What kind of world do we live in when a 17 year-old boy named Genarlow can't get a blowski from a 15 year-old girl without getting sentenced to 10 years in prison? As if his life wasn't going to be hard enough already. No pun intended.

Perhaps you're familiar with the case of Genarlow Wilson. I remember hearing about it back when it began, but I couldn't bring myself to be too interested, since it occurred not too long after the similar, if somewhat more sensational case of Marcus Dixon.

I believe Genarlow Wilson played football as well, but Marcus Dixon was regarded as a genuinely talented athlete. And the girl he was charged with having sex with (and, from what I understand, pretty much ethering), was white, so there was that.

Anytime a black guy scores with a white chick, I consider it a small victory in a sense. But once you throw some backwards, Errol Morris-style redneck justice into the mix, you've got all the ingredients for the greatest John Grisham novel evar.

I couldn't confirm this with the world's most accurate encyclopedia, perhaps because she's a minor (though she's obviously not that innocent!), but I'm assuming that the alleged victim in the Genarlow Wilson case is black. Which I suppose is interesting in a sense, but obviously not nearly as sensational as the Marcus Dixon case.

I mean, let's face it: things that probably would be considered sex crimes happen all the time in the black community, but you don't hear about it very often because who gives a shit anyway? Black chicks start fucking way younger than white chicks, and man-on-young-girl love doesn't carry the same stigma in the black community as it does in the white community. It's one of the reasons R. Kelly reamains as popular as he is. (That and the fact that he's a motherfucking genius!)

The truth of the matter is we probably never would have heard of Genarlow Wilson (until he robbed a liquor store or something) had he not taped the alleged incident. Which may be the real lesson in all of this, especially when you're not so sure about your "girlfriend."

According to the wiki, the tape in question features two sex acts: one between Genarlow and a 17 year-old girl, who appeared to be roofied up, and the blowski with Genarlow and the 15 year-old girl. It's interesting to note that the thing with the 17 year-old broad would've been perfectly legal, except that she was more or less unconscious at the time and then hollered rape the next morning.

The thing with the 15 year-old broad? Not so much. Not only was she a bit young to be having that much fun, but people in the South tend to frown upon mouth sex, or pretty much any sex that doesn't involve the woman lying flat on her back with the lights completely out. In fact, that might be another lesson in this: be wary of getting head (especially from a white chick!) below the Mason-Dixon line.

Had he just banged her like he did the other girl, Genarlow would've gotten off with a misdemeanor. Instead, the obviously overzealous judge in the case threw his ass in jail for 10 years. Just for getting a blowski from a 15 year-old girl. Meanwhile, lord knows how many times R. Kelly has received "special attention" from girls who were even younger, and that fuckers like 40!

If there's a lesson to be learned from all of this, as my boy jimi izrael pointed out today as well, it's to think before you let some broad slob on your knob (like corn on the cob) - especially if she's only 15 years old, and you're in a backwards-ass state like Georgia. But even if everything appears to be on the up and up, a seemingly harmless blowski can hold devastating unintended consequences. A man can never be too safe.