Hands off Fiddy’s wallet

Does it strike anyone else as ridonkulous that Fiddy Cent’s baby’s mother should even think that she should be entitled to a piece of the $100 million or whatever Fiddy supposedly made from Coca Cola’s recent purchase of the company that makes Vitamin Water?

Er, let me get the facts straight, lest anyone accuse me of trying to confuse the issue. I guess officially, it’s not so much that Fiddy’s baby’s mother herself feels entitled to a chunk of Fiddy’s new change, but she feels that it’s only right that their son should see a part of it, given the fact that he is, after all, Fiddy’s son.

Um, excuse me, but since when does Fiddy needs his baby’s mother to decide how much of Fiddy’s money his child deserves? Maybe Fiddy would rather wait until said child reaches the age of majority, at which point Fiddy can give the kid however much money he wants and not have to worry about her spending it on some other guy – or even herself, for that matter.

(Also: I thought this was America!)

I’m not sure how much of a proverbial legal leg this unscrupulous jizzjar has to stand on, because, as I’m sure many of you ‘bags know, I was pre-med rather than pre-law; but if she manages to profit at all from this deal, it would obviously be a devastating miscarriage of justice.

As bad as it would be though, it’s not like Fiddy Cent doesn’t have enough money to raise half of the unwanted future criminals currently crowding this country’s ghettos if he wanted to, not to mention the fact that he sucks now anyway, so who gives a shit?

The even worse tragedy are the millions of poor bastards in this country who get stuck for every penny they earn, not to mention branded as deadbeats (on a par, at least in the media, with child molestors), just because they fucked the wrong broad once and the rubber broke.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my thought when it comes to child care is that if you’re kid’s father, you should take care of it. Certainly I’m not trying to take care of some other fucktard’s worthless offspring. But, at the same time, I can appreciate the fact that this is a country where it’s hard for a black man to make an honest buck, unless he knows how to rap or play basketball or some shit.

If these same assholes who wanna come down on a brother for not taking care of his kids were really concerned with whether or not a black kid eats, they would focus more on putting a dollar in a black man’s pocket. All this government mandated transfer payments to a women or else you go to jail bullshit is just that: bullshit!

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  • HNIC

    “Unscrupulous jizzjar” – classic!

    For real, I’d much prefer to put my child support money into a trust account for my daughter as opposed to giving it to my “unscrupulous jizzjar”, any day. After all, by definition, it is supposed to be used to support my child. Not for my BM to use it on frivolous shit or lord forbid some other jackass.

  • HoHo


  • HNIC

    This entire post receives my official “stamp of approval”… for what it’s worth.

  • Jimson

    I love 50 cent like a brother.

  • myspace.com/folklore1

    Great post bol. I was just saying this shit the other day. I live in nyc and most black males here are underemployed. Add that to the fact that you damn near gotta be rich to live here and you’re more concerned about building jails than jobs and you set up the trap for us.

    And word, if you want black father to pay, then may you should try to stimulate job growth for young black men and quit out sourcing the jobs. There’s a gray area between corporate and government. And the prison industrial system is big $

    Folk Legend ze King

  • ddubbzz

    honestly, I think this is all fake publicity for 50 new album coming out. Just to keep his name in the news and in niggas ears and shit. How the fuck is his wife going to go PUBLIC and ask for a chunk of that so called 100 mill? Fifty ol gorilla ass probably told that bitch to go public with it just to get some free publicity out of it. Then you got Young Buck talking bout 50 aint givin up any of tha 100 mill to any of his artists. Think about people, 50 is already paying child support for his son, if i remember correctly he is paying 50 grand a month! Man…this is all some publicity bullshit that 50 loves to pull whenever he has a album coming out.

  • HNIC

    I bet that Fiddy’s BM is gonna try to take him to the Amusement Park…, er, Candy Shop… er, Cleaners, as it were; considering the huge acquisition that he received a hefty compensation from, recently.

  • John Brown


    How many worthless offsprings you got? Wait! You actually have to sleep with a female inorder to produce a worthless offspring. I guess thats ZERO, huh Bol?

  • K.oncernedK.ountryK.ind


  • b-ease

    Classic Bol…

  • HNIC

    Fellas take heed to Fiddy’s plight (as well as many Baby Daddies, alike)… Remember to strap up tight, before you allow some chick to take a ride on your “Magic Stick” (nullus). He should really consider doing a P.S.A. regarding this; considering that he’s the king of sexual innuendos and also the fact that he’s trying to create his own brand of condoms. An ounce of prevention goes a mighty long way… or however the old adage goes.

  • smitty313

    50 is already giving her like 15 to 20 grand a month. How much does this greey bitch need.

  • smog

    wtf how many dudes you know that are single dads compared to single moms 20:1 at the best. this is a shit article anyway cuase by bols dumbass logic shouldnt women be doin all the baby takin care of shit anyway. i dont even hate on bol for written his fucked up house negro prospecitve i just hate when it dont even make sense from his point of view. damn

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    why are you so angry?

  • Cinsere

    “…just because they fucked the wrong broad once and the rubber broke.”

    LOL…yeah right! Let’s be real…it’s cuz niggaz hate rubbers and wanna go in raw!

  • http://www.first.com First

    I’m not going to make a comment worth reading until you give me some damn credit for the ‘I thought this was America’ link! Not like you give a fuck . . . but whatever.

  • b-ease

    Cinsere Says:

    June 20th, 2007 at 2:04 pm
    “…just because they fucked the wrong broad once and the rubber broke.”

    LOL…yeah right! Let’s be real…it’s cuz niggaz hate rubbers and wanna go in raw!


  • OnPoint

    Daaaaaamn Bol went hard on this one (n/h)
    I was thinking the same thing when I saw that story. The shit is real one-sided.

    How that song go? “Its cheaper to keep her”
    (no misogynist for the whole comment)

    And Bol you gradually seeming like a 50 stan….are u letting up on some of the hating? dont do it kid!!!

  • Chuck

    I think its funny how nobody really mentioned how Forbes confirmed 50 got $100 million instead of $400 million (until this blog post).

    People were raising hell “that nigga aint got 400 million, thats bogus, i bet he hardly got anything, he’s just endorsing them, he doesnt own part of the company!!!”

    It turns out fitty got a “MEASILY” $100 million dollars. Which I admit…. is not $400 million, but it’s still more than any of us, plus our families will make in our entire existence.

  • thatwhitedude

    yaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwn, yeah this post is weak and doesn’t make much sense, you need to lay off the bottle man, what do you drink anyways? 40s or jack daniels?

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    LOL! Jizzjar.

    Bol, you been steppin the drop game up lately. You’ve had some classic drops lately.

    As far as this shit is concerned, she aint gettin shit. 50 just went to court on this shit because this bitch was always askin for dough and he wasnt havin it. He wanted an exact figure from the court on a monthly payment. Just because he made a huge windfall dosent mean shit. This bitch is gettin like 15K a fuckin month. Thats more in a year than most kids parents make combined. Plus Im sure he has dual custody. How much more dough does that greedy bitch need? She didnt even stick by that dude when he was tryin to make it, and now that he has she wants a piece? GTFOH. Golddiggin bitch. If the kid gets anything it should be placed in trust and have a person oversee the trust so dumb shit for the BM isnt approved. The fuckin kid is set for life anway, this is just str8 greed.
    As far as his artists, why should he give them shit? It had nothing to do with them. Its his business venture and it has nothing to do with them. So if I make and investment and come out winnin big I should give all my boys a buncha cake for not doin shit? Naw, Im straight. lol.

    ddubbzz Says:
    Are you kidding? You’re the worst kinda hater, bruh.

    Keep up the good drops Byron, dont get on that Sloth shit. lol.

    1 hunned.

  • BirdsFlySouth

    Its cheaper to keep her! So if you get a chick pregnant, you may as well marry her. Do the right thing by your kid.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    Oh I forgot, I wanted to say that I think Child Support is fair if its not outrageous and the Father has a chance to be a Father.
    Its complete bullshit to me when the Father has no custody rights, yet has to pay out the ass for child support. If you cant even see your kid, see them grow up, and be a Father, through no fault of your own but the fact that the court automaticly favors the mother, than you shouldnt have to pay shit. IMO.

    Not all states have laws that you are arrested for not paying and most states wont extridite or arrest you for a child support case in another state anyway.


  • http://www.exposeyaass.com EXPOSER


    Big surprise, Byron dosen’t want a female unwed single mother to get another dime to support her children. Who would thunk it? Black Woman hating fat oreo bastard,

    You’ve been EXPOSED!!!

  • john cochran


  • http://www.msn.com King Ben

    BOL actually sounded like a black dude this time. Not being a blackman myself I can say child support is bulshit, I mean if I have kids I will provide, but I refuse to hand over my hard earned money to some ski-op. If I don’t do it I go to jail?!? What’s really going on ?!?

  • Tyler

    I mean how does the women look away? Has anyone ever seen this girl? Me thinks she’s ugly which should bring down her fee quite a bit, don’t U agree?

  • BIG

    bols a virgin

  • these posts are racist


    Are you against all forms of child support? In other words, if the child lives with the mother, does the father have the choice to simply not give any money to help raise and take care of the child that he fathered?


    Bol…..eat a dick.

  • GT_Massive

    This is the 1st blog you wrote that I agree with (so this will probably be the 1st response I posted that will actually be seen by the public).

    Women in this country are unique in that all they have to do is spread their leggs and get impregnated and they are entitled to a check for at least 18 years. Now I understand that there are alot of deadbeat dads, but the laws do not allow a father who does take care of his child any room to breath. The moment we make it, it goes out the door to her. Now is anyone concerned about little 50 starving, or going without the newest sneakers? NO!, so why does this chick even have a right to request more cash. You got your monthly child support (which is more cake than some see in a year) why make yourself and black women look xtra greedy by goin after the man’s Coke money?

    It’s sad, there are laws to combat deadbeat dads but no laws to combat greedy ass hoes.

  • DJ Chill

    Thats bullshit he has his son in his will plus he paying child support. And they still say he a dead beat dad. Plus his son gets money from being a g-unit model which goes to his mom.

  • thoreauly77

    me and my babymoms don’t even fuck with the government. child support? yeah, it’s called being a dad. there is almost always a way to just be civil with your ex, unless of course they are looney tunes, which in this case maybe fisty’s ex is. who knows?

  • these posts are racist


    I understand that many women take advantage of child support and misappropriate the funds meant for their children. There are systematic problems and there are methods a father can use to to make sure the money is used in the child’s best interests…but the solution to this is not eliminate the concept of child support…

  • lah

    BOL it seem like u hate on 50 in every blog that u write but u keep writing about the nigga lol thats funny

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=10919 Jaymc1988

    GOLD DIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fuck outta here 50 went 2 court n the court said 15 g’s a fuckin month.. man i wish i was gettin 10 percent of that fuckin dough cmon now…her sons straight.. from what i hear 50′s a good as father n actually takes care of hiim when he can.. n this gold diggin bitch wants more money.. u probably got a fuckin mansion n a fuckin lambo with everything u need what the fuck u need the money for… shes probably needs the money for sum heroin addiction or sumshit.. fuck outta here im bout 2 start a petiton.. PUT THE GOLDDIGGERS ON A FUCKIN ISLAND PETITION… ima start it fuck it

  • Bibs

    I Thought This Was America…why does that latetly play in my head more than often..lol. >

  • Christian Prz.

    As far as this whole thing concerning how a black man can make money & how he can’t – get over ya fuckin’ selves on that one for once. As a proud WHITE kid from the ghetto, I can tell you that I’ve experienced certain issues tryna find my way through life as well as my black peers – but at the same time I know a lot of dark skinned muthafuckaz who made themselves something other than an a) basketball player or b) rapper, and they makin’ god damned money, son. We all live through trifles and what not, stop tryna generalizin, and singlin’ out yo’ selves over shit that happened ages ago. Them Italian guys were slavin’ before the blacks came here n took over that job (no racism), and you don’t see them complaining. Fuck a race, fuck a whatever – if you from the ghetto, you gonna have issues, straight up, but don’t forget there’s all type of colors living in those ghettos. Some of us are lucky, some of us ain’t. Hate all you want, it’s my op. Ad, later, thanks.

  • these posts are racist

    on a different note…i just listened to lil wayne’s “i feel like dying”…or so the hook keeps repeating…very freaky and weird.

  • Chris S

    new vocab words for the day: 1)unscrupulous
    …very creative. by the way, nice atricle

  • Stonyman

    He already gives that “jizzjar” 50 grand a month. Fiddy is smart as fuck he knew he was about to make some moves so he went to court and got a judge to say how much he should be paying the “jizzjar” so she can “support” their child. Now she wants more, more, and more. Fuck that get over and live on your 50 grand a month. Shit most of us bags don’t even make 50 grand a fuckin year. Well bol might since he is a black woman hating muthafucker who gets paid for clicks.

  • Cuban Link

    im still cracking about with that I thought this Was America shit lol

  • http://fuckdattmail.com Fuck these bitches

    Man yall killin hip hop XXL, all yall doin is hatin on hip hop, but yall shit say “Hip HOp On A Higher level” fuck yall niggas talkin shit on what the fuck i love, yall some immature ass niggas, boss up and play that real hip hop, and focus on that, instead of doggin niggas, ya bitch 100

  • stoneyisland

    1st of all real men support their kids. Supporting your kid does not include the babies mother getting her hair and nails done on the kids support check. I’m kind of shocked that 50′s advisors are using that old relaible government tactic of using the courts. I mean 50 has enuff paper to take his babies mama to court every day until she exhaust whatever chump change she has amassed. 50 if you listening take her court, your paper will outlast her paper, whatever you do playa keep your cool and your hands to yourself, dont give her anymore ammo to use against you in the courts. The law is so fucked up because so many weak ass fools have fucked over a great many honorable, women. Of course for every stand up woman, there are 10 skeezers who use their asses as a meal ticket.

  • meenstreek

    When you don’t have it they want it and when you do have it, they want more.

  • stoneyisland

    I guess I’m a start fucking with rap chicks, knock one up then take their asses to court and ask for child support and spouse support:) rise up fella’s let flip this around and get ours:)


    As a mother myself I spend 3 times a much much money as my baby’s father pay and so does my current boyfriend who I have been with since I was 6 weeks pregnant with my son who is now 2. He only has pays $100 a month, even though every time he comes around he trys to front like he is loaded and even shows rolls of cash and the sad part about that is he doesn’t pay that most of the time. I don’t sweat over it though but when he does pay I spend it on myself because it should be 50/50 raising a child if I have to give up my social life to raise a child WE me made and spend far more money on my son than you do then I should be intitled to the pennies he through every so often. However, there are some women that don’t really take care of there children and use them as a way to make money instead of raising them. I don’t think thats right but shouldn’t group those women with good women. I a women is stuggle to make ends meet and she is taking care of her child with no help while her baby daddy is leaving it up care free than she should get some up his money.

  • hiphop00

    bol is the 41 year old virgin

  • Rizzop

    “but when he does pay I spend it on myself because it should be 50/50 raising a child” So if you spend it on yourself, how is it child support? Regardless of how much you spend it is for the child, not to buy something for yourself Its not his fault that you spend three times as much. But i dont know if it is court ordered or he does it on his own, so maybe im wrong.

  • Chillin

    It’s called reimbursement. If I’ve spent $500 on daycare, food, clothing, diapers, etc. per month and taken care of all the child’s needs and the father is only court ordered to pay $100, well, then he’s reimbursing me (however little) for all of my own money that I’ve already laid out. A man is only court ordered to pay 17% of his salary for one child. A woman’s entire salary goes to take care of the child. A woman who puts the need of the child before her own, that is.

    So, if I’ve shelled out more money in one month than you contribute in 4 months I damn well am getting my nails done or something. Cause I just spent all of my own money on our kid.

    I don’t agree with women who let their kids run around in rags while they’re all dolled up but a lot of mothers put their children first and don’t do anything for themselves.

  • A Smart Cali Banker (supposedly)

    This way the money is REALLY for the child – she (50′s baby mamma) already won court awarded child support – SO SHE IS ALREADY GETTING ‘REIMBURSED” -



  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    interesting that the only two female commenters on here copped to using the money on themselves. thats pretty sad really when that 100$ can go into a trust fund for the child later in life (all while accruing interest). but, i guess getting the nails did is more important..

  • Chillin

    I guess you’d have to be a woman shelling out her entire paycheck to support her kids. Being a single mother is no fun especially when the man pays little to nothing for the child.

  • Chillin

    And I never said i had kids. I can just understand the situation having a friend who has a “baby daddy” who doesn’t give her a dime for her kid.



  • http://www.fuckyomom.com Fah-Q

    Naw, bitch. Im last.

    so fuck ya momma!

  • RizzoP

    No giving a dime for a kid and getting money and NOT using it for the child is two different thing. To say that since i spend my own money on my child, the money his dad gives him is supposed to go to my nails is the root of the problem….Its called child support, not nail support. If you spend alot of money on your child that is wonderful depending on what the child needs (it changes from time to time as they get older) But the whole reason you are getting it is to take care of the child, not yourself. YOU should pay for your nails with the money YOU get from you job, or the government or however you get dough. Im not trying to come off preachy but imagine if it was the other way around and you were paying support but homie was buying jordans?

  • A Smart Cali Banker (supposedly)

    Did anyone forget she ALREADY WON STRUCTURED CHILD SUPPORT ? ? ? (child support from a multi-millionare ordered by court ISN’T A BAD LIVING – Sh&t! – I’ll take it!!!) PLUS+++ It’s not like dude forgot about his kids finantial statis in the FIRST place ! ! ! Greed = Greed (for the children? my a$$!)

  • KFrizzle

    It’s funny to me how something like child support turns into a semi-racial editorial on black males being exploited. Give me a fucking break! I was reading some shit about like 50-60% of black homes in this country are run by a single parent (vast majority mothers). Same thing in the UK, 50%. The next closest thing to that in this country is hispanics at like 32% or something like that then whites in the mid 20%. I pay child support but the difference is that my boy stays with me 7 out of 14 days but I still gotta pay because, I agree, the system is fucked. But the reason it is fucked is due to statistics like this. OK so we all agree that a lot of black families are suffering in poverty that results from a multitude of things. Well wouldn’t a huge factor be that there are hardly any dual income (or single for that matter but that is another discussion) homes as opposed to lack of job opportunities? Does being poor make you fuck without being safe? If anything it should make you not fuck so you don’t end up with an abysmal life for you and your kids. But yall don’t think about that cuz it is so fucking easy to blame the institution and the man for all of your problems.

    What really needs to happen is black men need to step up to the plate and handle their responsibilities like they are supposed to instead of making ridiculous excuses like you do for all of your failures in life. Instead of saying I had to do this and I had to do that because of my situation and getting your ass locked up for the majority of your child’s developmental life maybe you should be responsible and make an attempt at a legitimate hustle. This fucking shit pisses me off because it is all those morons planting seeds and never taking care of them why your people continue to live in poverty and continue this cycle because you have a generation (army) of criminals roaming streets because they have no one other than the streets to mold them into adults. Most of these women have to work their assess off just to survive which is obviously going to take a toll on their ability to adequately parent and keep tabs on their children.

    And then you guys have the fucking nerve to defend rap music and shit like that for calling women bitches and hoes and then throw a guy like Imus (who is a fucking idiot mind you) under the bus simply because he is white. And clowns like Snoop trying to say that when he says bitch and hoe it has a context to it whereas Imus was talking about college basketball players. Fuck outta here. If you are saying bitch and hoe period and you are talking about women that according to snoop you encounter in your own community, than the odds plainly state that you are probably referring to a person who is raising a child on their own because an explited black man such as yourselves got a bad break with the jimmy.

    Fucking pathetic to me man. I love rap and hip-hop and to throw my 2 cents on this story I think 50′s BM is a scoundrel cuz I’ve read he actually takes relatively good care of his son and takes time out for him. This type of BM is not limited to rich rappers and celebrity though and yes, there are bad apples on both sides of this fence. Don’t fuck a bitch you know is scandalous then.


    I dont get my nails done with the child support my or even my clothes I put that small sum of my towards my books for school were I go to some pissy ass community college so that when it is time for him to go to school I can send him to Yale. Not to mention if you I STILL set aside money for my son


    I dont get my nails done with the child support my or even my clothes I put that small sum of my towards my books for school were I go to some pissy ass community college so that when it is time for him to go to school I can send him to Yale. Not to mention if you I STILL set aside money for my son out of MY money. If men really care about where the money went to the kids they would be there for the kids. All my sons need and wants are taking care of and then some so regardless of what I spend the money on. I Chillin wants to spend her child support on nails thats her right because if shit go down and the child get sick shes the on who is going to be the one in the ER for hours making sure her child is all right. I think thats the problem with men today. How many of you who say you want the money to go into an acct. really spend time with your kids. If my sons father was really there for him and he wanted me to put the money if the account I would. He he shows he cares about my son REALLY cares then he can make decisions.


    Plan and simple most women who are really taking care of there children REGULARLY put the things they need after what their children need and MOST men or child support(especailly court ordered child support) don’t. Fifty’s baby mama is being greedy and she give single mothers a bad name but not all mothers who recieve child support are bad, just like not all men who pay it are good.

  • grapes

    fuck 50. get buck, bitch. or msybe even banks. no yayo. g’on n do ya preach mase, we ain’t listenin’. mobb deep = finished classics. m.o.p…..WHO? spider loc fuck outta west coast, they dont need u. olivia, time 2 get off 50s and get on mine. anyone else affiliated with g-unit camp? FUCK THAT. FUCK BLACKWALLSTREET. FUCK DIPSET. FUCK CASHMONEY. FUCK ROCAFELLA. FUCK EVERYONE. why? cause hip-hop gonna end up dying sooner or later…check billy x.

  • gteach

    “If these same assholes who wanna come down on a brother for not taking care of his kids were really concerned with whether or not a black kid eats, they would focus more on putting a dollar in a black man’s pocket.”

    i agree 110% on that.

  • Benjamin


  • http://www.lackofskillz.com Putney Swope

    Remember that classic phrase “It’s cheaper to keep her”

    If your hittin a chick you can’t support herself, just know that when she gets pregnant you’ll be supporting her and the child.

  • Derek

    Not to get off the subject, but the whole entire child support issue (to me) is a bunch of bullshit. another way for the government to stay in your business. And we allow it by first the father’s before us not taking responsibility us by not taking care of us. that gave the government a reason to come in and make the laws. what we could do is start paying up so we can prevent other things from happening. what is the other things that can happen? well don’t take care of your responsibilities and find out. point blank. there is no way that another man is supposed to tell you how to care of your child. but we are in america. RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!