

Now, don't get me wrong, my thought when it comes to child care is that if you're kid's father, you should take care of it. Certainly I'm not trying to take care of some other fucktard's worthless offspring. But, at the same time, I can appreciate the fact that this is a country where it's hard for a black man to make an honest buck, unless he knows how to rap or play basketball or some shit.

If these same assholes who wanna come down on a brother for not taking care of his kids were really concerned with whether or not a black kid eats, they would focus more on putting a dollar in a black man's pocket. All this government mandated transfer payments to a women or else you go to jail bullshit is just that: bullshit!