Ass men, or chubby chasers?

It’s hardly a secret that black men love women with huge asses. Sir Mix-a-Lot even wrote a song about it way back when a lot of us were still in grade school. But has anyone ever stopped to wonder why it is that black men are so fascinated  by women with huge asses?

Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a woman with a nice ass, regardless of race. But at the same time, I’ll insist on drawing a distinction between a nicely-shaped, well-toned ass and what I like to refer to as a tank ass. In general, I guess I don’t buy into the theory that, when it comes to asses, bigger is better.

That does, however, seem to be the prevailing aesthetic sensibility in the hip-hop community. Case in point: the career of someone like Buffie the Body, who really doesn’t have a whole lot going for her other than a ridonkulously large ass, and yet has managed to become one of the most popular models in all of hip-hop.

What gives?

My boy Ben Westhoff, who once wrote a story about yours truly, has a story in this week’s Village Voice in which he attempts to get to the bottom (no pun intended) of the black man’s fascination with women with huge asses.

According to one guy quoted in the story, a barber named Lenny Hansen, women with huge asses are just that much better for fuckin’.

To wit:

“If a girl walks by, you really get a good idea from her back of what it would be like to have sex with them,” he says. “Not from the front. If she has a fat ass, there’s just a lot more to work with.”

Admittedly, it’s hard to argue with that kind of logic. But still…

One thing that I thought was kinda glossed over in the story is that there probably is a class element at play in all of this. I’m not sure how you’d go about proving this, but, in general, I do find that the more unfortunate a man’s upbringing is, the more likely he is to be a chubby chaser.

But this can be proved anecdotally by visiting any Wal-Mart in a rural area. There was one in the shithole of a town where I went to college, and I remember all you would see was rail thin white guys walking around with these huge, tick-like white bitches. Don’t even get me started on the Mexicans.

Could it be that what we’re witnessing in the hip-hop community is more or less the same thing? I’m gonna go ahead and put forth that it is. One of the reasons I know this is true is that in so many cases, a black man with a little money in his pocket, and hence the means to pull any number of broads with ridonkulously large asses, will end up with a skinny white chick.

Would any of you ‘bags mind explaining why this is so, other than, of course, racism?

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  • blackI.C.E.mike

    I would have to agree that this is an issue of socioeconomic status as opposed to race. People from different class levels view beauty in different ways and, thus, a white middle class guy looks at Buffie the Body and probably thinks she’s fat. Me on the other hand, i’m ready to pounce. That’s why fat, middle class white chicks will forever be in stock.

  • Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso

    i dont know, i’m a tit man!

  • Joe Abay

    Not entirely sure
    Just looks better then some anorexic chick
    Buffie the body isn’t really that good looking really
    she just has a big ass.

  • HNIC

    “If a girl walks by, you really get a good idea from her back of what it would be like to have sex with them,” he says. “Not from the front. If she has a fat ass, there’s just a lot more to work with.”

    As a self-proclaimed “Ass Connoisseur” or a “Bootyologist”, if you will, I must say that I whole-heartedly agree with the aforementioned statement. Reason being, simply put; “Cuz a brotha can’t get enough of that ass!”

  • dez

    bol doesn’t like girls

  • Titty Man

    check the name. that’s what’s up!

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    It has nothing to do with the amount of money a man makes. Black men (and just about all others), with the exception of the whites who believe they are pure etc…., like women with big asses because that is natural the more ass there is the more attraction/lust there is.


    There is only so much you can do with tits. I wont get into the details and keep it PG. The ass is where its at. You come into direct contact with it as you are soing the do. It is directly related to the cooch. They comlpliment each other.

    Why do you see white women getting butt implants, its because its desired not just by blacks but by all. The only ones who hate on it or down play it or the ones who lack the genes and dont know how to appreciate.

    It has nothing to do with race. The only racial factor involved is the fact that black genetically have bigger asses.

    True Story!

  • EReal

    I think it may just be personal prefrence. I like a thick booty, but Im not on that Dee-lishus / Buffie straight up horse ass.
    Maybe some people just dont have end tables at their house, so they keep bitches with huge asses to set their beers on.

  • ri067953

    It’s just a preference homie! I prefer woman with curves, which means round hips and a larger bottom then most would prefer. It just so happens that most black women are more curvacious then white women and that is why black men are more prone to like women with bigger butts. Like Mix a Lot said, you can do sit up’s but please don’t lose that butt! Anyway, white women have to go buy there tit’s, ass and full lips because they were born with them

  • Bol

    >Black men (and just about all others), with the exception of the whites who believe they are pure etc…., like women with big asses

    >It has nothing to do with race.

    I see N-Cred is in rare form today.

  • lee



  • MP

    Im from the south and down here thats what we consider a “around the way” girl. People in the southern states tend to be less weight conscious and a girl in the south that would be considered a dime would be considered fat in hollywood, Ca. I think its socioeconomic but I also think it has to do with geography. If you watch a “mainstream” 50cent video you’ll see that the women do have nice asses but not “big asses”, and his uncut videos (along with nelly’s) have the girls with “big asses” so maybe to reach a more broad audience they go the safe route with the closest thing to a new york model but when they make “hood videos” they use the “around the way girl”… I guess its a little of both.

  • lee


  • ri067953

    It’s just a preference homie! I like women with curves but some don’t. It just so happens that most black women are very curvy which is why black men like women with big butts. Like Mix a Lot said, you can do sit ups but please don’t lose that butt. True, there are a lot of women who whose the term curvy to cover the fact that they are fat but there women who are in shape and have a nice big butt and round hips. Anyway, most white women have to buy big tits, an ass and full lips because they weren’t born with them.

  • andrew

    first idk but this was a good post nigga’s should read this

  • ONE50

    Well the reason why brothers with a little cash to his name likes the skinny pink chicks is because of this. The “use what you got to get what you want” attitude of chicks with thick asses. They are fun to dig a hole in, but that’s it. It’s easy to figure out. When your chick has that celebrated ass in the hood, you know every little snot nose dude on the block is stacking chips to buy a piece of that. Usually the case is, Judy with the big olé booty is hoppin to the highest bidder. You know your couple dollars cannot compete with the whole hood.

    So when a brother gets his hands on some cash, he ain’t trying to go broke keeping up with some fast chick. He wants a low key chick who is conscious about her appearance as a whole and not some fuck toy for sale. That’s not to say that only white chicks fit that mold. But you know what I’m saying

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    the one thing I like about skinny women is the fact that you catch nothing but cooch…no butt or hips to black your entrance…

  • jeff

    Deelishus is a bad bitch!

  • Goon

    First it has nothing to do with race. A big booty white chick will get it just as much as a big booty black chick. And let me say these are only my opinions people. I LOVE women with big butts because of the SEX. And that reason only. Its just the site of it during sex that gives you an extra adrenaline than what you would get when hitting a slim chick with no ass. Fellows if you havent experienced it, try it. And if you don’t like it 9/10 you probably not long enough for it. LOL Only my thoughts people

  • NYC Dude

    Doesnt matter…my shawty got the best of both worlds so I could careless what I get first (I’m a tits dude though)

  • Tyler

    Great post Bol,. . .and yea my son. . a nice ass is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Something just weren’t meant for a mere mortal 2 understand my son. . Now God has spoken. And buffy is fat and I wouldn’t fuck here with yo dick Bol.
    God says, U must check out:

  • Heather Day

    low income often equals less healthy diet, equals more overweight women. yes there is an element of ‘natural body shape’ that i would differentiate from ‘overweight’ but plenty of women are straight up overweight because of a lack of physical and other resources that support healthy living. if you are socialized around more big women, as a straight man, then you are more likely to find the beauty or attraction or whatever in that.

    and that, is how you prove the socio-economic lass-theory.

  • slim

    im white and i love a fat ass but they gotta be nice around the waist too

    keep it white, keep it tight


  • eauhellzgnaw

    Flat ass is gross; sloppy, elephant ass is also gross.

    Bad taste is responsible for the popularity of both.

  • ONE50

    Heather Day Says:

    June 5th, 2007 at 2:30 pm
    low income often equals less healthy diet, equals more overweight women. yes there is an element of ‘natural body shape’ that i would differentiate from ‘overweight’ but plenty of women are straight up overweight because of a lack of physical and other resources that support healthy living. if you are socialized around more big women, as a straight man, then you are more likely to find the beauty or attraction or whatever in that.

    and that, is how you prove the socio-economic lass-theory.

    ^^^That is absolute restupidous! There aint no way you can tell the income of a person by their wieght. Healthy food aint to more expensive that unhealthy foods. Unless you are saying that people with money can afford bypass surgery, I don’t get what you are trying to say. You can have a crack whore who rarely eat, if not swallow who is all ways on the move with low body fat. Then you can have Britney Spears walking around in a thong; ass cheeks looking like two Belgium waffles. Fat, flat, and dimply.

  • HNIC


    June 5th, 2007 at 2:09 pm
    the one thing I like about skinny women is the fact that you catch nothing but cooch…no butt or hips to “black” your entrance…

    Was that a Freudian slip?

    JEFF Says:

    June 5th, 2007 at 2:17 pm
    Deelishus is a bad bitch!

    Truer words have never been spoken … indeed she is!

  • Mr Manish707

    she can lack tits and ass as long as it stay wet

  • smog

    o other than racism hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    yeah i got to go with barber dude
    does anybody remeber that girl in xxl who took the wieght gainer – damn

  • che

    >Why do you see white women getting butt implants

    wtf is a butt implant? would the bitch just not sit down for a week after the op? i bet going to the toilet’d be a motherfucker too.

  • Were Read 2 Def

    >I see N-Cred is in rare form today.

    ^Comedy at its finest.

  • frank

    Bol stop getting your blog ideas from The Barbershop movie.

  • Malone

    who the fuck is malone?….

  • NotTheOne002

    More cushion for the pushin!!!

  • Dr Flav

    Utter foolishness. How can it be explained with this theory, that the more obese, or well fed women, were and praised as queens in European and African society? Im Going to attempt to avoid further comment, you knew this shit had racial overtones.

  • Fernando


    nice catch on Nbred. Dude contradicts himself in his own post, and doesnt even know it.

    Bigger isnt neccessarily better, but you cant hate on Buffy. That is a perfectly shaped rear end. Same with the chick from trey songz wonderwoman video.

  • Severe

    men of all races like big butts for the sex. but when a man gets some money in his pocket, and gets a flashy car, big house, fresh clothes,etc…he want a chick that society considers beautiful to compliment all these things, which would be a slimmer chick with a tight body. not a fat ghetto hoe wit a horse ass. if u had the money and the choice, would u rather have halle berry by your side, or delishis? society often dictates what we choose.

  • http://msn A$$ man

    mayneeeeeeeee…aint nothin betta dan a female wit a ass mayne..dat shit is SEXY son!!!…a woman wit a bangin booty is irresistible, if yall disagree, den i dare u,da next time u out and see a woman wit da nice ass, just watch da booty, and i dare yall to cum back and tell me dat dat aint sexy…yall gone be like “das da SHIT rite dere”(no pun intended)

  • thoreauly77

    well, i can only speak for myself, so i will say this. super-thin girls are nasty because i don’t want my woman’s body to be like a boys; thick girls are awesome but thick girl = fat woman sooner or later (generally speaking); unless there is a health issue that prevents a woman from not being obese (glandular problems for instance), well, we all know that obese women are not attractive, so time for some pilates and sit-ups honey! i like petite women, like my babymama because i know that in 25 years she will still be petite and hot. i think i somehow managed not to address your question though, oh well!

  • i’ll shit bag u

    psss bol your fat ass should be happy wit any ass u get u funny lookin mutha fucka!!!

  • too

    obiviously if u got pussy, u’d know why we like a fat ass..Bol, when was the last time u were on a date? infact, when was the last time u got some cunt. honestly. smh always accusing someone of being a homo, when u probably gets zero bunz

  • Cheops

    I dont know if this is supposed to be funny or what, Pu@#$ is Pu%^&. Slim is better for some positions, Phat asses are better for some. If your waist and hip measurements are close to each other, the same, or your waist is larger than hips you are a fat girl. The stuedagraphia(check spelling) is the classic figure for the african woman. Since the oldest common ancester we all have was African. Think of the old victorian, colonial dress, with corcets, for a small waist, and wire framing to create the illusion of hips and ASS!!!!!

  • cd

    shit i like all three (ass, tits, and a cute face)

    naw mean

  • coonstar

    HAHAHA EYEsAA LiiiKe Me SuuuM ThickNess……and SomE ChiCkeNN……MaSSA don’T Let Me slEEp With ThE Whyte Beauty

  • beeyo

    Black women have always had junk in the trunk, since the creation of booty. Same reason black men tend to be naturally bigger than white guys. I’m sure diet has something to do with it, but a chick doesn’t have to be fat to have a fat booty. Point is, black dudes have been dealin with big bootys forever, and as hip hop got more commercially popular, so did black women with big bootys. Nowadays, its just par for the course, I think that’s the simplest answer.
    And whoever said booty “blocks the entrance” you’re supposed to grab it and go to work homie. Make way for your joint and shit. Um, no homo, I guess.
    And about Buffie? She won’t be around forever. She got a big ole butt, but nothing else about her is that great. Her butt is a one hit wonder. She got that “lean with it, rock with it”, “laffy taffy”, “Right thurr” butt. And Deelishus got a stupid fat ass, but she aint bad niether. Fucking Free was bad. And she was like, 37 or some shit.

  • beeyo

    Think about this; fat booties can sve lives.
    If every model was thick, not fat, just got a nice amount of juicy meat on their bones, little white girls would stop starving their stupid selves to death trying to look like a 65 pound german Victorias Secret model. Shorty told me bout some model that died cuz she didn’t eat nothin but tomatoes and apples for three months, or something like that. The world would be a better place, man think about it.

  • C.P.

    i’m a petite/skinny chick with more tits than azz and i’ve heard this comment a lot:
    The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE Says:

    June 5th, 2007 at 2:09 pm
    the one thing I like about skinny women is the fact that you catch nothing but cooch…no butt or hips to black your entrance…

    guys say that skinny chicks are deeper and thick chicks are wetter. you can do a shitload to make it wetter (if this is a true statement) but can do nothing to make it deeper! and not that ya’ll care about this but if an azz on a 20-yr old chick is deelishus’s size, what the hell is she going to look like at 40?? thickness turns into fatness sooner than later, yes???

  • thoreauly77

    beeyo- i thought you were going to say that their asses could double as floating devices…. which is true really.

  • allnice

    I think ass is pretty overrated, but I can agree with the logic behind dating a chick with a very nice rump. I just can’t mess with a blubber ass chick though. I think most beautiful women of all races have nice asses unless they are an ultra paid fashion model like Kate Moss.

    A nice ass and some very nice legs really ether just a pair of big tits. Titties by themselves sound nice in theory, but if the chick is dumpy, fat, or has no shape, then I can see how a cat can get bored with that eventually. In the end, it all depends on preference, but I can agree that once a dude starts getting some gwop and the added confidence, he will start dating chicks with the complete body/face/money package instead of just any old chick with a nice ass or tits.

  • beeyo

    @ Thoureally
    Black people don’t swim. The floating device for black people is “Stay on the fucking boat stupid!”

  • beeyo

    I knew a dude that once said he only fucks white chicks cuz he wants his kids to have good hair. Ugly mothafucka, no teeth, short, nappy ass head, talkin bout his kids gon have good hair cuz his girl was white. Bitch was nasty lookin too, face looked like a Scream mask.

  • nas

    All I have to say is that I personally like a thong on a nice round shape phat ass to me its more appealing i cant stand going to a strip club and seeing a flat skinny ass or no ass shaking it to me thats nasty.

  • beeyo

    Shorty, pussies are made of elastic. Some ARE deeper than others, but if the dude knows what he’s doing you can have mad fun with the box. Lemme know if you wanna know more.

  • Dr Flav

    Im noticing that beeyo is a funny muthafucla. LOL I like where yall took this convo. Im gonna add that if you aint diggin a fatty rump, you probably lack the tool to tame it, nothing like long strokin doggy and watchin that ass bounce back on ya pelvis. “YOU THRUST YA PELVIS AH, YOU THRUST YA PELVIS AH!” From some cartoon, I think Bender on Futurama.

  • DirtDoggy

    As long as the tities match the ass and a smaller waist it’s all good, small tits and a huge ass doesn’t work and vice-versa, or the worst of all the ladies with a gut that sticks out further than her jugs.

    And if you need a 12″ unit to hit it doggy style it’s too damn big.

  • Omar

    Bol is gay and doesn’t care who knows it!

  • That Dude

    One of the most informative and though-provoking posts I’ve read online. I like a nice back side, but not like Buffy the body. I’m sorry, but have y’all seen the ladies face??? Cause Damn(In a Scary way)!!! But a nice booty is always appreciated, I just always was attracted to such assthetics.

  • ck bandit/inglewood families


  • Face Phoenix

    I have to agree a nice tight (non stretch mark/cottage cheese) ass is a work of art but some of these chicks I’ve been seeing in some “Royal”(-Hint,Hint-) MEN’S Magazine just look – well…. HORRIBLE. Totally out of shape and thinking they look fly. Curves are nice and wanted but too many curves lead to disasters. I’ll take Shakira & Vida over Buffie & Toccara any day.

  • Bang Out

    GIVE ME BOOTY or give me death… I’T A BLACK THING AND IF U NEED SOMEONE TO EXPLAIN IT TO U THEN SOMEHTING MUST BE WROND WITH U…dont nobody want a flat ass chick, well them white boys do but WE BLACK MEN LOVE BOOTY MEAT

  • kt

    I must agree with you I luv a big ass myself but in reality most of these donkey ass females are fat and whats with the tight teeshirts most of these bitches look pregnant my sisters aint taking care of them selfs they didnt make that skimpy shiy for your big ass they made that for them for the illusion of a big ass wake up sistas and yall got the nerve to get mad when somebody call you a hoe stop dressing the part and have respect for yourself and others will follow

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Bol Says:

    June 5th, 2007 at 1:55 pm
    >Black men (and just about all others), with the exception of the whites who believe they are pure etc…., like women with big asses

    >It has nothing to do with race.

    I see N-Cred is in rare form today.
    I see you are in your normal form…round

  • Cincity Shark

    gimme that ass

  • stoneyisland

    I hate a skinny ass woman. I however do like a athletic sista who runs track type. All that big ass fetish is just that a fucking fetish, hell I’d take a skinny ass chick who can cook and clean and treat her man like a man over some chick who fills out her jeans and cant boil a fucking egg. That real talk. Holla

  • the izza


  • chinedu odielh

    a big ass starts from birth. How? At birth, a child is relatively soft and can be moulded.Nursing mothers in Africa are advised to use hot water in prssing a baby to create a shape and there are only two parts of the body this can be done: the head and buttocks. That explains why most african ladieshave a huge ass.infact all my sisters do and my wife.

  • EReal

    Im noticing that beeyo is a funny muthafucla.
    You need a late pass homie. lol.

    >I see you are in your normal form…round
    Shoulda said sloth. lmao.

  • The Ghost of Eazy E

    At the end of the day, it’s bout preference. Chubby chasers come in all races, and I’ve seen plenty of white cats chase a broad with a big ass. I’m off my goldylocks shit tho, a small ass aint good enough, and a ass I can break my weed on is too much. But a round, perfect one? juuuuust riiiight.

    Deelicious is ugly as hell, bitch look like a linebacker. She messin with Busta, and I heard that dude’s breath smell like hot dog water.

  • imawanchor

    It’s official your gay.

  • Bibs

    I want an example of a rich man that married a fat chick that stayed fat. And I’m talking, she started fat not, she became fat (after the baby, over 20 years).

    If we can get one example, then I’ll disagree on the
    broke = fat luvin.

    If not, lets just admit hip hop’s got a lot of broke minded people.

  • Real Talk

    ASS >>>>>>>>>>>>>> TITS

    Nothin like the feeling from hittin a girl with a nice big one.

    Also though every extra inch of backside = 1 inch less of stroke. If you’re not working with much the only way yuo could hit a chick like Buffie/Cherokee is straight missionary, and really what red blooded sista is going to put up with a dude who can’t “Hit it from the Back”

  • B Seals

    Hot Topic!!

    Bol big ass does not equal fat. I know you know that but I just wanted to point that out again for anyone reading this. Even Mix-A-Lot says it:

    “When a girl walks in, with an itty-bitty waist, and a round thing in your face, you get sprung.”

    It is a preference, but I love big butts, they’re very sexy. If you’ve looked at Buffie, or Deelishis, or Bria and don’t wanna hit that (I mean Bria, c’mon!! Take another look!) I don’t know what to tell you.

    Being a fat girl is nowhere near the same thing as a chick who’s fit and has a big butt. Now, me being the freak I am, I don’t mind a big girl, but there’s a limit to that. It has a lot to do with how you wear it.

    As far as skinny guys with big girls, yeah it does have a lot to do with socioeconomic status. But that’s not on the guy, IMHO it’s the girls. They want guys with money, and will reject a guy who doesn’t have a lot, but the bigger girls are more likely to relax that policy, cause they don’t have tons of guys asking them out.

  • Jason Murk

    All I know is I’ve fucked thick bitches with super asses and skinny bitches with decent asses… and fuckin skinny bitches is by far more entertaining than fuckin thick hoes.

    I can pick up a skinny girl and do whatever I want with her… I can throw em across the gotdamn room if I want. And they’re usually more flexible. I’d probably throw my back out tryin to pick up a thick hoe like Deelishus.

    In my experience, skinny girls perform better and have better pussy…

  • birdmane12

    maybe black men like big asses cause black women have big asses and black men love black women or maybe you wuldnt know that cause you dont fuck black women

  • Mr. Whats beef

    My nigga HNIC said it all, if a chick with a phat ass was a slave master back in the day i would be working overtime, and im not talking bout in that field.

  • Passion#1

    It’s hella simple. Black dudes grow up around girls with bigger asses and pretty much whatever you like comes from childhood. It’s just what seems natural/attractive. And it’s by no means limited to minorities: lots of white guys prefer ass to tits. I think it’s just acceptable to talk about now.

  • Hoodsavior

    like being a chubby is so fuckin bad…niggaz will NOT let a dude fuck a fat girl…like she got aids or sumthin…if dudes want to chase chubby girls than so be it…why care?…go fuck the skinny bitches..more for you…

  • stoneyisland

    Jason Murk Says:

    June 6th, 2007 at 5:05 pm
    All I know is I’ve fucked thick bitches with super asses and skinny bitches with decent asses… and fuckin skinny bitches is by far more entertaining than fuckin thick hoes.

    Yo! Sub I agree totally. Thock broads cant fuck with a slim honey in the sheets, the last thing I wanna do is bang out some chick who can bench press more then me:) no way in hellI would even think about fucking Serena, she is too manly, give me a meagen good over any fat ass chick, Oh yeah if fat ass was that good J-Lo wouldnt be on hubby number 3, niggas be dropping her like a bad habit, word is she cant really get under a dick worth shit…….

  • Michael and Jeremy Sanders

    Women are so old school. Go gay like us!!!!!!!!

  • Hoodsavior

    lol @ lil dick niggaz not being able to “get in” a thick chick..lmao

  • Ken Digi

    ive heard that it has ometing to do with nurturing…black men correlate wide hips, thick thighs and a large gluteus max to nurturing while white guys tend to relate to breast when it comes to issue…sort of a conditioning thing i guess

  • RAW

    sounds like the rant of a gay man trying to understand why everyone doesnt like boys the way he does.

    Or to give Bol the benefit of the doubt maybe he likes girls, but of course he likes them skinny white broads and he just never saw what the big deal was cuz he love his snowflakes so much



  • tbaker87

    A lot of these young niggas be basing this shit off of images when it comes to choosin tits or ass. If you say that you love ass but say you don’t like tits then you’ve been lookin at too many Buffie The Body pics and not gettin on enough “real” women. Get out of fuckin cyberspace and experience the joy that you can get out of both. Now I’m an ass man, but i love tits as well.

  • 4 ya momma

    its a big ol dick thing if you can break off a girl with a 20 inch circumfrence doggystyle you feel like mandingo fareal

  • 4 ya momma

    its a big ol dick thing if you can break off a girl with a 20 inch circumfrence doggystyle you feel like mandingo fareal by the way a black girl wit tits is like a white girl wit ass when they got both benny boom will be calling

  • Godiva




  • Southern_Observer

    Simply put, more cushion for the pushin’. Just need something to hold on to, rather than just flat surfaces.

  • babyboy

    As a black man, iluv me some fat ass, deelishis is nice, i would smack the hell out of the azz, but better than her is Bootz from flav of luv, bodywise of course, face they both ugly as hell, neverless they would take it, but fat ass is just so nice to see i women naked, when she has a nice body, like nice belly and some crzy hips they really do it 4 me, i dont give a damn about tits, i only bone the azz

  • http://sucks this cd sucks

    buffy the body is extremely hot

    this has nothing to do with white or black…here’s my take

    guys who like skinny asses secretly don’t like women. they like control, or they are gay. they want to say they like these women cos they want to agree with what society says i the best looking woman, or they want to control her by criticising her for her weight.

    real men on the other hand, like their curves. i like a big butt. it suggests she’s healthy and ripe. it’s the same in the animal kingdom man.

  • akaTheRealist

    Yes, it’s true, black women just have genetically fatter asses. You get the average white woman and black woman, and just look at the curve difference. Here’s my theory: back in the day, before slavery and all, black women in Africa were hard-workin sisters, always movin’ and on the go. Simultaneously in Europe, white women overcrowded the upper class and royalty, while the Black women were left to work as slaves. Consequently, the white women were lounging around and sittin’ on their asses, which resulted in flat derriers. You see, all women were born with fat asses, its just that white women lost their fatness over time, as aforementioned.

  • Southern_Observer

    Simply put, it’s all about more cushion for the pushin’. Personally, I need something the hold on to when it comes to those grind sessions. Rather than flat surfaces (Paris Hilton I’m looking @ U!). Flat is whack, thick is in!

  • titsrool!

    Yeah. Boobs rule.

  • dan

    The socioeconomic theory about ‘chub-chasers” is a load of bull. I had a privileged upbringing, private schools, ivy league colleges and I got my own money. I still love my women with a big ghetto ass. I think the tendency to find this attractive is wired into our African genes.

  • Krush

    It’s genetic; black men have always liked big asses. Look up steatopygia on Wikipedia.

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